Best Pocket Holster for Sig P365: Reviews of IWB, Comfortable Holsters

Being a weapon enthusiast myself, I know how important it is to get the right holster for a weapon. Although there are plenty of options, you will find today, finding one that ensures the perfect fitting along with a smooth draw feature that will give you concealed carry is pretty challenging to find.

However, consider all your worries to be gone as we have done in-depth research and gone through various products to find you the best pocket holster for sig p365. We have hand-picked the bests in the market so that you can get a safer carrying experience. 

ComfortTac The Protector Premium Pocket...
Vedder Holsters Pocket Locker Kydex...
DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster for...
ComfortTac The Protector Premium Pocket...
Vedder Holsters Pocket Locker Kydex...
DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster for...
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Amazon Prime
ComfortTac The Protector Premium Pocket...
ComfortTac The Protector Premium Pocket...
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Vedder Holsters Pocket Locker Kydex...
Vedder Holsters Pocket Locker Kydex...
DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster for...
DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster for...
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Reviews of the Top 7 Best Pocket Holster for Sig P365


Best Pocket Holster for Sig P365

Consider all your worries to be gone as we present you with the list of p365 pocket holster reviews, which will make your purchasing decision easier.

With our research and findings, we have come to a list of top 7 best pocket holsters for sig sauer guns. Here are the reviews to help you select what’s best for your gun.

1. ComfortTac The Protector Pocket Holster for Concealed Carry –Overall Best

If you are looking for an excellent holster for 380 auto pistols, you have come across the perfect product. It is an item that is compatible with most 380 auto pistols, including Sig P238, Glock 42, S&W Bodyguard, and Ruger LCP.

This holster is manufactured with high-quality materials for the outside and the inside as well. The exterior is designed to stick in the pocket, while the interior is built with a slick feature. As a result, you will be able to draw the gun out quickly and smoothly.

It can get difficult to carry a firearm, and obviously, the hassle is more during summer. Using these concealed carry holsters, you will also get a concealed and comfortable carry that will keep your gun protected at all times.

Furthermore, it doesn’t come with thick padding, making it hard to stick in the pocket. Hence you will be able to carry it with ease. So why wait? Add the best inside pocket holster for sig p365 to your shopping cart before it gets too late.


  • These P holsters come in a high quality
  • Comfortable concealed carry
  • Great for 380 auto pistols
  • Smooth drawing
  • It doesn’t have extra thick padding


  • Not the best option for Glock 43

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2. Vedder Holsters Kydex Pocket Holster – Ruger LCP

The next item on our list is the best P365 pocket holster Kydex, which is popular in the market due to its sweat-resistant property. Often, we might sweat, which easily transfers to our clothes. 

Especially in summer, we might experience that, but the last thing we want is our holster and gun to be covered in sweat as it might come in the way of a proper grip.

However, with this Kydex holster, you don’t have to face such a problem. It is also 100% guard for your trigger, and you can be worry-free about stocking it in your pocket. Molded from a single sheet of Kydex, this one will give you an easy draw since it is loose enough. 

These real pocket holsters are made so that they will ensure that all the front sights are cleared. Furthermore, it is durable; hence the item will be at your service for a long time. Get one for your firearms safety before it gets stock out because of its high demand in the market!


  • The trigger guard is flexible
  • Kydex holster models are Durable
  • Easy draw real pocket holster
  • Sweat-resistant

Front sights clearance insured


  • It cannot be used for SIG P238 with under-barrel attachment

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3. RRAGES Desantis Nemesis – Most Comfortable Sig p365 Holster

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Are you searching for the best pocket holster for Sig Sauer? If so, then what you have been looking for is this product third on our list. Consider your search as this one comes with great features that will help you carry your firearm with ease.

What makes this Desantis nemesis pocket holster one of the most comfortable for Sig p365? 

Holsters might get bulky if they have too much padding, and as a result, they might not fit in your pocket. It might also ruin the whole point of concealed carry as well. However, you don’t have to experience this problem as this holster comprises the right amount of core foam. 

It will also ensure to break the outline of your gun and provide a safer carry. This Desantis nemesis pocket holster is made of a slick pack cloth; the gun will rest with ease and quickly be drawn in and out as it draws low friction. 

Furthermore, if you have been looking for one within a price range, this is the perfect option for you as it is a budget-friendly product. Make sure to check into the DeSantis pocket holster for sig p365, or else it will be a great miss!


  • Made up of slick cloth pack
  • Desantis nemesis pocket holster draws low friction
  • The right amount of core foam
  • Breaks outline of the gun
  • Budget-friendly 


  • It won’t fit if laser attached to the gun

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4. Gunhide, Nemesis Pocket Holster – Durable p365 Pocket Holster Review

The fourth item on our list is a great sig Sauer nemesis pocket holster – p365 perfect for a pocket-size gun. Finding the right-sized holster can be daunting but consider your search to be over as this will serve you proper while stocking it in your pocket without any hassle.

These sig Sauer p holsters will provide you with good protection as it safely covers the trigger as well. You won’t have to worry about any slight movement that could trigger the gun anymore. Furthermore, it also fits like a glove and doesn’t give it a bulky feel or outlook. 

Upon using this, you don’t have to reposition your gun every now on then once you put it in your pocket. It will ideally stay inside your pocket with good stability, a durable holster that will last for a very long time.

This one is a great steal when it comes to a functional and durable holster. It is highly appreciated by firearm users and is highly in demand for its great features. Before it runs out of stock, make sure to purchase one so that you don’t have to regret it later.


  • It fits like a glove
  • Provides good protection
  • Pocket size
  • Durable
  • Repositioning is not required once put in the pocket


  • It doesn’t provide a smoother draw

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5. Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Nylon OT Inside-The-Pocket Holster

One of the greatest fears of carrying a gun would be its chances of slipping out of the pocket. However, that wouldn’t be a problem anymore as uncle mike’s pocket holster for sig p365 comes with an anti-slip property that will keep your firearm stocked in your pocket safely.

Once put in the pocket, the gun print won’t be visible as it is lessened by lamination. It also helps to cushion up your leg and block sweat. Moreover, its grip-up positioning helps avoid any movement of the lever that otherwise would cause serious issues.

Your gun will stay in a grip-up position helps to keep your firearm to remain still and stationary while being stocked. It also helps to draw the weapon out quickly and smoothly.

Furthermore, it stays protected from any form of debris or lint that might remain in the pocket. As a whole, this will provide you with excellent protection for both your gun and your clothing.


  • Non-slip
  • Gun print lessened by lamination
  • Grip-up positioning 
  • Faster gun removal option
  • Prevents movement of levers
  • Clean draw


  • Lacks fabric hook

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6. BORAII Eagle Pocket Holster – Wallet Size Holster for Sig P365

Have you been searching for a low-cost holster? Are you on a budget but in need of a good holster? If so, then you have come across the right product. The Boraii pocket holster for sig P365 has been specially included in our list as it comes with great features within a reasonable price range that is very affordable.

It is an item that comes with an innovative design of its own which is very impressive. What makes it unique and a reliable holster different from the rest is that you unload or load your weapon while your gun is holstered, and it also helps to diminish any negligent discharge while loading.

You can conceal and carry your firearm as the holster helps to mimic the wallet shape when you stock it in the pocket. It will also hold your weapon in an upright position all the time. Furthermore, this holster will also ensure to keep your trigger protected at all times. 


  • The shape of the wallet mimicked
  • Holds gun in an upright position
  • Cost-friendly for a budget gun owner
  • Can utilize the quick draw as OWB holsters 
  • It fits tightly on the gun
  • Protects the trigger


  • Little effort needed to pull out the gun
  • Not any adjustable retention

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7. STICKY HOLSTERS SM2 – Best Sig P365 Iwb Holster 

Be it the pocket or your waistband, the final product on our list is perfect for both ways to carry your weapon. This product comes with broad compatibility, and it is designed so that it allows fitting barrel till 2.5″.

It is the best Sig P365 IWB Holster that comes with a “sticky” exterior along with a closed foam cell on the inside to help your weapon to stay in place. Despite the slicker material inside, the retention system is excellent, giving you an open carry feeling. 

Your pistol will remain securely in its place without any worry due to this Sticky holster’s exterior and interior build.

Furthermore, they don’t require loops or clips to secure them in place, which is a great advantage compared to the others available in the market. Often, once put in the holstered and securely kept in the pocket, it might feel heavy to carry the firearm.

However, using this excellent holster, you won’t be facing such issues as it is very lightweight and will give you a comfortable feel while carrying in any carry style. Please do not wait and add this to your cart before it runs out of stock!


  • Best for pockets and waistbands
  • Holds pistols securely in place
  • It doesn’t rely on loops or clips
  • Excellent compatibility for gun owners
  • Lightweight with secure retention


  • It might not be budget-friendly for all

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How to Choose the Best Pocket Holster for Sig P365: Buying Guide

Purchasing a pocket holster is not very difficult, but it is also vital to keep a few key factors in mind before buying to make the right purchase. To ensure you get an item worth your money, consider looking further into the key points mentioned below. 

How to Choose the Best Pocket Holster for Sig P365

Rear Or Front-Pocket Holster (Carry Position)

Before proceeding to buy a holster, you should understand what type of holster you will need and that depends on the type of handgun you own.  If your gun is small and requires quick access, then you should go for front pocket holsters. 

In contrast, if your gun is more extensive, you should buy a rear pocket holster as it will give you more excellent concealment. Even though this type might be harder to get quick access to sometimes, it will ensure to conceal your big pistol easily.

Material of the Pocket Holsters 

One of the essential characteristics to look into is the material used to make the pocket holster. This is because the quality vastly depends on the type of material used for construction. Holsters are mostly made up of polymer, leather nylon, and Kydex, which are polymers. These material will keep sig sauer laser and other items intact without any harm.

If you are looking for cheaper options, then ones made up of polymer or nylon holster options are good options as they are budget-friendly and tend to be the bulkiest. You might want to get the Kydex holsters due to their price, but those tend to break as it starts to become brittle with time. 

Advantages of Sig p365 Holster Leather

However, the advantage is that you can replace it with ease and suitable for its price range. On the other hand, we have leather ones that are great to carry and comfortable and can be adjusted with the belt clip. If you want to get a good quality one, you need to choose a holster like Defender Leather IWB Holster made up of high-quality leather.

As a result, it might cost you much higher in contrast to the other ones. Leather holsters also take time to adjust with the shape of the gun, which can be a drawback, but it will ensure you with a great life span and provide excellent service for daily use. 

Gun Retention

Having your firearm retained is one of the most crucial factors; thus, getting a holster that will ensure so is necessary. Getting one that will cover the trigger will help avoid the exposure of the trigger. Tensioning screws are used mainly by ones that are made up of polymer.

However, it might not be the safest as the screws might lose their grip. On the other hand, the leather holster is a better option as it contains a thumb strap that wraps across the back of the gun’s grip and ensures the gun stays put in its place. To free the weapon, you would have to unbutton the holster.

It is better to avoid holsters that have the ends of the guns exposed, as it increases the chances of your gun being un-holstered when bumped into. Ones that take into account the full coverage of the gun come with safer retention. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Pocket Holster for Sig P365

Frequently Asked Questions On Pocket Holster for Sig P365

We have seen many of the questions on these pocket holsters online, and also tried to find the best suited answers. Here are them:

What is pocket carry?

A pocket carry refers to being able to conceal and carry a gun in your pocket. Depending on your wardrobe, you can carry it either in your back pocket or the front. Although it might be tricky to have your concealed gun in your pocket rather than in a deep concealment shoulder holster, it is also a great choice of carrying measure for low-profile carrying.

The distinct advantage of pocket carry is that it is very convenient to carry. If you find trouble carrying a bigger gun or run quick errands, you can easily take along a pocket carry since it is much smaller. 

Furthermore, it doesn’t need a gun belt, and you can just put the gun in your pocket holster and carry it in your pocket with ease.

However, fitting it in your wardrobe can also vary as all pockets might not support the item. Hence, you might have to face such drawbacks as well.

Why do you need a pocket holster? 

If you think you can carry your gun in your pocket freely, then you are entirely wrong. Taking such a risk might lead you to dangerous measures. As vital as it is to get a pocket holster, it is also overlooked. 

An ankle holster option may be safer, but drawing the gun requires more time from low friction draw, sticky holsters, and paddle holster options. 

It is crucial to get a pocket holster for your gun for mainly two reasons. First of all, having this item will help you to protect the trigger of your gun. There might be an unintentional discharge at any slight touch on the trigger, and unknowingly any tiny action might lead to a severe accident.

Secondly, having the pocket holster will ensure proper concealment and keep your gun safe from being revealed to people. It will ensure you that no snagging can take place and is not liable for anyone to be aware of its presence which otherwise would beat the purpose of carrying the gun in the first place.

Can you pocket carry a Sig P365?

Can you pocket carry a Sig P365?

A Sig Sauer P365 has an overall length of 5.8 inches with an overall width of 1.0 inches and a height of 4.3 inches. It is mostly harder to pocket carry this gun as it is not very small in size. However, it also depends on your pants. 

You might be able to carry it if your pants have big pockets and have cuts that are bulkier. If you tend to wear pant-like ones, it might help you avoid exposure and hide the fact that you are carrying a Sig Sauer gun

Is the P365 a pocket pistol? 

A pocket pistol requires the guns to have 100% carry ammunition along with a compact firearm size that can be easily concealed carried. 

One of the most excellent game-changer guns in the market was introduced by Sig Sauer P365. The gun has a minor feature enabling it to be carried in a holster or a belt, outside the waistband or inside.

What is impressive is that the P365 manages to pack rounds of 12+1 in its package, whereas others tend only to manage ten or less when compared. It has been tested, practiced, and carried to conclude that it is an excellent compact pistol. 

What is the difference between open carry and concealed carry?

Open carry means carrying a weapon in a way that is visible to the public. Concealed carry means carrying a firearm in a concealed carrier, and conceal carry sometimes illegal in different states.  

Comparing with these two version of carrying for Glock and sig sauer pistols, conceal carry is safer option.

Is the SIG P365 suitable for concealed carry? 

The Sig Sauer P365 is one of the most popular guns in the market as it is a very comfortable gun to deal with and is very easy to carry. Due to the weapon being small, it is suitable for concealed carry, and it can disappear in the pocket or under your shirt with ease. 

Furthermore, it is also suited for concealed carry for most people, including the petites.  As the gun has a round design, it helps to avoid any prods and pokes. It can be carried without giving out a trace of its existence along with the use of the right holster. 

What do OWB and IWB mean? Difference Between OWB holster and IWB holsters. 

There have been many talks about whether to use a universal IWB holster or the classic OWB holster. The difference between them is that the IWB holsters let you carry your weapon inside the waistband, and for the OWB holster, your weapon will be outside.

Tips for Safe and Effective Pocket Carry 

Tips for Safe and Effective Pocket Carry 

It is very convenient and comfortable to carry small firearms as various methods of carrying have been introduced, which is very popular these days. However, there are a few practical strategies and tips out there that you should look into to prevent any uncomfortable situations and gain maximum benefits.

Maintain a Specific Pocket to Carry

To maintain a specific pocket to carry means that one pocket should be dedicated to carrying the weapon only. Other things mustn’t be put in there along with your firearm.

Spare Ammunition 

Ensure to carry spare ammunition instead of worrying about not packing a few extra later on. Many holsters also provide retention pockets for you to carry extra ammo, and having a backup is always a safer option!

Practicing the Draw

To better understand the advantages and limitations that pocket carry comes with, drawing your weapon from different positions will make it easier to work with. However, make sure you do so with your gun unloaded and ensure that you check it before starting with the practice.

Keep Your Hands off

If you are wearing fitted or tight pants, do not put your hands into the pocket you are carrying your sig Sauer gun. The holster already ensures to get rid of the sig Sauer print; however, putting your hands inside the pocket might make it more visible about the existence of your universal underarm gun holster inside.

Last Thought

There is no doubt that pocket carrying is one of the most effective and convenient ways to carry firearms. However, getting the right holster is also vital as it will ensure your safety and your weapons. Using the right holster for your sig suer will help you with concealed carry and protect you in times of need.  

We hope this article has helped you with all the necessary information that you have been looking for. Make sure to keep the critical factors in mind before purchasing so that you can get the best pocket holster for sig p365 and carry your gun with utmost comfort and safety.

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