Best Laser for Glock 19 | Reviews of Gen 2, 4, 5, Green/Red Light Combo

When it comes to firearms, accuracy is a vast and vital factor to keep in mind. Not being able to shoot your target precisely might make you face a serious and dangerous situation. That is why getting a suitable laser for your Glock is very important, as a slight lacking might be the end of something unexpected.

Although there are plenty of options in the market, it can still be very challenging to find the best. That is why we have gone through various products and researched to come up with a list of the best laser for Glock 19 to make your purchasing decision easier.

Crimson Trace LG-436 Laserguard Red...
Crimson Trace Lasergrip for...
New HiLight Tactical P3BGL TAN-700 Lumen...
TRUGLO Micro-TAC Handgun Micro Laser...
Crimson Trace LG-436 Laserguard Red...
Crimson Trace Lasergrip for...
New HiLight Tactical P3BGL TAN-700 Lumen...
TRUGLO Micro-TAC Handgun Micro Laser...
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Amazon Prime
Crimson Trace LG-436 Laserguard Red...
Crimson Trace LG-436 Laserguard Red...
Crimson Trace Lasergrip for...
Crimson Trace Lasergrip for...
Amazon Prime
New HiLight Tactical P3BGL TAN-700 Lumen...
New HiLight Tactical P3BGL TAN-700 Lumen...
Amazon Prime
TRUGLO Micro-TAC Handgun Micro Laser...
TRUGLO Micro-TAC Handgun Micro Laser...

Reviews of the Top 7 Best Laser for Glock 19


Best Laser for Glock 19

If you are tired of searching and still can’t choose which laser to get for your Glock, consider all your worries to be gone as we present you with the list of the best ones out there that are specially handpicked for you.

Check the review section according to your Glock 19 model (Gen 5, Gen 4, Gen 3, 2) and the preferred color of the laser.

1. Crimson Trace LG-436 Laserguard Red Laser Sight

Are you searching for a laser for your concealed carry weapon that has a long battery life? If so, what you have been searching for is the first one on our list. The crimson trace laser for Glock 19 has a running time of 4 hours of battery life. The battery is powered by a 1/3N battery which is included along with the laser.

This laser fits a wide range of Glock and pistols as well. You will be able to use it with ease without having to go through any hassle. Once held with a regular firing grip, the automatic activation button helps the Glock laser engage immediately.

As a result, this feature makes this laser unique and distinctive from the others. Furthermore, the user can adjust the windage and the elevation using the tools provided.  

Moreover, it comes with a 620-670 nm and visible class 3R red laser, which allows a bright beam. So why wait? Without any further ado, add this to your shopping cart already!


  • It fits a wide range of Glock pistols
  • Easy to use
  • User-adjustable
  • Tools are provided for elevation
  • Long battery life 


  • The activation button is a little higher

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2. Crimson Trace LG-639 and 639G Lasergrips with Red Laser

Sometimes dealing with guns and using a laser can be difficult for users with big hands. Often, larger hands tend to block the laser when the weapon is held with the grip-up position or when the finger is placed at the trigger.

However, consider that problem to be solved as this one is the best laser for Glock 19, which is compatible with users with a big hand, as the trigger finger doesn’t block the laser. This laser will ensure the brightest beam as it features a red laser of 620-750 nm and a 5mW peak.

These crimson trace laser grips might be hard to install the laser onto your weapon sometimes; however, using this product, you don’t have to face issues like that as it is straightforward to install. This one also features a good laser grip; hence, you will aim and shoot with better accuracy. The manufacturer has covered this area well.  

Not only is this laser reliable, but it can also be adjusted according to the user’s preference. Furthermore, it also comes with a rear activation feature, which turns the laser on and off depending on the user’s regular finger grip. So why wait? Get the best grip laser for Glock 19 and other brands if you haven’t already!


  • Easy to install with special tools 
  • The laser comes with bright light
  • Good crimson trace laser grips
  • Users with big hands can also use with ease
  • Reliable for Glock and Sig Sauer


  • Can add a bit bulk to the gun

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3. HiLight P3BGL Blue Laser Sight Green Laser Sight Flashlight for Pistols

The third product on our list is one of the best flashlights and lasers for Glock 19, widely popular due to the combination of gun lights it features. You will be able to work with both blue and green light with high precision. The duo lasers are a great alternative to one another and can be used as a backup if one fails.

You can also use the flashlight, green and blue laser independently, or any preferred combination of your choice. Furthermore, you will be able to use LED weapon lights that are very bright, and it also includes outputs such as steady on and strobe modes. 

With the help of a hold light switch, pressing it for 1 second will allow you to switch from steady on to strobe mode and vice versa. The strobe mode allows you to use the 500-lumen output from 50 to 55 minutes continuously. This green laser sight combo also features a rechargeable battery too. 

You do not have to go through the worries of getting your batteries charged, as the green laser combo already comes in with a built-in battery that can be charged with a USB plug port. Lastly, it is also one of the best blue lasers for Glock 19, which isvery lightweight; hence, you will work with ease using the product.


  • Provides bright LED light
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery
  • High precision
  • Durable with aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Has a strobe function mode for higher light 
  • Combination of gun lights
  • Lightweight
  • Allows different modes


  • It might not be budget-friendly

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4. TRUGLO Micro-TAC Handgun Micro Laser Sight

If you are searching for the best light and laser for Glock 19 that is not heavy, consider your search to be over. It is because the fourth product on our list weighs less than an ounce. This model consists of aircraft-grade, which makes it very lightweight. Being one of the leading manufacturer brands, this Truglo model comes front with astonishing capability in the price range. 

The product comes with an easy activation button that is easy to use for both left-hand users and right-handed people. What makes it unique is that the laser sight automatically shuts down by itself after 5 minutes. As a result, it saves a lot more power and tends to be a high-efficiency laser for a single target.

The item is also equipped with elevation set screws and windage to adjust according to your needs.  It can operate at temperatures from -10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius and is an excellent superconductor green laser.

It also has a power output of more than 1 MW and a 500-540 nm wavelength. Make sure to add this to your shopping cart as soon as you can, or else it will be a great miss!


Easy activation

Excellent laser with high efficiency

Not heavy for subcompact pistols

Easy windage and elevation adjustments

Automatic shut down after 5 minutes

Saves power


  • Expensive 

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5. Streamlight 69245 TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light 

The fifth product on our list is one of the best Glock tactical light with laser in the market, which is very popular as it is excellent to work on long-range targets. 

If you are a user looking for the laser light to aim at faraway targets, you should consider looking into this Streamlight tlr model.

This laser light combo is compatible with a broad range of firearms and can fit securely. Moreover, a key kit also comes along with the item for you to use for any further adjustment if you require or want to make it.

You will be able to experience superior visibility as this features LED c4 technology. Using the steady led illumination on and off switch, you can easily use the laser or light and have complete control over it.

Furthermore, this great gun laser combo is a laser sight with a compact design and is not heavy either thus, working with it is very comfortable for self-defense. It also features 640-660 nm wavelength lasers along with a 3R class laser product. So, without any further ado, purchase it before the stock runs out!


  • It fits a broad range of firearms
  • High visibility in the dark 
  • Spot on laser for accuracy 
  • Integrated Green Laser and Wide Operating Range
  • Streamlight tlr is easy to set on Glock rail
  • Comes with laser and led illumination switching 
  • Good for long-range targets
  • On and off switch is steady
  • Key kit provided


  • Streamlight tlr is not cost-friendly

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6. LaserMax Spartan Adjustable Rail Mounted Laser (Red) SPS-R

Battery power can be a major concern for all laser sight users. Often we need to change batteries frequently when power is too high. As a result, users need to go through the hassle of changing it and spend money on new batteries.

However, with the lasermax guide rod laser for Glock 19, it is no more a problem. That is because; this guide rod laser comes with an automatic turning off the system. The powerful laser module tends to shut itself down every 10 minutes. As a result, the battery power tends to be preserved and prevents wastage of power.

You will be able to get a perfect fit due to its advanced mounting technology. Moreover, the attachment of the weapon light is permitted as it has a patented accessory rail. According to your preference, you will be able to set a steady or pulse aiming with an iron sights point for home defense.

This Lasermax guide rod laser is also equipped with touchpads that are oversized and electronic. As a result, it ensures an effortless activation. It has a power output of over 5mW. This laser will be a great miss if you don’t get it anytime soon.


Adjustable aiming point

Automatic turn off system after 10 minutes

Effortless activation for target acquisition

Can be attached on Picatinny rail

Preserves battery power

Perfect fit for Glock handguns


  • Might need re-adjustment from time to time

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7. ArmaLaser Designed for G17 19 22 23 24 31 32 34 35 37 38 44 45 TR22G

The last item on our list is the best laser for Glock 19 gen 5. It gives off extremely bright light and is great to work outdoors as well as at longer ranges. This product gives off 520nm bight green laser light that is very visible and great to work within low-light conditions. 

One of the most remarkable features that this perfect laser sight offers is its human touch technology. You won’t need any mechanical switch or push buttons to turn this laser on or off. So it will let you lock the target faster with quickly switch uses. 

Using the human touch technology, it can automatically turn itself on and off with the help of grip activation. 

The mounting of the item is rock solid and will be at your service for a long time. Furthermore, it also comes with an adjustable battery door and allows this type of laser to be adjusted according to the user’s choice. It is a custom made laser for firearms including G17,19,22,23,24,31,32,32,35,37,38,44, and 45.


  • Extremely bright light
  • Grip activation
  • Better laser visibility for low light situations
  • Mounting is rock solid
  • Easy to charge battery door
  • Adjustable battery door
  • Uses human touch technology to function


  • It might not be within budget
  • No low battery indicator

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Buying Guide for the Best Laser for Glock 19

Buying Guide for the Best Laser for Glock 19

Before purchasing a laser, you need to keep a few essential factors in mind to buy one that will be worth your money. There are a few points that you should consider, which are mentioned below.

Range of the Laser 

At first, you should have your answer ready to what range you are going to work with. Before you purchase the laser, you should be well aware of the laser range you will need as a different laser is used for various distances.

If you are going to work with smaller distances and lower ranges, you should go for red lasers. In contrast, if you work with longer distances, consider purchasing the green laser color device.

Visibility of the Laser Sights

The laser visibility of this laser aim device is also an essential factor to consider. The visibility of your laser depends on the color beam. If you want higher visibility, then you should go for the green lasers. In contrast, red lasers tend to offer less visibility compared to green ones.

Besides that, visibility also depends on the manufacturing of the product. High-end lasers tend to give off higher visibility compared to the others. They seem to have powerful parts that give off better visibility. 

Weight of the Firearm Laser 

The weight of your light laser combo sight also determines how comfortably you will be able to use your weapon and to what extent it will be easier to carry. Choosing a precise laser that is light in weight would be a better decision to make, as it won’t hold down your weapon, and you will be able to work with it better. 

Also, if your laser emitter is bulky, you might have difficulty concealed carrying it or fitting it in your holster. Furthermore, it might also be hard to draw in and out of your pocket if used on a pocket carry. So make sure to keep that in mind as well.

Battery Life

The battery life of your laser sight is also another key point that you should keep in mind. While some might last 4-5 hours, some short battery life might last for less than an hour. In addition, there are lasers in the market that come with rechargeable batteries like some models of Trigger Guard and  Streamlight tlr 4 Glock lasers.  

Nowadays, many manufacturers and brands are making proper laser sight with good batteries. 

Getting those would be a great option as you don’t have to worry about getting your batteries changed now and then when it runs out after use. You can charge the built-in rechargeable battery using a USB port anywhere. 

It might also help you save up some extra cash that you would have used to get new batteries. You can get either a rechargeable battery or a changeable battery according to your preference and requirement.

Switch vs. Automatic (Controls)

There are lasers in the market that can be controlled using a switch. Using the button, you can turn the laser emitter on or off accordingly. However, they’re also ones that automatically turns on when it is held at a grip-up position. Furthermore, some lasers shut themselves off after a particular time which saves up power.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Can you put a laser sight on a Glock?

Can you put a laser sight on a Glock?

Laser sights have been popularized for a long time and have been in use for decades. It helps to improve users with their accuracy. Besides, they are also fun to work with. 

With the advancement in technology, better and effective lasers can be found in the market these days that are much more compact and sleeker compared to the old times.

It can be set on Glock to aim at various ranges and distances. Putting the laser on your Glock, you will be able to aim better at targets that you can’t see clearly, especially when it’s dark.

b) What is a better red or green laser for a pistol?

Even though the use of Laser sights for weapons was considered a gimmick once, the perspective towards it has changed broadly with time. There is no doubt that lasers help to aim better and is of great use in conditions of low light output.

You also get to choose between red and green laser sights according to your preference. Even though red light has a great wavelength of about 620-750 nm, green light is better recognized by the human eye.  

If you want a cheaper option with longer battery energy life, you should go for the red laser for your Glock model. However, if you think you can afford a more expensive one and want higher visibility, you should go for the green laser.

c) Can Glock 19 gen 5 have a laser?

With the advancements in the weapon market in recent times, it is easier to deal with firearms of all sorts. Various laser sights have been introduced in the market for different Glock, pistols, and guns. Ranges of laser sights can be found to perfectly fit and function adequately for the specific weapon in different tactical situations.

There are laser sights that are found in the market for glock19 gen5. You can easily install them on your Glock and use them both indoors and outdoors for better and accurate aiming. You can choose according to your budget and requirements from all those that are available in the market.

d) Are handgun lasers worth it?

Handgun lasers have been introduced to improve the ability of shooters to shoot with more accuracy under various lighting and difficult situations. Lasers help to shoot from multiple positions. Moreover, you don’t need to align your eye at a moderate range to shoot.

Lasers before used to be heavier and bulkier, which would require custom-made special holsters with Glock 19. However, lasers today come with a much more compact design, are light weighted, and have streamlined holsters managed by various companies. They also have longer battery life too which is so worth it!

Green Laser vs. Red Laser: Differences

Green Laser vs. Red Laser: Differences

A green laser light tends to have a 495 to 570 nm wavelength, whereas a red laser sight has a slightly higher wavelength of 620 to 750 nm. Besides the significant color difference, these two lasers have other dissimilarities as well.


A red laser is relatively easier to manufacture. This is because it only needs an optic, a diode, and electronics essential for the building. In contrast, building a green laser is much more difficult and complex. 

A green laser needs an 8o8 special diode, an infrared second laser crystal, and a crystal for frequency doubling. All these elements need to be aligned carefully to come up with the image of the green laser.

As a result, green lasers are much more expensive and cost more than red lasers. If price is considered, then the red laser is much more affordable than the green laser.


The color green sits in the middle of the spectrum, whereas red falls on one end of the visible light output spectrum. This means that green is easier for the human eye to detect using a tactical light for home defense and self-defense situations.

Since the color green is easier to see, it is more likely to be visible at longer distances than red. While green has an impressive laser range beyond 60 feet visibility, red is better used when the distance ranges from 20-30 feet or below 60 feet.

Green lasers have more visibility in conditions with bright Glock light and outdoor places. It has a better viewing and visibility range than red lasers; hence might be preferred sometimes over the red ones.

Battery life

Even though green lasers are more powerful and have better visibility, they also come with battery life. The battery tends to die faster, and the visibility of the laser also tends to decrease along with less battery conservation.

In contrast, the red lasers have a longer battery life than the green ones as it has lower power. It is a better option for users who don’t want to change the batteries often and save some money.

Last Thought

The use of Lasers for guns has been looked down upon for an extended period, but with time people started to realize how beneficial and effective it is. It can be credited to the advancements that came with time, which made the lasers efficient compared to the ones from the past.

We hope this article has helped you with all the necessary information to get the best laser for Glock 19.  Make sure to keep the key factors in mind before buying so that you can end up with the perfect laser for your firearm.

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