A1 Vs A2 Stock : Difference in Length, Weight, Pull, Features

A gunstock is an important part of a gun that helps you to aim the gun steadily. You can easily hold the gun against your shoulder because of the stock, and your body won’t face much pressure. However, people often get confused about using different types of stock, but A1 and A2 stock are the most common. They both have a smooth appearance and unique features that make your gun looks classy.

Knowing the differences between them will help you to choose the suitable one for you.

A1 Vs A2 Stock

A1 Vs. A2 Stock: Which is Better for Your Rifle


For any stock debate, colt stock, common stock, special stock, buttstock, compact stock for a battle rifle, semi auto PCP Rifle, bolt action rifle, or combat rifle, we need to consider some aspects for shooting.

Length and Weight

The most visible difference between A1 and A2 stock is their length for a person. The overall length of the A1 model is 9.7/8  inches, and the A2 standard stock is 10 ½ inches, whether it’s M16 or AR-15. The length of pull of a1 stock is 12.875 inches, and the LOP of A2 stock is 13.5 inches. That’s why A1 stock is best for smaller stature shooters, and A2 is best for taller arms.

A2 stock has a polymer spacer for maintaining the length. Also, A2 has a trapdoor option, and the butt top screw is longer than A1 stock. A1 standard stock is more comfortable than A2 as it has a smooth grip and low recoil especially if you are handling powerful lever action gun. The A1 weight is about 9.4 oz, and the A2 weight is 11 oz.

Design of Collapsible Stocks and Position Stocks 

A2 common stock has more improvement than A1 stock, like the buttplate is different, which is stronger, and won’t crack easily. The design is ergonomic, so when you hold it, you will get a good vibe. However, A1 and A2 look almost the same; their size is different.

Check out a few stocks for rifles in quick

TACPOOL RifIe Length Classic Style A2...
Magpul MOE Fixed Stock, Gray
TACPOOL RifIe Length Classic Style A2...
Magpul MOE Fixed Stock, Gray
TACPOOL RifIe Length Classic Style A2...
TACPOOL RifIe Length Classic Style A2...
Magpul MOE Fixed Stock, Gray
Magpul MOE Fixed Stock, Gray

Features for Rifle Stocks 

You will see some differences in their features as A2 common stock has a built-in trap door where you can put little accessories for your heavy-duty or a budget air rifle. Also, it has a plastic spacer that makes the stock longer in size, and you will get more room to hold it with your hand. A1 stock does not have a trap door or plastic spacer, so it is a shorter stock. The butt plate is not checkered.


The build materials of A1 and A2 position stocks are different. A2 stock has advanced technology, so it is durable and stronger. It is made of DuPont Zytel glass-filled thermoset polymer, which also makes it sturdy in your hand.

The weight is lighter than A1 stock if it is not any special stock or adjustable stocks. A1 model is made of fiberglass-filled polymer and has a rubberized butt plate, which is comfortable to hold for a long time.

Sights for Accurate Sight 

A2 stock has a sight that you can adjust with your finger. It also has an ups and down adjustment system near the sight. A1 has a rotary dial so that you can adjust other tools. A1 also has a brass deflector and a charging era with a teardrop button. The charging handle is triangular-shaped.

Uses for a Shooter 

A1 and A2 are both very easy to use, whether for a colt stock or collapsible stock.  For combat and long-range firing, A1 is better, but using the cleaning kit for cleaning this air rifle is not easy with A1. As a shooter, you can keep the weapon near to your body with A1, and the recoil is distributed evenly.  A2 stock is also good for target shooting, but it is not easy to maneuver.

The competitive shooters can easily shoot with it from the prone position. Thus, the butt top screw is shorter, so your performance may not be good and takes time to adjust with the shooter’s body.

A1 Vs. A2 Buffer Tube

There is not much difference in A1 and A2 buffer tubes; only the length size is different. The shell, screw, and spacer are used in A2, so the size is at least 5/8 inch bigger in A2.

Will An A2 Buttstock Work on A Carbine

A2 buttstock has a longer tube and spring than A1, it is like the collapsable stocks and better with LC-1 web gear so it works on a carbine.

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