Are Glocks Easy to Maintain? Reliability Test and Maintenance Tips

Glock is a popular, accessible maintenance firearm that does not require much supply. The life span of a Glock will increase if the shooters regularly maintain it. The maintenance process is simple. Just know some basic information about this full-sized pistol and clean it once every week or month.

A duty pistol, Glock can run with minimal lubrication, and Glock oil is available on the market to remove corrosion. So the lubrication process is also free of hazards. 

Are Glocks Easy to Maintain

How Often to Clean Glock 19


Glock pistol needs to be clean, and maintenance is regular. Regular means not disassemble and oil it daily. The proper schedule is essential. The owners manual has written the time yet some essential tips is,

Clean the Glock after you bring it from the shop and before firing. Also, clean it after each session of firing. When you are storing the Glock 19 for a long time, clean it once a month. Apply Glock oil once a week.

Are Glocks Easy to Maintain? Tips for Maintenance

When you are shooting heavily, do a detailed strip after 1000 rounds. Maintaining the Glocks will reduce sight issues, performance issues, etc.

Glock Maintenance Schedule

Glock Maintenance Schedule

It is essential to know how often you should clean this compact pistol with small sizes and how often to replace the parts when the condition is not good. A dirty pistol can malfunction quickly, and some parts could wear out, so oil the parts as less as you can after cleaning them.

Oil the recoil spring assembly after every 3000 to 4000 rounds. Gen 4 updates the quality, so oil it after 5000-7000 rounds. Avoid slide rails, frame rail surface, and grip areas. The magazine base plate and release also do not require oil. Just proper cleaning is enough.

Use a good quality lubricant for better results. Oil the firing pin striker, firing pin safety spring, extractor depressor plunger spring, magazine catch spring, standard trigger spring, slide lock spring, and slide stop lever spring after 15,000 rounds. The manufacturer tells in the user manual how to maintain the gun.

Are Glock the Most Reliable

Glock has some fantastic features that make it one of the most reliable guns. The design is ergonomic so that nothing can go wrong quickly. The gun does not have many moving parts, so there is less possibility to break.

Sometimes, when using Glock with an IWB holster, the outer part can get scratched if it is not cleaned. So, also check this out.

Also, Glock is easy to use and makes accurate shots even at long distances with night sights, making it more reliable than other handguns. The reliability can increase by reducing firing pin power, adding a 3.5 lb trigger connector and 6.0 lb trigger spring, etc.

Are Glocks Low Maintenance?

Glock is a pistol that you can depend on for fun shooting, self-defense, hunting, etc. it is incredibly reliable and requires low maintenance. Regular maintenance keeps the gun in perfect condition, which results in enhanced accuracy whether they are used with scopes or Glock night sights.

You have to clean it regularly and oil it sometimes to enhance the lifespan. The recent generation of Glocks has various features and makes the pistol robust and more reliable, so maintenance is also an easy option.

Avoid the gun from saltwater and brush it regularly.

What Happens If You Lubricate a Glock too Much

What Happens If You Lubricate a Glock too Much

Too much lubrication reduces the power and performance of a pistol. The parts will be loose and reduce their lifespan; oil builds moisture. So the field strip will be difficult. Use a patch and pour only one drop of oil to lubricate the gun only on the main component, like the barrel bore, barrel hood, frame, slide, etc.

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Which Glock is Most Durable?

Glock has different models of handguns with different capacities. The most durable Glock model is Glock 17 gen 5. It is primarily used in law enforcement, self-defense, competitive shooting, etc. The gun has 17 round mag, so the ammo stays long.

The design and build categories are more robust than other Glock models. The barrel is longer with great accuracy. Glock 17 is the most durable handgun than other Glock models.

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