Airbow VS Crossbow: Differences and Similarities

An Airbow and crossbow are both used for hunting animals and birds. They can also perform archery games with their unique features and accuracy. However, the crossbow and airbow have different parts and shooting techniques, making them confusing to choose which weapon is better. Well, that depends on your comfort and choice.

Airbow looks like a standard air gun available in only a few countries and is popular for game hunting. Thus, it is a new category of weapon in the market, and you should know both of them in detail to choose one for the next bow season.

Airbow VS Crossbow

What is An Airbow

An Airbow gun is a high-powered air rifle that shoots arrows and can kill any game animal. It is almost similar to a crossbow; you have to load the entire length of the arrow to the rifle and fill it with a high air pressure air tank. It uses a scuba tank, small tank, or a small high pressured hand pump. You will get at least 8 shots with 10 percent velocity without hearing any noise or feeling any gunpowder. 

It also has an effective range that increases the success rate of shooting. You can use it in gun season or other firearms season.

What is Crossbow

Crossbow is a standard bow that comes with recurve and compound varieties. It has bowstrings that you have to pull or release to shoot the arrows. You can do hunting, target shooting, and other shooting competitions. There is a horizontal bow mounted on the stock, which is used to shoot arrows.

Check Out Some of the Airbow and Crossbow Models in Quick

Elite Force Umarex AirSaber PCP Powered...
Benjamin Bulldog BPBD3S .357 PCP Hunting...
Elite Force Umarex AirSaber PCP Powered...
Benjamin Bulldog BPBD3S .357 PCP Hunting...
Elite Force Umarex AirSaber PCP Powered...
Elite Force Umarex AirSaber PCP Powered...
Benjamin Bulldog BPBD3S .357 PCP Hunting...
Benjamin Bulldog BPBD3S .357 PCP Hunting...

Airbow VS Crossbow: What are the Differences

Check out the specification, mechanisms, field performances of the crossbow and the modern airbow to compare them and understand what you need.


Crossbow and airbow both shoot an arrow, but their other specifications are entirely different. Airbow has up to 3000 psi of compressed air with a 33.5” -bullpup configuration and an integrated pressure regulator. It has a regulator that delivers 8 shots consistently at 450 FPS.

The scope is 6*40 mm with a quiver and ambidextrous top cockpit bolt. The length is at least 33.5 inches, and the weight is 7 pounds.

The crossbow has a metal frame called the stirrup, and the stirrup is located at the front side of the bow. The whole body is called stock. The front stock is called foregrip, and the rear stock is called buttstock. Some crossbow has curved limb, and some have pulley system. Bowstring, rail, and triggers are other essential features.

Firing Mechanism

The firing mechanism is different here. First, you have to pull the crossbow string while keeping your hand below the rail. The string sets the safety upon cocking the bow. Now remove the arrow from the quiver, then load the bolt. Finally, place your hand at the center of the foregrip and get ready to shoot.

Airbow Mechanism

Airbow uses pressurized air to fire arrows. The pressurized air runs throw the tubes and strike behind the arrowhead so the arrow gets more force than the crossbow and can shoot accurately, so the user can easily use it in archery season and shoot at deer heads. You can also shoot custom arrows or full-length arrows.


It is challenging to shoot accurately beyond 40 yards with your crossbows. Wind deflection, arrow speed, error, and many things affect accuracy as the string only leads to a specific distance. In addition, when you pull the string, it creates a vibration which is also a big problem for accuracy. Limit your shooting distance in hunting.

The accuracy of the airbow is far better than the crossbow or any compound bow. It shoots arrows like shooting a bullet so you can shoot accurately in greater distance.

In addition, the pressurized air runs through the narrow barrel and gives force to the arrowhead, and the arrows can fly more precisely. Also, the arrows can stabilize faster than the crossbow. It is best for night hunting too.


The crossbow can fire bolts at 150 to 400 FPS. Unfortunately, the lower FPS is pretty risky and clumsy for people.

The airbow can fire arrows consistently at 450 FPS because of its built-in regulator. It is safer than any traditional crossbow.

Arrows and Bolts

A crossbow uses different types of arrows for different types of hunting. The minimum arrow weight is 370 grain. The arrows are made of carbon fiber or aluminum, shorter in size, and cannot use them in the airbow. The full-sized arrows are custom crafted, and you can use them in your crossbow too.

It does not have any cocking rope, so there won’t be any tangle problem. However, it has notches in the back which you cannot use with string.

The minimum arrow length of the crossbow is 20 to 22 inches, and the airbow is 26 inches. Benjamin pioneer airbow is one of the weapons that have a great arrow shaft. It can deliver 8 consistent shots.


The airbows are equipped with a 6*40 mm scope, extra high Picatinny base rail on the top of it. Crossbow optics are different in design.

Loading System

First, load the airbow, turn on the safety, then slide the arrow above the barrel. Now lift the cock level until you hear a click sound. Now aim and shoot.

To load the crossbow, put your hand on the rail and pull the string upward. Continue pulling until the string latches into place. The crossbow will be cocked properly when it engages in a safe position, and you will hear a click sound.


Airbows do not have string, so you do not have to pull it extremely tense until it cocked. In a crossbow, the wrong string happens most of the time and causes injuries. Also, the crossbow requires physical strength to operate it.

airbow safety

A person with disabilities or confined with a wheelchair cannot handle and shoot the crossbow. Airbow can be accessible even in limited movement. You do not have to stand or move precisely; load it with your hand.

What States is The Airbow Legal?

Airbow is a new type of archery that is still not familiar in all the states. It is legal in Missouri, Arizona, Alabama, south and north Carolina, Washington, and Maryland for a big game. For the fair game, Texas, Georgia, and Florida allow using it.

How Fast is An Airbow?

The arrows from the airbow can travel very fast, at 450 fps which is very easy to load. It has not only speed but also greater accuracy. The weight is a 375-grain arrow which includes a 100-grain field trip.

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