Best Full Auto BB Gun in 2022

Whether it’s for using the clone version of your favorite firearm for backyard fun time or initial target practice sessions, there are countless options for full-auto BB guns. But, things get quite overwhelming when you want to get the most out of your investment.

It’s not the most stunning looks and realistic feel that make a deal worthwhile considering. Propulsion type, magazine capacity, building materials, and functionality do matter if you are looking for the best full auto BB gun.

To ensure you get the right one to meet your requirements, I have gone through dozens of top-rated BB guns, pointed out their pros and cons, and considered what their users say after using them for weeks to complete this list of 7.

Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Full-Auto BB Air...
DPMS SBR BB Air Rifle Kit (with 2...
Crosman A4 Pistol (Black) CO2 Powered,...
Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Full-Auto BB Air...
DPMS SBR BB Air Rifle Kit (with 2...
Crosman A4 Pistol (Black) CO2 Powered,...
Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Full-Auto BB Air...
Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Full-Auto BB Air...
DPMS SBR BB Air Rifle Kit (with 2...
DPMS SBR BB Air Rifle Kit (with 2...
Crosman A4 Pistol (Black) CO2 Powered,...
Crosman A4 Pistol (Black) CO2 Powered,...

7 Best Full Auto BB Gun Reviews


Best Full Auto BB Gun

Whether plinking or target shooting is your main preference, the list includes both handgun and full-auto guns to get you the best shooting experience.

We have considered the most famous full auto bb rifles and pistols in the market, checked what experts said about them, considered other users’ reviews, and then tested them to see how they perform. Here are the top 7 full auto bb gun reviews.

Crosman DPMS SBR CO2 Full-Auto BB Air Rifle Kit

For those who are well-familiar with air guns and firearms, Crosman is a name to trust. This full-auto BB air gun can provide you with the feel of using a real firearm. Unlike most BB guns that are available, this one is extremely accurate. For backyard fun and target shooting, it’s the best automatic BB gun for most people.

Using .177 caliber BBs, this bad boy can reach up to 430 FPS of velocity to hit targets with great accuracy. BBs can reach up to 100 yards with that speed.

You can load 2 12g CO2cartridges inside it with a 25 round magazine. The cartridge will last up to 200 shots with ease. Keep in mind that the rifle loses its power after every 4 magazines on full auto mode.

Equipped with CenterPoint reflex sight, you can improve shooting accuracy within 30-50 yards without much problem.

You can adjust the buttstock in 6 positions as per your shooting comfort.


  • Shoots .177 caliber BBs at 430 FPS
  • 2 12-gram CO2 cartridges last up to 200 shots
  • 25 round magazine
  • CenterPoint reflex sight
  • Adjustable buttstock


  • High FPS rating provides great accuracy up to 30 yards
  • Cartridges last up to 200 shots, which is more than enough
  • Decent quality reflex sight significantly improves accuracy
  • Feels like a real firearm


  • Makes loud noise
  • Poor quality speed loader

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Crosman DPMS SBR Full-Auto BB Air Rifle Kit

This one is priced slightly lower than the previously reviewed rifle. If you are okay with a plastic frame BB air gun, this can be your best bet. Be it for a kid, teenager, or an adult, the rifle got pretty much everything to provide you with a great backyard shooting experience.

It definitely looks like a real gun. You can hardly notice any difference looking from a distance. While firing, the bolt sides front to back for each shot, just like a real firearm.

With .177 caliber BBs, you can shoot at 430 FPS without losing much accuracy. In fact, for short-distance shooting, it’s more accurate than its competitors.

Its 2 CO2 12-gram cartridges last about 200 shots. When the tank is full, you can shoot around 80 yards with great accuracy. The accuracy drops after a few magazines, which is something that goes the same for every CO2 BB gun.

You may face a tough time adjusting the scope if you are a beginner. But, the iron sights work just fine for short-distance shooting.


  • Semi and full auto firing settings
  • 2 CO2 12-gram cartridges
  • Realistic blowback bolt-action
  • 1x30mm reflex sight
  • Quad rail system


  • Shoots with a decent accuracy within 70 yards
  • Looks, feels and shoots like a real gun
  • Very accurate iron sights for short distance shooting
  • Lightweight construction, perfect for kids and teenagers


  • Bad speed loader
  • Below average scope

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Crosman Full Auto A4-P CO2 Powered BB Air Pistol

When it comes to mimicking popular firearm models, nothing comes close to Crosman. gun It is hard to tell whether This A4-P BB air is original or fake. Crosman has also done exceedingly well to make it firing accurately within its shooting range.

With its 400 FPS shooting velocity, you can even take down small games without much struggle, making it the best full auto BB pistol for its price. Also, for backyard target shooting, you will find it extremely fun to play with.

The size of this toy BB gun is quite compact. You can even fit it inside your backpack, and take it to a campsite for fun sport.

Its magazine can hold 25-round of 4.5mm BBs. However, the CO2 cartridge isn’t included in the package, which is really frustrating because you will have to buy one anyway if you are a beginner.

But, the manufacturer did provide a red-dot sight, which manages to increase long-range shooting accuracy fairly well.


  • CO2 powered gun
  • 25-round magazine
  • Red-dot sight is included
  • Blowback bolt action
  • 400 FPS velocity


  • Feels and looks extremely realistic
  • Shoot pretty accurately within 50 yards of range
  • 25-round magazine is more than enough for fun time shooting
  • High FPS rating can even take down small games within a short-range


  • Doesn’t come with CO cartridge

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Umarex Legends M1A1 .177 Full Auto Blowback CO2 BB Gun

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The next BB gun on the list is from Umarex, one of the competitors of Crosman. If you are a beginner and looking for a complete BB gun kit, your search ends here. This package includes 5 CO2 cartridges and 1500ct steel BBs, so you can start shooting using it right out of the box.

Using .177 BBs, you will get up to 435 FPS of shooting speed to hit targets accurately. Higher speed increases the chance of hitting targets successfully, and this gun does that quite well. Hunting down small games can be possible using this toy gun as well.

The magazine holds 30-round of BBs, which is a huge plus point compared to the other ones that I have reviewed so far. You will need to insert two 12g cartridges, and these will last up to 3 magazines easily. So, less reloading and refilling, more shooting fun when you have this gun.

Now, let’s talk about some of the drawbacks. The magazine is a bit hard to load. Also, the switch to toggle between semi and fully automatic falls every now and then.


  • 2 12g CO2 cartridges
  • 30-round magazine
  • 435 FPS shooting velocity
  • Full metal frame construction
  • Fixed front and rear sights


  • Accurate enough for most shooting styles in short-range
  • Can take small games when the cartridges are full
  • 30-round magazines, less reloading is required
  • Cartridges last up to 3 magazines
  • Easy to handle and shoot even for kids


  • Hard to load the magazine

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HK Heckler & Koch MP5 AEG Automatic BB Rifle

Any MP5 fan out there? Even if you own a real MP5, it will be hard for you to tell if it’s an original or fake gun from a distance. Apart from its insanely realistic looks, it comes with a 200-round high-capacity magazine which will probably last for an entire day or two.

Construction-wise, the gun is pretty solid. It got a full metal gearbox along with nylon polymer stock. You won’t have to worry about abuses and falls.

Using 6mm BBs, you can shoot at 375 FPS and hit targets accurately every time. Yeah, it doesn’t hold up well when it comes to long-range shooting, but for a short-range fun time, it crushes the competitors in terms of convenience and shooting accuracy.

Whether you prefer semi-auto or full-auto, the gun can switch them both for you.

Its rear sight is adjustable for your shooting convenience. Also, the polymer stocks can be changed as per your comfort and shooting style. Plus, you will get an additional 200-round magazine with the package.


  • High capacity 200-round magazine
  • 375 FPS velocity
  • Semi-auto and full-auto switch
  • Adjustable rear sight


  • Decent accuracy for short-range target shooting and training
  • Huge 200-round magazine with an additional 200-round magazine
  • Made of quality material, metal gearbox, and 2 polymer stocks
  • Rear sight is adjustable


  • You cannot mount gun accessories on its rail

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Crosman CO2-Powered Full Auto Blowback BB Air Pistol

If you are here for a full-auto BB gun for self-defense, this is the one. Crosman crafted this BB air pistol with excellent quality materials to make it feel realistic. Its all-metal frame construction gives it a realistic weight as well.

With full-auto mode, when the cartridge is full, it can cause some serious damage if you shoot at someone’s face. That means, within a short range, you can seriously injure pests or even small games, if you are lucky enough, BBs can take the game down for you.

Apart from that, it’s really fun to shoot in the backyard using this pistol.

Keep in mind that one CO2 cylinder will only allow you to shoot 3 magazines. Each magazine holds 19-round of BBs. So, when firing on full-auto mode, you gotta be careful about emptying the magazine and cartridge.

The gun has a thumb safety switch for safe handling purposes. Using the rear and blade front sight, you can improve your shooting accuracy.


  • 400 FPS shooting speed
  • 12g CO2 cartridge lasts up to 3 magazines
  • 19-round magazine
  • All metal construction
  • Realistic weight and handling


  • Highly accurate in short-range shooting
  • Heavy impact on the target when the cartridge is full
  • Great overall design gives it a realistic look and feel
  • Realistic blowback action, ideal for training purpose


  • Can be extremely injurious if shot on anyone’s face
  • Magazine has some design flaws for CO2 cartridge

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Umarex Legends M712 .177 Caliber Automatic BB Gun Air Pistol

Design-wise, this one looks like it’s from WW1. If you don’t mind collecting a toy gun from one of the older pistol models, you won’t regret buying it.

Out of the box, the pistol looks very clean. But it scratches too quickly. Better you use some epoxy on the barrel to prevent scratches. If you want it to give a worn look, use 120 grit sandpaper on the edges.

Its CO2 cylinders last about 85-90 shots. If you use it in full auto mode, the cartridges will be emptied before you know it.

For short distance shooting and target practicing, it shots well accurately. But don’t expect anything overwhelming from it.

The magazine holds 18-round BBs, which isn’t many using it in full auto mode.

Sometimes the magazine doesn’t load the first BBs due to some design flaws. Also, the cylinder gets too tightened at a level that the gun can’t fire.


  • Full auto CO2 powered pistol
  • 18-round drop-free magazine
  • Realistic blowback action
  • Full metal construction


  • Average accuracy in short distance shooting
  • Ideal for target shooting and training purposes
  • Great looking design feels like an authentic pistol from WW1
  • Same recoil effect as 22lr model


  • Has some design flaws
  • Empties cartridges quickly

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Full Auto BB Gun

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Full Auto BB Gun

Whether you are getting the most powerful fully automatic BB gun or an average one, it’s important that you know the things that make these BB guns worth it. Before you finalize the order, be sure to keep the following aspects in mind, and then go for one that meets your needs the most.


Although these guns are of 3 types, for beginners, I would recommend sticking with 2 types.

Spring Loaded or Single Pump

When it comes to price, these are the least expensive ones if you are buying solely for your kid, no need to spend on an expensive gun.

The spring mechanism is tightly compressed, which takes care of the propulsion when the trigger is pulled.

These BB guns are fairly powerful and can make a serious impact within a short range.

But, the spring mechanism often gets jammed if it’s made of poor quality material or if you don’t handle the gun with care. Also, in terms of velocity, you won’t get the most by using a spring-loaded toy gun.


As you have already guessed, these BB guns have CO2 cartridges inside the gun for doing the propulsion job.

Compared to spring-loaded ones, these get more speed and velocity, resulting in better shooting accuracy. You can take down targets from a medium-range when the cartridge is full.

But, once the cartridge starts to get low, the velocity decreases. So, to target accurately, you will have to make sure the cartridge doesn’t get too low.

Also, you will have to take the hassle of replacing or refilling the cartridge.

However, if you want to get the best full auto BB pistol or gun, this is the only option to go with. CO2-powered semi-auto guns are also way better than spring-loaded ones when it comes to shooting accuracy.


Best Full Auto BB Gun Velocity

The most powerful fully automatic BB gun would be the one with the highest velocity. Higher velocity gets the most accuracy. So, if you need to reach the BB above short-range distance without losing the accuracy, make sure your gun can shoot at least 400 FPS.

For short-distance shooting or plinking, anything between 330-400 FPS will be more than enough.


Most BB guns come with front and rear iron sights. Whether you are skilled or not, these iron sights will be more than enough for short-range target shooting.

If you want to shoot further distance with decent accuracy, look for a gun that comes with a scope or red dot sight.

Scopes are usually very accurate and allow you to magnify the target. If you want to opt for a scope, crosshair scopes are the best option for accurate long-range shooting.

Red dot sights don’t come with any magnification feature; rather you will see a red LED dot to aim. If you want to shoot faster with decent accuracy within a short range, this is the ideal option to go with.

How Does a Fully Automatic BB Gun Work?

The best full auto BB gun rifle allows you to squeeze the trigger and hold it down to continue firing. It doesn’t stop shooting until you release the trigger or the magazine runs out of BB.

If you are mostly dealing with small game hunting, go for a full-auto gun.

But, keep in mind that both the magazine and cartridge will be emptied pretty soon. So, make sure you have enough supply of both of these.

Oppositely, a semi-auto BB gun doesn’t require you to use the bolt or cock it whenever you fire. But, unlike a full-auto gun, you will still have to pull the trigger to shoot each round. You can continue shooting until the magazine is empty.

Are There Fully Automatic Pellet Guns?

Yeah, you will find several fully automatic pellet guns available in the market. Pellets reach further than BBs. Also, these have higher FPS ratings and accuracy.

But, you will have to reload the magazine quickly. Most full auto pellet guns come with a 12-round magazine, which empties out within a second.

Can I Use a BB Gun for Self Defense?

Can I Use a BB Gun for Self Defense

BB guns were not designed for self-defense. Due to the heavy impact of BBs on targets, it would be extremely injurious for the attacker. These are the best for backyard target practice, training, small games, and plinking.

Technically, you can still use a full-auto BB gun for self-defense, but this would be unethical.

What Is the Most Accurate BB Gun?

On paper, a BB gun with up to 430 FPS velocity, more than a 25-round capacity magazine, and with 2 CO2 cartridges would be the most accurate.

If you are asking for a recommendation, my opinion goes for the Umarex Legends M1A1 BBs Gun.

Final Words

Hope the above list was able to get you the best full auto BB gun for your shooting needs and style.

No matter which one you choose, be extremely cautious while handling a BB gun. Use the safety lock pretty much every time to prevent any mishap from occurring. If you are getting one for your kid for training purposes, always allow them to use it under your close supervision.

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