Best 177 PCP Air Rifle for Hunting: Most Powerful Rifle Review

Compared to a .22 or .25 caliber pellet gun, the .177 one is much smaller and more lightweight, but it is much less powerful. This air rifle is excellent for hunting small games such as pigeons or rabbits. An animal that is smaller in size but is quicker can be haunted down quickly using the unit.  

But because this is a lesser powerful firearm, you need your hands on the best 177 PCP air rifle for hunting for an ethical kill.

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle
Air Venturi Avenger, 0.25-Caliber...
Beeman, QB Chief PCP Air Rifle, .22...
Diana Stormrider Gen2 Multi-Shot PCP Air...
Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle
Air Venturi Avenger, 0.25-Caliber...
Beeman, QB Chief PCP Air Rifle, .22...
Diana Stormrider Gen2 Multi-Shot PCP Air...
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Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle
Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle
Air Venturi Avenger, 0.25-Caliber...
Air Venturi Avenger, 0.25-Caliber...
Beeman, QB Chief PCP Air Rifle, .22...
Beeman, QB Chief PCP Air Rifle, .22...
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Diana Stormrider Gen2 Multi-Shot PCP Air...
Diana Stormrider Gen2 Multi-Shot PCP Air...

Reviews of the Top 7 Best 177 PCP Air Rifle for Hunting


Best 177 PCP Air Rifle for Hunting

A .177 PCP rifle is lightweight and offers higher velocity. But for ethical hunting, you need to get your hands on an air rifle of high quality. After reviewing capacity for hunting small game, target shooting with power and accuracy we have made a shortlist of the top 7 PCP air rifles. I hope the reviews will let the user know what is best for his need.

Let’s take a look at a few of the options that we have.

1. Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun – Best Air Rifle Overall

Highlighted Features

  • Available at a very budget-friendly price
  • It gives you 50 regulated shots with a single tank filling
  • Controlled velocity gives you flat, long shot strings
  • It has a 10-round capacity
  • Single-shot pcp air rifles tray
  • 11-millimeter dove trail allows you to hang scopes easily

The first product that we have on our list is a PCP rifle that almost everyone can afford. This PCP pellet gun from UMAREX is budget-friendly and powerful at the same time. Being one of the most powerful pcp gun this is decent for big game hunting.

With just one tank filled, you can get up to 50 regulated shots on this air rifle.  You get 2 rotary magazines that give you a capacity of 10 rounds with this air rifle.

With the help of the built-in regulator, all the shots are consistent. The built-in regulator also gives you a controlled velocity for flat, long shot strings.

One of the main reasons we put this as a top product on the list is the excellent accuracy of the shooting. This is the best PCP air rifle for hunting small game.  No matter how fast the animal you are trying to shoot is, there is a high possibility of you taking it out with only one shot when you’re using this PCP airgun.


  • It comes with two Rotary magazines 
  • Works with a wide variety of adjustable power level 
  • Has a very high accuracy rate in a budget price 
  • Lightweight and compact construction
  • Comes with a long barrel
  • Built-in regulator helps with consistent and high-velocity shooting
  • Can take out small games with one single shot,  acceptable for ethical hunting


  • Tank might leak without proper maintenance

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2. Air Venturi Avenger – Powerful PCP Air Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • The regulator can be adjusted to 3000 psi
  • The trigger has two adjustable stages
  • Metal construct for durability for big game hunting
  • It comes with side lever cocking mechanism
  • Has single shot tray with two magazines 
  • Can shoot accurately even from a distance
  • Can shoot up to 900, 930, and 100 FPS

If you’re looking for the best high-end PCP air rifle for hunting, you need to look for a well-built unit with a high accuracy rate.

This one from Air Venturi has it all. The barrel and the frame of this air rifle have been made of metal. You can count on this air rifle to last you a very long time.

What makes this one of the best PCP air rifles? 

With a 900 ft per second velocity, this powerful air rifle can be a great companion for your short and small game hunting trips. Because the tool is very accurate and has a high-velocity range, it can be used for killing small game such as pigeons, chickens, or turkeys.

The externally adjustable regulator of this spring powered air rifle allows you to customize the air rifle according to the shot you want to make.  This helps you properly set the air rifle to make the most accurate and precise shot.

Moreover, using your left and right hand, increasing and decreasing air pressure gauge is easy with the dual gauge system (Reg Pressure and Fill Pressure).  

You also get to adjust the trigger of this spring piston rifle according to your comfort level with these PCP rifles. The two-level adjustable trigger can be set according to the customer’s preference.


  • Sturdy construction, outstanding for regular use
  • These spring piston air rifles can be adjusted according to users comfort
  • Perfect for both right and left-handed shooters
  • The velocity of 900 ft. per second for this pcp air rifles
  • It comes with a two-stage adjustable trigger 
  • The regulator can be adjusted externally
  • It comes with a dual pressure gauge system


  • Has trouble holding air at times

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3. Beeman QB Chief PCP Rifle – Best for Pest Control

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 6.8 lbs 
  • 2,000 psi air pressure is good for big game
  • It can be carried easily and helps you get a better balance 
  • It comes with a 136-cc air reservoir capacity
  • Can shoot with a peak velocity of 1117.27 FPS
  • Best 177 air rifles on the market for using with lead or platinum alloy pellets 

The Beeman QB chief PCP comes with an incredible velocity of 1117.27 FPS. When put to the test, this model shot with an average velocity of 1032.21 FPS. This was a test done in a 10-shot string. 

At the price the unit is available, this is an incredible velocity. 

Besides having good velocity, the model also can be used with many kinds of pellets. There are no limitations. The test shots that we spoke about earlier were done using platinum alloy heavy pellets, and you could also use mid-weight domes lead bullets with the unit. 

For a perfect shot, it is recommended that you shoot from an 8 or 8.5-grain range. 

The ease of use and velocity makes this the best 177 rifles for hunting, pest control, and entry-level target shooting practice. 

Also, the air pressure fill of 2000 psi with 136 air reservoir capacity ensures you can shoot from 45 to 50 rounds with .177 calibers. When using the heavier pellet of .22 caliber, it has the power to go gun operational around 30-35 per fill. 

I like how accurate this gun is along with being a great value for money. Also, it has a wide range of pellets, heavy lead pellet, and light .177 caliber pellets seem perfect for shooting. The gun itself weighs about 6.8pounds, and therefore, it’s not too heavy to be carried and not too light to throw you off your balance. 


  • Made to be the perfect weight for better balance and ease of carrying
  • A great model for practicing shooting and hunting as well 
  • Can shoot accurately from a distance of 8 to 8.5-grain range 
  • Versatile; works with most kinds of pellets 
  • Comes with scope attament options
  • Enough power for big game along with small game
  • Easy to operate, a great entry-level gun 
  • This .22 caliber pellet rifle is accurate


  • It does not come with a silencer or regulator 

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4. Diana Stormrider Multi-Shot – Best Accurate PCP Air Rifle

Highlighted Features

  • Operates at a speed of 977 FPS muzzle energy with 7.0-grain pellets 
  • The same velocity increases with lower grain pellets 
  • Lightweight and compact construction 
  • Trigger pull weighs about 3 lbs with this accurate air rifle

Many users are more drawn towards a smaller and a bit more lightweight air rifle. If you happen to be one of those people, this air rifle from PCP might be the ideal choice for you. 

Besides being lightweight, the multi-shot magazine unit also has a convenient trigger. The trigger pull weighs about 3 lbs, and it’s a single-stage trigger that is entirely predictable. To increase user comfort, the trigger’s blade has been made of metal.

When used with light platinum PBA pellets, you get a muzzle velocity of 977 FPS. However, when using a heftier pellet, such as those with 10.65 grains, you get a maximum velocity of 886.44 FPS but a much better precision and pull weight. It’s one of the best 177 PCP air rifles for accuracy when used with the right pellet. 


  • It can be customized to give you higher accuracy 
  • Trigger pull is predictable and single-stage 
  • Trigger blades have been made with metal for increased comfort 
  • This .177 caliber air rifle is easy to carry around 
  • Red collar around the safety will war you when the gun is ready to fire 


  • The unsupported barrel might be too long for some users 

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5. Beeman Chief II Pre-Charged Pneumatic – Medium Game Air Gun

Highlighted Features

  • It’s the better version of the previous Chief PCP air gun
  • It comes with a 10-shot rotary magazine 
  • 1000 FPS muzzle energy is decen for big game
  • Excellent design for a variety of pellets
  • Manual firearm safety for air gunners 
  • Comes with comfortable pistol grip
  • Adjustable two-stage trigger added for comfort 
  • Best air rifle for hunting medium game
  • It has a 136cc air reservoir cylinder 

The Beeman Chief II is the better version of its previous Chief PCP air rifle. 

On this unit, you get a 10-shot rotary magazine. Therefore, you won’t have to keep on refilling the magazine too often. 

Similar to the QB78, this one too comes with a two-stage trigger. This trigger can be adjusted as per your comfort—also, the strong dovetail rifled steel barrel. What makes this one of the best air rifles is its usability

This version has a muzzle velocity of 1000 FPS in the .177 air rifle. If you are just getting into PCP models, this one might be the best 177 rifles for accuracy in practice. 

It’s also a great option to get for hunters who want to take out a game that is a bit bigger. 


  • Air cylinder has a 2000 PSI capacity 
  • The hardwood on the unit is ambidextrous 
  • Excellent hardwood pistol grip
  • An excellent choice for people who are new to PCP air rifles 
  • Excellent construction and durability for the price
  • It does not make much noise when shooting 


  • The 10-shot magazine is not made with high-quality material 

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6. Hatsan AT44 QES PCP Air Rifle – Easy to Use

Highlighted Features 

  • Maximum 2900 PSI capacity on cylinder
  • These air arms come with a shrouded barrel 
  • The rifle features quiet energy technology 
  • The trigger blade is gold plated 
  • Has both manual and auto safety 

Having a pneumatic air rifle that is pre-recharged can help reduce your preparation time. So if you want any quick and easy air rifles, we suggest getting the Hatsan AT44 QEs that have been pre-charged for your convenience. 

The fully shrouded barrel has a convenient, quiet energy technology. So, you won’t have to worry about scaring off your neighbors when shooting. 

An added cylinder in the unit has a 2900 PSI. This PCP air gun is a well-sized 230cc long cylinder. 

When it comes to safety, the model has both a manual and auto safety option. It helps you to use these PCP air guns for target shooting and small game hunting. It can reach a healthy field due to its power and accuracy. Protection is not taken lightly when you are using this tool. 

One thing that has intrigued us is that the trigger is gold plated on this unit, and it’s a small detail that adds a lot of value to the air gun. 


  • 180cc standard and 230 ccs long cylinder 
  • Synthetic shock is ambidextrous 
  • The recoil pad is adjustable 
  • Pre-charged pneumatic air rifle 
  • Great for making quick shots while maintaining accuracy


  • Not the most affordable product on this 177 pellet gun reviews

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7. Benjamin Marauder BP2264S

Highlighted Features 

  • Offers better lever cocking mechanism safety with the two-stage adjustable match trigger system 
  • Has a raised comb for all-weather synthetic stock 
  • Lightweight but helps you stay balanced when making shots 
  • Benjamin marauder air rifle comes with a 10-round magazine 

No matter what air rifle you get, it’s essential for the model to be customizable.  People might want to add on a few extra gears to their PCP air rifles when it comes to hunting, and that is why you should invest in this Benjamin Marauder BP2264S. 

The unit has a dovetail mounting rail that allows you to add all different kinds of accessories, including scopes and sling mounts.  

For lever safety, the air rifle has a two-stage adjustable match trigger system with the side lever-action rifle.

A raised comb will provide all-weather synthetic stock. The product is lightweight and durable. But the product is not too light and helps you get a good balance when making your shots.


  • Dovetail mounting rail allows you to add accessories 
  • Adjustable stock comb rather than hardwood stock for better viewing 
  • These air rifles offer up to 1000 FPS speed
  • Perfect for right-handed shooters
  • It can be used using compressed air and CO2 as well 
  • Foster fitting can be disconnected quite quickly 


  • Not the most durable air rifles
  • People have made several complaints about  the quality of the magazine 

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How to Choose the Best 177 PCP Air Rifle: Buying Guide 

If you are looking for top-rated 177 air rifles, especially for hunting, you need to be very careful when selecting the firearm. You need to keep some factors in mind. These include:

Weight of PCP Air Rifles 

When you are hunting, weight becomes a huge issue. Hunting involves a lot of movement and rapid action. With different action rifles like regulated action, blow-back action, the weight may vary. Eighter way, a lightweight airgun has some advantages. 

You will be running, jumping, or walking for a long time. For example, when you are on a hike, you will walk on an inclined or uneven surface. At that time, even the tiny weight of PCP air rifles became very difficult to carry. 

Likewise, when you are hunting, you are in a very similar situation. You will need to walk for a very long time, and you will need to jump or run. Sometimes you even have to stay still for a very long time. If your gun is heavy, it will be just an additional burden for you at that time.

You will have a tough time carrying those extra few kgs, and it will make you tired very quickly. Even it will be hard for you to stay still and keep your aim steady. That is why it’s better to go for air rifles that are a bit more lightweight. 

Sensitivity and Automatic Safety Lock

The last thing you want your gun to be is sensitive. You are using a gun, bb gun, or air pistol, the treatment of the weapon is supposed to be rough. If the trigger is sensitive, there is a very high possibility the gun will misfire, and this can cause unwanted and severe accidents. When the trigger is sensitive, even slight pressure can trigger the gun.

If the gun misfires, it can injure you or the people around you. That is why safely locking is very crucial for guns. It will lock the triggers of the gun and make the gun safe to carry. Make sure you get a unit that is not very sensitive. Even if it is, an automatic safety lock is a must.

You could also look for the best pocket holster for sig P365 to add to the safety. These holsters keep the gun safe at all times and are an excellent carrier for the unit as well. 

Charge Type

Air guns use the power of air to fire. The air is compressed, which creates pressure. Then, that force of compressed air is used to fire the bullet. There are several ways this power supply is charged in PCP guns, but the most popular ones are the hand-pumped and air tanks with quick follow-up shots

The hand-pumped ones are manual. You have to variable pump the air inside the high-pressure tank using a pumper.  If you get the hand pump ones, it will take time and effort to charge the gun manually. Make sure you consider that.

The air tanks are the ones that have a changeable air tank, and these tanks have compressed air pre-pumped in them. You don’t need any professional help to charge your guns, and you can easily do it yourself. But what you need to consider is what method of charging you prefer to get.

Also, check the air tubes of the rifle. Some rifles have an air tube changing option where you can exchange the air tube, buy air tubes if the old one is not working. 


Best 177 PCP Air Rifle for Hunting Power

The power of the gun decides your shooting range. It also determines what size of animals you can hunt or how far you can go for target practice using adjustable rear sight, iron sights, scope, or without them. With more power, you can cover more distance.

So, you can shoot an animal from a long distance and still hit the field target. If not, then you need only to target animals in close range. 

Also, with more power, you can easily take down big-sized animals with the big bore air rifle. It will be a quick death for the animal, resulting in ethical hunting. But if you need more power for a short-distance target, go for any better air bow gun instead of a PCP gun.

Frequently Asked Questions on PCP Air Rifle

What is the most accurate .177 air rifle?

For hunting, you need to have excellent shooting skills. You need to be quick and precise in targeting. But it is not solely the shooter’s skills that land the prey. The PCP gun also plays a huge role in it. A bad gun can completely ruin your hunting experience. 

If you want the most accurate PCP pellet rifle, without any doubt, go for Hatsan 95. It is one of the most accurate air rifles that you will find on the market.

This is one of the best air rifles, which also has incredible velocity and other valuable features that make the unit worth its price.

What can you hunt with a .177 air rifle?

Whether you believe it or not, your prey is determined by your rifle. You should change your air rifles depending on the size of the animal. 

Each rifle or gun has a range of shooting, and it has a set power range that helps you make an easy kill. Simply put it like this, you can never get a perfect woodcut with a knife. Yes, you can cut it slightly, but it will be challenging, and the cut will not be smooth either.

Similarly, you can kill anything with a .177 air rifle. But it is ideal for hunting small animals with light pellets compared with heavy bolt action guns. You can hunt a large animal with it at times, but you need to get a clear head or neck shot. Without the right velocity, the animal will also have a very slow and painful death.

What is the range of a 177 air rifle?

What is the range of a 177 air rifle?

Although the .177 air rifle is made for hunting small animals, the gun has a long shooting range. It is tough to imagine for a rifle like this to have such shooting range. If the air rifles are single-shot rather than any ideal semi-auto PCP rifle, the range will certainly increase.

However, some say that it is helpful for them to have this option. The 177 air rifles have a shooting range of 400 yards, and this means the bullet can cover a distance of 400 yards without needing any accessories. 

Now there is a catch. To pierce the skin of an animal, the bullet needs to have velocity. Therefore it is ideal for shooting from 70 yards if you shoot a rabbit or any mid-sized game. 

Last Thoughts 

177 PCP rifles are excellent for getting rid of small rodents. If you want to practice shooting or want to hunt, these rifles will not disappoint you either. 

Do consider the features of the air rifles and the points we mentioned earlier when making your choice. This will help you get the best 177 PCP air rifle for hunting specifically. 

But there is one thing you should consider.

It’s better not to compare it with other expensive and powerful hunting rifles. If you compare the price and the air rifles feature of other larger rifles, this .177 rifle might seem weak. 

But, if you are on a budget yet want to start hunting, then this is the ideal rifle for you, for sure.

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