Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 Spincast Reel Review

To fish well, you need a proper working fishing reel. And to me, the Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 Spincast Reel is one of the top class spincast reels for the beginners, who are learning fishing. It comes with some natural features that make fishing comfortable and easy.

Abu Garcia products are well known for their high quality and performance. This Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 model is no different. Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 provides you the features you would get only on a premium reel. You will get the same level of performance with Abumatic 170. I’ve reviewed about Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 below.

Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 Spincast Reel Review


While reviewing different spincast reels, I focused on three basic things, construction quality, comfort, and dragging. And the Abumatic 170 provides a class facility in most of these features. You will not only use this reel with comfort, but also the dragging and easy usage will enhance your fishing performance. Let us talk more about

Simple and Comfortable Design

Abumatic 170 is designed for comfortable and smooth operation. The grip and the placement of the thumb bar make the cast easier. While holding the reel, you won’t feel an excessive pain in your hand. This feature will help you to hold the reel steadily for a long time without any problem.

Abumatic 170 Spincast Reel

One of the problems of this reel is the design of right single had to angle. This spincast reel is for right-handed anglers. You can operate with a right hand and use the free hand to reel in or releasing the line. The dimension of the reel is 4.8 x 4.2 x 3.5 inches and weight is 14.5 ounces. So, the small size will let you easily set on fishing rods without creating a big space.

Construction Quality

As I have said earlier, the construction quality of the fishing reel is one of the major factors I check while choosing any items. We do not want to change the reels often during our favorite fishing periods. So, a good quality in construction is a must.

And to be honest, I was pleased with the overall construction quality of the Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 Spincast Reel. The spincast reel is made of Aluminum die cast for most of the parts. The machined body and front cone of this reel make this really sturdy. So, you can use this reel for heavy uses and catch bigger fishes.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

This particular Abu Garcia model is really easy to install on the fishing rod. It comes all the needed tools for installing the reel.  The reel is easier to install with the rod.

This reel is designed with the user in mind. In every way, this reel is easy and convenient to use. This spincast reel is so lightweight that it doesn’t let the arm or wrist to catch fatigue. It is really easy and comfortable to grip.

3 Ball Bearings

We need comfort while using the reels, rods, and wheel while fishing. Comfort makes your fishing more focused and thus the performance of the reel can increase severely. The Abumatic 170 provide smooth fishing experience with its excellent ball bearing system. It has 3 ball bearings to provide a user-friendly experience.

Moreover, you will have quicker casting and baiting for this feature. Also, you will enjoy perfect angling with the controlled bearing facility. Like the Zebco Omega ZO3PRO  Reel, this fishing reel is relatively smoother for fishing.

Casting and Power

Casting with the Abumatic 170 is really easy and accurate. This gear comes with a thumb bar. Depress the thumb bar when you are ready to cast and after casting release the bar. If you go through these steps correctly then the Abumatic 170 will perform flawlessly.

This spincast reel will generate enough power to go for a catch. It is really good with soft plastic baits, shallow to medium depth crank baits, spinner baits etc. It may not very good with deep diving crankbaits. So, it is better if you don’t apply deep diving crankbaits with this spincast reel.

Drag and Retrieve

Abumatic 170 spincast reel comes with drag star. It makes operating this reel really comfortable. The drag star is in front of the handle instead of being behind. The ratchet adjustment and placing are really comfortable. The carbon matrix drag system makes the drag smoother.

The retrieve of this reel is really great. It consists instant anti-reverse bearing that means it has powerful retrieve ability. You can hear and feel the mechanism while you are turning the handle for retrieving.


  • Sturdy construction comes with better longevity
  • The spincast reel is easy to install and easy to use
  • Comfortable handle and drag star makes operating easier and effective
  • Lightweight and attractive design is the reason for its huge popularity
  • Pre-spooled with 12lb Trilene XL line comes with excellent quality
  • Despite high – end features, this reel has a cheap price


  • Doesn’t consist power for deep diving crankbaits
  • Left-hand retrieves option is unavailable.


While making the Abumatic 170 review, I had to makes some of the research along with my personal experience to judge how other users have felt with this fishing reel. Most of the users of the Abu Garcia Abumatic 170 Spincast Reel have very good experience. Also, the design and style make this faucet so much popular.

You have to consider the price range while comparing the disadvantages of the reel. This reel may not be the perfect and the reel of your dreams, but it is a great spincast reel for the beginners. It comes cheap in price, so you can give it a shot.

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