Armasight ORION Night Vision Rifle Scope Review

A rifle scope is a kind of telescopic sight, which helps to improve one’s aim by magnification and pinpointing a target. And the Armasight ORION 5x Night Vision Rifle Scope is renowned for providing excellent sight for shooting with accuracy.

This scope works excellently mounted on the top of a rifle and provide accurate locking of the target. So, using it for sporting purpose or hunting can be really efficient.

Armasight, the leading scope provide of the world has nicely designed “The Armasight Orion Night Vision Rifle Scope” that performs excellently at mid-range in low light conditions. It’s perfect for demanding sports shooters, hunters, security personnel etc.

Armasight ORION 5X Night Vision Rifle Scope Review


To review the Armasight ORION Night Vision Rifle Scope, I had to use it for a while for testing its performance. Also, I had research for the reviews of the other customers to see how it fits with their experiences. And the overall performance and capacity of this excellent scope were good enough for me to put on my list.

The scope comes with different functions like the perfect magnification, lighting, and illuminator. These features allow us to see the targets more clearly and aim more accurately. For this reason, they are widely popular on rifles today. Let us see more on this scope in the review below.

Armasight ORION Night Vision Rifle Scope

Magnification and lighting

Magnification capacity is an important factor of night vision scope. If we are thinking about sharpening our long-range shooting skills, then we must consider the nature of magnification of the night vision scope.

Thankfully, the Orion 5x night vision scope has a great magnification system, which performs excellently on mid-range and in low light hunting operations. So, you can easily lock smaller targets with this scope.

As compared to different types of scopes, the Orion scope is quite special in terms of its power. Hunters will find this scope quite useful in terms of optical clearness at twilight.

When it’s about lighting, the Orion scope has changeable brightness and illuminated the red-cross reticle. These features expand ambient lighting in low-light conditions. That helps to see bright images clearly in the dark. Additionally, the Orion scope has adjustable brightness levels that we can set easily.

 Water Resistance Technology

 We understand the importance of protecting our night vision scope from water and moisture. The Armasight ORION Night Vision Rifle Scope is water resistant. While reviewing the scopes, we focus on the water resistant feature carefully to understand the quality. And this scopes will provide satisfying results.

So, we don’t need to worry much about using this scope for hunting around water. I have used this scope in the rainy season, hunting under the waters, and left it for two and three months, the scope was ok.

Also, that is why many hunters prefer this device for hunting in different wet environments without worrying much about water damaging. Some prefer this scope among the best scopes for hunting in winter and rainy season. But we should keep in mind that the scope is only water-resistant, not waterproof. So, it has its limit of being exposed to water.

Armasight ORION 5x scope Experience

Durability of Armasight ORION 5x

The most of the hunting gears scopes nowadays have the design of the cheaper quality of materials to reduce the cost. This result lesser durability and one can get frustrated with the less-longer usage of this product.

So our scope review team have checked out the built quality of the hunting and fishing gears properly. And we were happy to see the study quality of this scope.

Armasight has manufactured the scope of aluminum housing and shock-protected optics. It has a rubberized body which is very strong. It protects the scope from all kinds of damage. We can easily carry this anywhere we want to go for hunting without the fear of getting damaged. These things together make the Orion scope one of the strongest and most durable night vision scopes of all times.

Powerful Infrared Illuminator

The challenge of shooting with clearness in darkness or during low light conditions is now quite easier with the use of Orion scope. This night vision scope has an infrared illuminator which is detachable and enables the highest level of clearness because of the sharp intensity of its image viewing in different shooting position.

It always assures us of great viewing capabilities that can undoubtedly exceed ordinary limits. It simply emits infrared rays on the targets and makes them bright enough that we can see them easily through the lens of the scope. Some nighttime hunting enthusiasts must find greater satisfaction from the dependency of this infrared illuminator.


  • Very simple and easy to operate controls and adjustments
  • Designed for long-range focus
  • Powerful 5x magnification
  • Strong construction for durability
  • Comes with a lens cover
  • Long battery life for extended action
  • Shock-protected optics
  • Two-year warranty


  • Works only in low light condition
  • Heavy weighted and has no carrying case

Final Thought

However, this night vision scope is quite exceptional and also different in every aspect. The scope is a highly advanced night vision scope which enables us to aim and hit long-range targets with special clearness. Also, this is one of the top scopes of all the night vision rifle scopes that are available in the market. It is highly recommended to buy the scope.

With reviewing all the features and quality, our team found the Armasight ORION Night Vision Rifle Scope very efficient for accurate hunting. Therefore, we recommend this rifle scope to the hunting enthusiasts.

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