Best IWB Holsters for Glock 43: Top Rated Appendix, Kydex, Hybrid, CC

So you got a sleek-looking Glock 43 in your arsenal. And now you are probably planning for an inside the waistband holster to pair up nicely with your firearm. Well, lucky for you, we prepared a selection of some of the best IWB holsters for Glock 43, which will fit perfectly with your equipment. 

It is a matter of luck that the Glock 43 is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts. Hence, you will find countless options for accessorizing your favorite firearm.

Since the choices are practically limitless, we took it upon us to make your life easier by shortlisting some of the finest products based on style, features, usability, etc. So make sure to check out the list below.

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Reviews of the 7 Best IWB Holsters for Glock 43


Best IWB Holsters for Glock 43

Before you proceed to make any swift decisions, make sure to go through each of the products because chances are, they will all surprise you in different ways. We have selected the holsters considering their uses, features, fit, comfort, and holster performance.

Check out the holster review for Glock G43:

Multi Holsters Elite IWB FOMI – Best Holster Overall

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Starting, we have this sleek-looking IWB holster by the makers’ Multi Holsters. This stylish accessory comes built with the top-quality Accu-pressured process of Kydex IWB. For more practical usage, this holster will provide you with an easy-to-use functionality while keeping a certain comfort as you carry your Glock pistol.

Feel free to adjust the holster as you work on the screws until you get the desired outcome depending on your preference. Each time you tuck away your gun, the good Glock holster makes a satisfying click sound which is a nice touch to the accessory.

If you have a 1.5-inch belt, these Kydex holsters will fit right in without any hassle. The FOMI belt slide clip will ensure that the item stays well secured onto your belt. You will also enjoy the reverse tab allowing you for effortless gun removal whenever necessary.

Whether you want to keep the cant at a straight draw or a 15-degree angle, feel free to adjust based on your likings. This quality holster is truly one of the best IWB holsters for Glock 43 that you can choose to buy.


  • Black Calcutta color provides a professional look
  • Hardbody Kydex material like molded leather 
  • Adjustable cant with standard belt clip
  • Comfortable for concealed carriers
  • Great for everyday carry 
  • Robust build quality
  • Perfect for conceal carry


  • Supports right hand only
  • Does not support other firearm models

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Tulster IWB Profile – Best Glock 43 Appendix Holster

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Here we have another top-of-the-line iwb concealment holster available in the market. This right-handed beauty will provide you with an amazing experience with minimum drag until you reach the point of retention.

This holster’s zero to 30 degree adjustable cant will enable you to fit your gun in any way that pleases you. Its 1.5-inch quick clip will make the entire process of taking out and putting away your gun as simple as you can imagine. Thanks to the oblong forward hole for making life much easier. 

Each time you fully holster your Glock, the noticeable clicking sound you will get will be like music to your ears. You will also get positive retention with the great holster point, which is entirely adjustable according to your needs.

Also, the active retention system makes sure you get a clicking noise when you holster the gun completely, even under a loose shirt. It accommodates threaded barrels to keep the gun secured, more secure than most holsters. 

With the undercut trigger guard design, you will be able to put on a full grip over your Glock before pulling it out of your pocket or reloading. These holsters are great for appendix carry. The full sweat shield provides a nice touch in repelling the sweats off your arms while providing an extra comfort layer.

If you are looking for a compact and adaptable solution, this one is the right holster for your need. 


  • 30-degree adjustable cant
  • Adaptable retention design with belt clip
  • Perfectly concealable carry angle
  • Great for appendix carry and everyday carry
  • Comfortable and secure holster fits
  • Effortless on and off 
  • Smooth draw with the open end


  • No safety mechanism
  • Tension adjustment can be slightly tricky

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Vedder LightTuck – Best IWB Kydex Holster 

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Here we have another top IWB Kydex holster for Glock 43 by the makers of Vedder Holsters. This one comes with a broad spectrum of options for making adjustments, whether it’s the ride height, retention, or the cant angle. The confidence and comfort you will get with this Glock 43 holster can only be matched by a few.

Keeping in mind the structure and design of your specific firearm, this one provides a perfect fit for you without any unnecessary bulkiness. Usage of Kydex for the build provides a significant rigidity and longevity to this unit. 

Its superior concealment design will practically keep your weapon hidden under your clothes. The superior clip will keep it attached to your belt without any risk of coming off.

You also get a sweat shield that will allow you to keep this Kydex holster clean off from stain formation and prevent loose grip. The semi-closed quality holster end also makes sure to fasten your weapon and provide effortless pulling out of putting off your Glock.


  • Precise design for each gun model
  • Practically invisible appearance
  • Durable construction with being lightweight 
  • Adjustable cant angle
  • Fit with a specifically designed lightweight weapon 
  • No extra bulk


  • Semi-closed holster end
  • May not perfectly stick to all best types

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Badger IWB Glock 43 – Concealed Carry Holster for Glock 43

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Badger concealment manufactures outstanding right IWB holster for Glock 43 with TLR 6. You can attach this item to any belt with sizes up to 1.75 inches in width.

This one comes with a 0.6 Kydex build material that is sturdy and extremely flexible to use. You can seamlessly adjust its retention for either a tight or loose grip depending on your preference. 

The easy on and off clip inside the waistband perfectly adapts to your own specific needs. For protecting your firearm, you get a full-length sweat guard along with the functionality to easily take out or put off your gun with minimal struggle.

If you are looking for a lightweight holster for your Glock, this USA-made holster will be a perfect fit for you. Its hand-crafted design makes sure that you can easily meet each of your needs every time you plan to carry your Glock along with you.


  • Comes with tools to adjust retention
  • Lightweight for effortless carrying
  • Can keep the pistol with this holster attached in the gun safe 
  • Supports Glock with laser attachments
  • Extremely durable and comfortable
  • Superior Kydex build 


  • No adjustment to ride height
  • No support for left-hand use

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Fobus Tactical Right Hand – Best Glock 43 Holster

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This extremely lightweight tuckable IWB holster comes from the manufacturer Fobus. This one is one of the best Glock 43 holsters you can get your hands on with a superior polymer build. 

If you are a righty, you surely are in luck as this unit’s design comes specifically for right-handed users. However, there are options for left-handed users in the market as well. Feel free to adjust its retention with the screw that comes with each purchase. 

This holster’s easy on and off feature, along with the tight grasp, makes the unit a certain appealing choice for many weapons enthusiasts. The riveted paddle that comes with it provides a stable fit each time you strap on your firearm. However, you may not be able to fit it with belts.

You may require to perform straight draws if you want to smoothen the process. For effortlessly taking out your gun every time, you may require getting used to drawing this holster.


  • Top-quality polymer build
  • Options for passive retention
  • Adjusting screw comes included
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Flawless and stable fitting


  • Tension slightly on the tighter side
  • Does not come with a belt attachment

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Blade-Tech Klipt Holster – Glock 43X slim Holster

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If you are looking for an everyday Glock 43 concealed carry holster, this particular unit by blade tech will be an outstanding choice for you. This belt comes with an adjustable retention strap and some great holster features. You can easily attach this one with any belt of your choosing as long as they are within 1.5 inches of width.

The materials come with precision molding polymer for heat resistance and perfect fit with superior rigidity. You also get a positive trigger lock guard for a safe and secure hold.

Furthermore, the sweat guard that comes along with it is a full length which helps rid of unpleasant sweaty grips during each draw. Its built-in audible retention lock system will also provide a solid grasp of your firearm without the need for any extra adjustments.

You get to enjoy all the useful features of this top-rated IWB holster without any drawbacks such as added bulkiness on it. This one’s slim form factor will make it an effortless appendix carrying capability that will make your life a lot easier. 

You can also choose to make slight adjustments if you want to attach a red dot along with your Glock.


  • Effortless on and off clip design
  • Prevents sweat build-up
  • Compatible with RMR installation
  • Perfect positioning for concealment
  • Helps completely conceal
  • Great grip with sweat guard
  • Precise build for a perfect and tight fit


  • Thin clips may shift your holster’s position
  • The design may be uncomfortable at times

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We The People Holsters – Best CCW holster for Glock 43

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This particular Glock 43 43x holster consists of a superior build material with full-fledged functionality and ease of usage. No matter which draw style and position you prefer, this holster will perfectly assist you in every way possible. 

You can seamlessly adjust this G 43 holster at any height or angle based on your own needs. Simply unscrew the clip of this unit, make changes based on your liking, and then set it up for use. Whether you want to keep a canted position or point it up or down, you have full flexibility to do any of that.

This holster has a thick, yet cozy Kydex build design for your firearm’s safe and secure strap. Unlike the premium grade leather counterparts, this particular unit is perfectly waterproof and cleanable. 

We, the hybrid holster, make sure that you can enjoy wearing this in a versatile manner. Be it inside the waistband along with a belt or to fashion in with untucked wear, you can keep your weapon entirely concealed whenever you please.


  • Usable under any weather conditions
  • The leather holster has a waterproof design 
  • Completely washable 
  • Versatility in carrying a concealed firearm
  • Perfect fitting for your firearm


  • Needs proper fittings before usage
  • Retention is slightly on the loose end

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Buying Guide for Best IWB Holsters for Glock 43

Buying Guide for Best IWB Holsters for Glock 43

Make sure to check these facts out before investing in an IWB holster for your firearm:

Materials of an IWB Holster 

You can choose to buy Glock holsters consisting of various selections of build materials. You will find them in synthetic, polymer, and Kydex starting from leather products. If you are looking for a catchy eye appeal with a solid adjustable retention system of the gun, then a good leather holster will be a great choice for you. 

For a solid hold, you can always opt-out for a Kydex build holster for your Glock 43. A great advantage for this particular material is that you can clean them easily and use them under most weather conditions.

The angle of the Right Holster 

The angle of any IWB, open carry, Appendix carry, ankle carry, or OWB holsters at which you will carry your gun will determine how effortlessly you can take out your Glock and how easily you can put an IWB holster, paddle holster, ankle holster, shoulder holster, belt holster, pocket holster, molded holster, magazine holster or Owb holster off. You can choose to position your holster near your appendix for a vertical position.

However, if you prefer attaching your weapon near your waist, it is best to position the holster within a 10 to 20-degree angle based on whatever is easier for you.

Position of the Concealed Carry Holsters

It is not necessary to always place a Glock in any particular area of your body. You can attach your weapon near your waist, on your back, around your ankle, belt with the belt loops or clip, or even in your pocket. Each position comes with certain benefits and drawbacks. Your body structure also comes to play while positioning your weapon of choice. 

Placing your arms near your appendix is usually the way to go due to the ease of access. Feel free to experiment and find out the most optimum location of your choosing. Just make sure you can comfortably carry your firearm and draw whenever the time comes.

Weight of Your Arms

A Glock 43 can be a pretty weighty item to carry around. Hence, you need to make sure the holster you plan to acquire can effortlessly support your gun without any hassle whatsoever. You will also find varied sizes and shape for Glock 43.

Unlike some larger models like Alien gear holster, you can easily strap it over most body parts for smaller units without any issues or discomfort. So make sure you are comfortable with the gun you plan to carry around and then match a holster to it that will not hinder your movement after a prolonged duration.

Features of GLock 43 Holsters

Features of GLock 43 Holsters

Ensure the holster you choose supports all the features present within your gun. Also, the holster needs to provide you with each accessibility that you may want or need. Hence, focus on some of the most crucial facts before purchasing.

Always opt for a holster with an entirely covered trigger. This option will promote safety. Check whether the retention device is sturdy enough to prevent accidental pressure on the trigger. There are a few things to look at, and you need to check the adjustable retention pressure, adjustable retention screw, and passive retention quality of the holster.

Also, keep an eye on whether the holster always stays fastened to its position at all times.

Is the Glock 43 a Good Concealed Carry Gun?

The previous model of Glock came with a double stack design making the entire thing bulk up. So keeping it concealed at all times proved to be somewhat of a hassle. However, the bulkiness went down significantly with the adaptation to a single stack design and an entirely redesigned body and slide.

The wide selection of new weapons available in the market puts a certain competition for the Glock 43. However, when it comes to concealment factor, its versatility and ease of use, along with the newly revamped model, has fired up the fanboys to choose this amidst all other options easily.

What Is the Most Comfortable IWB Holster?

Not everyone may prefer comfort to be the most crucial factor while choosing the right IWB holster. With an assortment of functionality, singling out a particular unit can be quite a bit of a challenge, not to mention the plethora of debates surrounding them.

However, if you want to combine various functionality paired with comfort, the Focus Tactical Glock will be a great choice. Apart from its polymer build and lightweight design, this particular unit is undoubtedly a great choice. 

Then again, the Tulster also provides a solid comfort and great adjustable passive retention, active retention, and adjustable cant based upon the user’s demands.

What Holster Does Glock Recommend?

What Holster Does Glock Recommend?

Since most users of Glock may prefer a certain degree of carrying comfort along with concealment factor, the holster by We The People can be an outstanding choice for your regular usage. Not only does it provide you the ease of usage, but its versatility is undoubtedly one of a kind, no doubt.

This one will provide you with sufficient safety features along with a snug fit and custom fit, which will help you draw your arms at will. Also, keeping in mind the build quality and pricing compared to other closely related ones, this unit can surely take the trophy home.

Final Words

Amidst a wide selection of holsters in the market, these surely stand out when comparing features, functionality, support, usage, and many others. You can also look at some other available products in the market, but you will surely end up coming back to one of these units. 

We hope that this list provides you with the information to decide on the best IWB holster for Glock 43 choices. So make sure you choose wisely.

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