Best Headlamp for Duck Hunting: Red, Green Light for Hog & Deer Also

Hunting for ducks is in and of itself a very nerve-wracking task. And without the right headlamp, it just adds to the stress. 

But with the endless options of hunting headlamps being thrown at you on every retail website, how do you know which one meets all your expectations?

We’ve compiled the following list of our picks of the best headlamp for duck hunting that will not only help you find the perfect gear for your next duck hunting trip but will offer you some advice that may come in handy along the way. 

Our team of researchers has scoured through the internet to bring you these top five picks that are favorites among hunters and huntresses globally. 

Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp, Azul
Coast® FL75R Rechargeable 530 Lumen...
Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp, Azul
Coast® FL75R Rechargeable 530 Lumen...
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp, Azul
Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp, Azul
Amazon Prime
Coast® FL75R Rechargeable 530 Lumen...
Coast® FL75R Rechargeable 530 Lumen...
Amazon Prime

Reviews of the Best Headlamp for Duck Hunting


Best Headlamp for Duck Hunting

We have tested and reviewed 23 top-rated and most popular duck hunting headlamps on the market and came up with this list for giving the perfect match for the game hunters.

No matter if you’re aiming for a high or low mark on the price range, you’ll find each and every one of these hunting headlamps falling right into your desired budget. 

So, without rambling on any further, let’s get onto our master list. 

1. PETZL, TACTIKKA +RGB Stealth Headlamp

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From the consumer recommendations and feedbacks we’ve read, this Petzl hunting headlamp made a common reappearance in all of them. And after going through the features of this incredible piece of gear, you’ll understand why this is on top of our list. 

Unlike most headlights, this one doesn’t just come with the same old, singular white lightbulb. It comes with three different settings, including red, green, and blue with the white light modes. 

The blue light on this good headlamp ensures optimum stealth by making blood trails clearer while preserving night vision. This is great for finding your hit ducks easily. 

For long hunting trips and easy aiming at moving ducks in the dark, this headlight is the best option. On the highest setting of 350 lumens, it can offer up to 5.5 of constant and bright light. Plus, the beams can reach 90 meters. 


  • Red, green, and blue ultrabright leds light
  • 3 AAA batteries included
  • Detachable headband


  • Lightweight doesn’t cause stress around the head
  • Can last up to almost 6 hours on the highest setting
  • This hands-free headlamp comes with a better beam distance
  • Optimizes stealth while preserving night vision
  • Easy to wash, even by hand
  • Brightest green LED headlamp for dark and dim locations


  • Switching through settings during activity is a bit difficult

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2. Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp

For serious hunters who like their work done fast and efficiently, this Black Diamond Storm headlamp is a perfect choice. 

This hunting headlamp helps you save time by switching from setting to setting in seconds. Also known as the PowerTap technology, this feature is excellent for when you’re in a situation that requires quick action. 

Moreover, the Brightness Memory of this powerful flashlight feature allows you to return to the set brightness when you turn it on again, without going back to the default setting. So, you won’t lose track of your target on ducks while toggling the settings.

I also love the camo design of the lamp which blends well with the surroundings with a duck hunting vest, pants, and other clothing to avoid alerting the waterfowls while hunting.

On a max setting of 400 lumens, this headlamp offers several hours of constant light. This is extremely bright, which makes it perfect for long trips or overnight hunting. 


  • PowerTap technology
  • Brightness Memory
  • Decent battery life
  • Adjustable headband
  • 3 light settings


  • Instantly switches between settings to cut down time
  • Returns to set brightness without going back to default setting
  • Extremely bright max setting of 400 lumens
  • Comes with different setting and full power
  • Black diamond storm comes with a and lock mode
  • Several hours of consistent, non-flickering light


  • Slightly heavy

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3. Coast FL75R Rechargeable 530 Lumen

Now to one of the brightest hunting headlamps for duck hunting options on our list, the Coast FL75R. The features of this heavy-duty gear are curated for serious big-game hunters that enjoy catching ducks during the night.

A feature that impressed us is the Twist Focusing system which allows you to switch between 2 different beam settings in an instant. Not only does this help you act fast, but it increases your stealth too. 

The highest setting on this headlamp is a whopping 530 lumens, which will give you up to 2.15 hours of consistent light with a beam distance of 156 meters. 

On low, which is 65 lumens, the runtime stretches to 11 hours straight with a max beam distance of 54 meters with these rechargeable batteries. This means it’s the best for extensive hours of activity. 

Plus, it runs on standard rechargeable alkaline AAA batteries. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the hassle of frequently changing dead batteries.


  • Twist Focusing system
  • Rechargeable battery with good battery life
  • 3 AAA alkaline batteries and Li-Ion battery pack
  • Hardhat clips
  • Different distance modes
  • Light output: 530 lumen
  • USB charging cord, AC and DC adapters


  • Switches between settings instantly to save time
  • Can be recharged and reused, provides maximum power
  • Impressive runtime of 11 hours on low mode and 2.15 hours on high settings
  • Has 2 beams in one light for optimum brightness
  • High output headlamps to use with outdoor gear
  • Water-resistant and durable aluminum material provides protection against damage


  • Red LED doesn’t focus well

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4. Princeton Tec Remix LED Headlamp

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Now coming to an easier to use, light work headlight. The Princeton Tec Remix is by far the best headlamp with red light that’s compatible for dimly lit locations without giving away your presence to the ducks. 

Red LED lights are placed next to the large central bulb to preserve night vision. The red light mode comes in handy when you need something to stabilize your view in the dark. 

What makes it the best-led headlamp is its low setting with advanced functionality. The central bulb itself is 125 lumens on max setting.

Now, you might be doubting this headlamp’s functionality because of its low lumen count compared to the others on this list. But when it’s used in dimly lit environments, it provides just the right amount of brightness for you to look around for nearby ducks easily. 

In fact, because of its low lumen count, it’s able to run at high white beams for up to an astounding 200 hours. So basically, you’ll never run out of power. 


  • Red LEDs
  • High powered, large central led light
  • Adjustable headband
  • Light output: 300 Lumen
  • Three AAA batteries


  • Can provide up to 200 hours of consistent and bright white light
  • Preserves night vision, stabilizes view in dim settings
  • High-quality headlamp for enough light
  • Perfect headlamp for trail runners
  • Doesn’t require a frequent battery change (good battery life)
  • Best hunting headlamp with red light for areas that have low light


  • Isn’t recommended for pitch-black locations

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5. EdisonBright Bundle Fenix HL60R

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Coming to our final pick, this is the best Fenix headlamp for hunting ducks, as praised by consumers worldwide. 

In just a simple turn of the switch, the central light illuminates your view. This convenient feature helps you save time by switching between settings in no time in different duck hunting situations. 

Speaking of settings, It comes with 5 different lighting modes, including eco, low, mid, high, and turbo. The lowest setting, which is eco, is 5 lumens to help preserve night vision with the bright lighting modes while also helping you see in dimly lit areas. 

The highest setting, turbo, is a whopping 950 lumens that have a jaw-dropping runtime of 50,000 hours. 950 lumens is an insane amount of light and is for going through pitch-black areas like tunnels. 

So, you can switch to a lower setting with this rechargeable headlamp for areas that aren’t completely dark, and in return, get more runtime. 


Dual light source

Rechargeable Li-ion battery with USB cable

1 lumen light with 950 lumen light output

2 EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries


  • Easy and fast one-switch system that saves time
  • Comes with some effective light modes
  • Illuminate objects for perfect outdoor gears
  • Huge amount of light with a runtime of 50,000 hours
  • Can be recharged and reused, doesn’t run out of power often
  • Great for areas with little to no light source, such as pitch-black areas


  • A bit heavy to carry

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Headlamp for Duck Hunting

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Headlamp for Duck Hunting

That puts an end to our picks for the best headlight for duck hunting; now, all that’s left is to make your pick. But before we let you go, there are a few things you should keep in mind while finalizing your choice. 

Although it would be a safe bet to choose any of the 5 great hunting head-lamps we’ve already mentioned, it’s better to know exactly what you expect from your headlight. Not only will you end up fully satisfied, but you’ll have a product that suits your activity of choice. 

Brightness for Hunting Headlamp

Most hunters face the struggle of getting a headlamp that’s either too bright or not bright enough for their chosen environment. This is why it’s crucial that you know how much light you will need for your trip. 

Think of the location you want to hunt duck in and how long you’re planning to stay there. If you’re hunting in an area with little to no light sources, you’ll need a headlamp for dim settings. If you wish to spend the night and hunt in the dark, you’ll require a headlight that provides a brighter beam. 

All this eventually comes down to the lumen count of the headlamp. Anywhere between 100 to 250 lumens is good enough for areas that are dimly lit or early evenings. For pitch-black locations or night duck hunting, you’ll need a headlamp that’s at least 500 lumens or above. 

Also, if you’re particularly keen on night hunting, you should opt for a headlamp with green light. This will not only stabilize your night vision but help you see your targets better. From our list, the best hunting headlamp with green light is the PETZL, TACTIKKA +RGB Stealth Headlamp.

Runtime and Battery Life

If you’re planning a day-long trip, then you’ll need a great hunting headlamp that runs for at least 6-7 hours with consistent light. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning to stay overnight or a couple of days, you’ll need a headlamp with a runtime of at least 30-40 hours. 

However, this goes back to the better light output of the headlamp. If you use the max setting on any headlight, the runtime is sure to decrease quickly. But if you use it on low or medium, you can bump up the runtime to almost 2-3 extra hours. 

To be on the safe side, have a rough idea of how much light you’ll need for your location of choice. That way, it will be easier to make the runtime last longer.

Beam Distance for Hunting Headlamps

Check out the beam distance before choosing a duck hunting headlamp. The best hunting headlamps for waterfowl and geese will have better max beam distance. This will allow you to focus on the target even if it is a bit away from you and let you set your target.

Some of the lamps will come with adjustable light output with full and dimmed power. Check out these in the feature section.

How Many Lumens Do I Need for Hunting? 

It depends on how long, what time of day, and the type of location you’ll be hunting in. 

If your hunting trip takes up the whole day, suppose from morning up until early evening, then a headlamp with around 300 lumens should be more than enough. But if you’re planning on hunting overnight or in the dark, then it’s recommended that you go above 600 to 700 lumens just to be safe. 

What Is the Brightest Headlamp? 

What Is the Brightest Headlamp

The brightest headlamp for duck hunting is the EdisonBright Bundle Fenix HL60R, according to our research of verified consumer feedback from around the globe. 

It has a lumen count of a jaw-dropping 950, which can illuminate about 180 meters ahead of the user. A red light is also included to preserve night vision and stabilize the view. 

Alongside its astounding brightness, it also offers up to an incredible 50,000 hours of runtime. The battery can also be recharged, which basically makes it nearly impossible to run out of power and let you enjoy the excellent battery life. 

What Headlamp Does Randy Newberg Use?

Randy Newberg is a fan of the PETZL, TACTIKKA +RGB Stealth Headlamp. And we’ll admire him on that because it’s at the top of our list.

The multicolor hunting headlamp offers an assortment of different colored beams, including red, green, and blue. In which, the red increases stealth, the green improves night vision, and the blue makes blood tracks clear to see. 

Some people will use the white and red light for both applications. With a good hunting wader for waterfowls, these lamps can be a big help for hunting in the dark.

On the highest setting, which is 350 lumens, the beam illuminates up to 90 meters ahead of the user. Plus, it also has an impressive runtime of 5.5 hours on max. 

What Color Headlamp for Deer Hunting?

Deers are known to be color sensitive to some tones but see a few tones in grey. 

A few colored beams you should avoid are blue, ultraviolet (UV), yellow, and white. These are easily seen by deer and will trigger their fight or flight senses, so skip on those. 

Instead, go for colors such as red, orange, or green, as these are grey to the deer and will keep you hidden from their line of vision. 

Duck Hunting at Night

Hunting duck in the night is exciting and shows you the serene and peaceful beauty of darkness. It is a migratory game bird and its movement and behavior change at night so hunting ducks at night will be an adventurous and challenging thing for the hunters. It is almost impossible to shoot the duck at night if they are roosting on the water. But they are on moves sometimes and you have to pick the right time to hunt them.

Duck Hunting Equipment at Night

We have limited vision at night so using decoys won’t give the same result as day hunting. You will need a headlamp, binoculars, thermals, earmuffs, muzzleloading firearm or automatic firearm, shotgun, bird calls, or another hunting device, etc. to kill them at night.

The decoy movement should be natural and set in a lifelike position. Use high-quality duck calling devices to attract them at night.


Ducks mainly start migration after sunset so waterfowl number increases overnight. Some local ducks also make movements at night in the public hunting areas or private land. Weather condition plays an important part here. Normally the birds won’t face many predators presents at night so when the waterfowl hunters call them or set decoys, they will respond quickly.


In hot weather, ducks roost in a sheltered area at night to save their body energy for the day. That’s why they tend to move to different places and when the weather changes, they depend on their reserve fat. If you find their roosting place, make a plan when to shot at.

What Do Duck Sleep at Night

All the birds want to sleep safer place that is away from a predator or other danger. Ducks sleep on the water or a branch. However, ducks always sleep with one eye open to keep their eye on around so they prefer an open lake and the center of the flock.

Waterfowls cannot sleep at the tree because of their webbed feet. They also avoid the public highway and prefer to sleep on the water as it is the safest place for them. If any predator coming from the water, the ducks will get noticed throw the water vibration. They also love small islands and shores for resting. If you want to hunt at night, just make a plan and go.

Morning or Evening: Which Shift Kills More Duck?

Best Headlamp for Duck Hunting

If anyone wants to know the best times of day for duck hunting, the answer will always point at an hour before sunrise. Before sunrise, hunters have to set decoys, positions, and other things very quickly which is very hazardous to me. Nowadays most duck hunters prefer hunting one-half hour after sunset as they won’t have to hurry for anything and get excellent hunting opportunities. However, hunting in morning or evening both have some pros and cons such as,

Hunting at Morning


  • Ducks are mostly active before sunrise as they go for searching food. You will see them in their feeding place or near water in daylight hours.
  • If the weather is good, you can hunt all day long.
  • Their nocturnal activity changes in the weather. If you can reach the hunting spot before sunrise, you will get enough time to study their behavior.


  • The first con is that you have to wake up at 3.30 am, making your journey unenjoyable, especially if you spend busy days yesterday.
  • The sunlight can blind you sometimes during your position or aiming.
  • Most of the hunters choose the same time especially in hunting season so the place will be overcrowded and also there will be a daily bag limit

Hunting at Evening


  • You do not have to wake up hurry and set up your position. You will get an extended period of time to rest all day and arrange your things. You can shoot and make a reasonable effort. 
  • Ducks also active in the late evening so if you scout them properly, you will find their roosting place.


  • The main cons are night means low vision. Some ducks won’t move at night and keep themselves on a body of water so only when you are lucky, you can see them moving.

Where Do Ducks Go at Night

Ducks love warm water so, in summer, you can find them at wetlands, marshes, rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. They are most active at night in mild weather. Ducks also quickly change their location and rest overnight. Hunting at night means you can rest all day and also won’t have to wake up in the early morning to reach the hunting spot. 

If the area has been baited, ducks also like to go to these places. Ask your hunting partner,  landowner, or other people about these places. However, you cannot hunt ducks at night in the closed season.


If you made it this far, you have all the knowledge you need for picking out the best headlamp for duck hunting. We’ve walked you through the most popular headlights available on the market right now, and all that’s left to do is to make your final choice.

Make sure to go through our tips for finding the right headlamp for your hunting needs if you haven’t already. We’re sure that if you remember our advice, you’ll end up with nothing but the perfect headlight for your trip. 

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