How to Adjust Laser Sight on Pistol: Laser Sight Zeroing and Accuracy Tips

A laser sight is a feature that helps to aim and shoot the target accurately. It is not only made for rifles but also for a handgun. Some pistols come with an automatic laser sight, some you can mount. The light shines the target where the bullet will strike directly. Adjusting a laser sight on the pistol is a simple task. It is also an important tank to know, especially when you use your gun for a long time.

Laser sight improves the accuracy, and you can make a faster follow-up shot. The methods could be parallel, spot-on, sight high method, and zero option.

How to Adjust Laser Sight on Pistol

Accuraccy Tips on How to Adjust Laser Sight


First,  make a white plain target where the red laser dot can be seen clearly. It also has a vertical and horizontal offset when you have a laser grip on your pistol. To work around these offsets and make the best aim point, first check the laser grip that is at the side of the barrel.

The laser grip has both vertical and horizontal offset and a laser guard. Some pistol has a laser guard instead of a horizontal offset.

Setting Up the Target With Laser Combinations Process 

If you set the target at 20 yards away, aim the gun and slide the laser grip a little to match the bullet impact aim point. The offset could be 1 inch out because of the air. After active the laser, you will see the laser dot on the target.

Choose where you want to hit your target, then put the laser dot there and fire. Check the shots on target, if the bullet still doesn’t shoot the targeted area or in the center, adjust the windage and elevation knobs by rotating them a little.

If you move the knob right, the green laser dot or red dot will go right; if you move left, the dot will be left. Keep rotating the knob until the red on land on the target mark.

When you adjust the laser at 20 yards, you won’t see the pistol laser light in all the way. You can see only the red dot on the target. The laser grip is not at the same position in front and rear sight. It will be right above the front view. Adjust the proper sight picture and sight alignment.

Using Allen Wrench to Make Adjustment

Insert the Allen wrench into the windage sighting screw hole and turn it clockwise so the red dot will move to the right. If you rotate counterclockwise, the red dot will move to the left. Windage only makes left and right adjustments, and elevation makes ups and down adjustments.

When you see the red dot at the top of the front sight, that means it will work properly with the trigger guard. Do not do over adjustment; otherwise, the adjustment screws will block.

What Distance Should You Sight Your Pistol Laser?

The rail-mounted laser or firearms-mounted lasers sight is effective only in close-range shooting; you can say 20 yards is good. The distance also works in low light conditions. If your pistol has a fixed bore, the offset will be about 1.5 inches under the bore.

Zeroing the Laser

When you zeroed the red, green, or blue lasers for Glock 43 and other models by adjusting the windage and elevation for a limited distance, the laser will appear twice the distance and be set higher on the target. You can set the calibrate of the laser, and the red dot will only be visible at that distance.

How Accurate are Laser Sights on Pistols?

Laser sights or laser optics on pistols are effective for close-range shooting both day and night. The laser sight is more effective than iron sight and the laser sight adjustment is also easy. It improves accuracy, especially in long-barreled handguns. With proper laser tools, it is 99% accurate.

Is it Worth Putting a Laser on a Pistol?

The laser beam is the latest craze that improves shooting accuracy so people use it with a defensive or law enforcement pistol too. Hunters cannot think of shooting without using an accurate laser sight, and every personal protection firearm is not fully equipped without a laser.

It enhances the shooting ability and makes things visible to you. It also allows you to shoot in various positions and help you target focus. They are lighter, tougher, and more reliable than ever. It is worth putting laser sight on your pistol or weapon as you will overcome any situational stress.

Using an adjustable laser will make your job easy.

How Far is a Laser Sight Good For?

A laser sight is good for up to 25 to 30 yards in daylight. The optimal distance is 15 – 20 foot distance. Greenlight is more visible and the furthest distance is up to 100 yards.

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