Best Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle in 2022

The most popular and the most efficient air rifle in the air rifle segment is the PC air gun. A tank of compressed air is used as the main powerhouse of your gun, and you can still use the same slug that you use on regular manual air guns. Among all models of PCP air guns, the most popular is semi-auto guns. 

Here we are going to review some of the best air guns that are available for purchase. You can easily penetrate turkeys, ducks, bigger birds using one of these guns. 

There will be pros and cons to all of the guns you see in the market, and we will also check out that part of those guns. Many professional hunters have opinions on these pre-charged pneumatic air rifles as well. So, let us get right into the review. 

Hatsan BullMASTER Semi-Auto PCP Air...
*Airsoft Rifle BullMASTER 22 Semi Auto...
Hatsan Sortie Tact Semi-Auto PCP Air...
Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle,...
Hatsan BullMASTER Semi-Auto PCP Air...
*Airsoft Rifle BullMASTER 22 Semi Auto...
Hatsan Sortie Tact Semi-Auto PCP Air...
Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle,...
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Hatsan BullMASTER Semi-Auto PCP Air...
Hatsan BullMASTER Semi-Auto PCP Air...
*Airsoft Rifle BullMASTER 22 Semi Auto...
*Airsoft Rifle BullMASTER 22 Semi Auto...
Amazon Prime
Hatsan Sortie Tact Semi-Auto PCP Air...
Hatsan Sortie Tact Semi-Auto PCP Air...
Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle,...
Hatsan Barrage Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle,...

Reviews of the Top Best Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle


Best Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

We have handpicked the top famous semi-automatic PCP air rifles in the market and reviewed them personally and also checked what experts said about them. We have also considered reviews from the users to get knowledge of the models.

Here we have picked 7 top PCP rifles in this list for reviews. 

Hatsan Bullmaster Bullpup Airgun – Best Overall Semi Auto PCP

The first one we have here is one of the most compact guns in this review. This is still the best semi-auto air rifle with superior power delivery at this compact size and form factor. This gun hits just right. It is also wonderful that this is a fully automatic rifle, and you will not have to reload every time you shoot with it. 

Why is it called the best semi-auto air rifle for target shooting? 

The most fun part about this rifle is that this is a supermodular shotgun for a .177 caliber pellet. You can add stocks for great stability even though you don’t need one. This big bore air rifle has minimal recoil that you can easily consume without any stock or stabilizer. 

There is a full-size Picatinny rail where you have to attach the scope of your choice. This PCP pellet rifle is blazing fast, and its accuracy is great for mid-range coverage. You can still make another before the bird flies away that you are hunting. 

Grips on these guns are amazing. The rubber layer on this rifle adds great stability and works as a grip for the best stability possible. 


  • A very small and compact rifle for portability and mobility
  • It has massive power and thrust that is needed for long-range coverage
  • Big bore air rifle makes sure of the accuracy with small pellet
  • You can hunt properly with this powerful production air rifle
  • You can add a lot of attachments to boost the performance and accuracy of this gun 


  • Shots on these guns will be a bit noisy compared to the others

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Wearable4U Hatsan BullMaster – Best Lightweight

This is a combo that is all you need to start shooting for small birds and turkeys. It is a Bullmaster semi-automatic rifle that we have just mentioned in this review. You already know that this is the best high-end PCP air rifle in the market. Adding the bullet package with this pellet gun package is a whole different thing for a gun owner. 

This rifle has the most efficient design of all. It has been designed to be one of the lightest airguns. The magazine is super small, and it stays hidden at a corner of the gunstock. You barely notice the magazine in this gun. Every small movement on these guns is super smooth and clicky. 

The reload mechanism does a satisfying click when a bullet is loaded in. All the metal used in this gun is corrosion resistant, and this is going to last a very long time without needing any kind of maintenance.

The most amazing thing is that this gun comes in a very nice carrying case that you can still use as a storage solution in your house. 


  • Made of high-quality metal that is guaranteed to last long
  • It comes with everything needed for shooting 
  • The overall design is compromised for weight reduction and portability
  • Has pressure gauge indicators for monitoring the pressure all the time


  • Not a good gun for lefty shooters

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Hatsan Sortie Tact Semi-Auto PCP Air Pistol – Best Big Bore Air Rifle

The name says that this is one of the short guns out of a bunch. This is the best semi-auto air rifle that you should have in your garage. It is small, lightweight, and yet has the accuracy that is needed for professional shooting. The gas cylinder of this rifle is right below the barrel. 

Despite being such a small gun, Hatsan Sortie has good grips for stable shooting. The stock in this rifle is also great for absorbing small feedback, and it is minimal and does a great job of reducing the vibration. The trigger is exceptionally sensitive, and it is super easy to get ready and shoot. 

What makes this big-bore air rifle one of the best?

Being a shortie, there is no lack of features here. You can engage the lock with your index finger as well. The noise level is also manageable for this gun. The barrel is short, but this gun can throw a massive power with a minimal sound because of being shrouded. This is like a professional tool on a compact and short package.

The good part about this rifle is that it comes with a standard iron sight. You can do short-range shooting if necessary without buying any additional scopes. 


  • A very small gun for carrying with you in the forests
  • It has a very silent barrel system
  • Precision rifled barrel for hunting 
  • These PCP air rifles come with proper iron sight for target 
  • It comes with an iron sight so that you can engage in hunting 


  • You can not have a lot of attachments on this gun

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Hatsan Barrage – Semi-Auto PCP Airgun 

if you want to go full length and don’t want to compromise any power with the size and portability, this might be your best friend. This is a full-size rifle, and still, this is the most powerful PCP air rifle that many professional hunters want to have in their arsenal. 

This is considered the most powerful PCP rifle is the muzzle energy that can hunt with immense accuracy. As a big gun, this also has a big compressed air chamber. You can easily shoot 80 to 100 shots, and this is easily only one load of air for a whole day of hunting. 

This rifle is also super convenient to use daily. You can see the air pressure with two pressure gauges on the bottom of the gun. 

Why I like these hatsan PCP air rifles is how easy they are to use. Being one of the most powerful, the trigger is pretty easy to pull, and also, holding the gun while shooting is made so that anybody can use it. 

There is also an air intake valve on the bottom through which you have to fill the air tank up for your next hunt. This rifle’s max energy and velocity is a phenomenon, and you can not think of an alternative to this gun. 

Hatsan Barrage might be the best gun for the value. This bolt action rifle has full-size stock that does not need to be replaced for the best performance. This is a full rifle kit where the scope is the only thing you buy separately. 


  • A full-size rifle with huge power output for hunting 
  • Perfect bolt action shooting gear for small game hunting
  • It comes with firearm safety features with less pull weight 
  • It does not need any modifications for better performance; a full tank is going to last a whole day of hunting
  • This powerful air rifle comes with excellent muzzle energy 


  • You have to purchase a separate raised scope holder so that the magazine does not interrupt the scope body.
  • Do not come with a Walther barrel 

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AEA Precision – SS .25 Semi-Auto PCP

If you are looking for a PCP air pistol, there is no better choice than buying an AEA Precision – SS .25 one. This is the most powerful PCP pistol sold in the market, and this is a perfect weapon for quickdraw and fast shooting. As a pistol, this is the lightest one and the most versatile one you can assume. 

What makes this stand out from the rest is its muzzle velocity of 850 FPS of the power source, which is enough power for shooting small animals like rats, rabbits, squirrels, etc. 

The barrel and the overall design give you the accuracy that you will need for casual hunting. The barrel itself is long enough to cover short-range kills and still has more than enough power to take down ducks and turkeys if necessary. As a pistol, it has the best grip that is possible. 

The handle has an engraved hand design to have the best grip while shooting with a good barrel length of 8 to 10 inches. The overall length is perfect for accuracy.  All the materials used in this gun are high quality and do a good job seating in your storage. The metal parts are corrosion resistant for good reasons.

As a semi-automatic gun, this is super easy to use for any user. With this .25 pellet version, this rifle also has a .22 caliber pellet option for shooting. These pistols can also be used for pest and bird control in your backyards. 


  • A compact pistol that you can use on casual use and backyard animal control
  • Despite being a small gun, it has an incredible power output 
  • It comes with an overall length of 8-10 inches of the barrel 
  • It comes with muzzle energy of 850 fps for excellent power with a .22 cal pellet
  • Premium and High-quality finished   
  • Best for larger animals and bigger game 


  • The gas capacity is not that good for long time usage

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AEA Precision – Terminator .357 – Best Semi Auto PCP Air Gun

Here we have another rifle from AEA Precision. This has been designed in the same manner as the pistol, but you will see creativity in using the most out of a gun in this gun. This gun has a stock that is the gas chamber where the pressure is stored. Through the gun stock attachment, the gas passes to the firing mechanism. 

The stock is still is the best thing about this gun. It is thick and strong, and you will find it effective to manage the recoils. From the opinion of professional rifle users, AEA Precision .357 is the quietest PCP air rifle in the market. 

This is all about the thick, fully shrouded barrel. This not only consumes the sound but also works work as a stabilizer. Terminator .357 also has the best grip among all PCP airguns, and this has the gun and pistol grip they have provided for their pistols. 

The lock and security are also great on these guns. You can easily engage the lock with a flick on your trigger finger, and this makes your whole experience super convenient and easy. Portability and mobility will not be an issue on this gun here, as this is one of the most compact guns out there. 


  • A very small and lightweight gun for portability
  • Perfect grip for target shooting and target practice 
  • Thicks and shrouded barrel quiets out most of your gunshots
  • It can be used on long-range shots easily
  • More shots than a single shot rifle 


  • The air cylinder in the back design is not that ideal for efficient performance.

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Benjamin Marauder Semi-Auto – Best for Small Game Hunting 

If you want to go full traditional and you want the most accurate gun in the market, Benjamin Marauder is the one you look for. This has a traditional wooden buttstock and a wooden grip. This wood stock helps stabilize the whole rifle a lot better. In the category of accuracy, Marauder is the most accurate PCP air rifle in the market. 

Though this rifle looks like a traditional gun, the technologies inside this gun are amazing. The buttstock still has an adjustable comb that you can adjust to your needs. The barrel is not too short. This is the perfect barrel that can deliver the most accurate shot making it one of the best air rifle options for small game hunting

This is going to be a great rifle for bird control and rabbits. You can slap a vortex scope on those rails, and then you have exactly what to go for long-range shooting. The velocity is rated as 950 ft/sec, which is amazingly fast for zero bullet drops. You can still calibrate your scope to compensate for the bullet drop.

This gun also comes with a padded carrying strap. Another good thing about this gun is that you get a one-year warranty which is necessary. 


  • Super-versatile traditional style gun for professional usage
  • The accuracy of this rifle is on point
  • The wood stock helps control and better stabilization 
  • Has all the perks of attachments and modifications for the best experience
  • Long barrel for low chances of bullet drops


  • This is a heavy gun to carry if you are going deep in the jungle

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

Now we have come to the main part of this review. In this part, we will know what things you should consider before placing your order for the most accurate PCP air rifle. There are a lot of things that you have to consider. We should not go deep into specific parts, but we will be covering some of the facts that matter the most. Let us go deep into the guide. 

Is the gun powerful enough? 

The penetration power of a rifle will always be mentioned in the specification sheet of the gun. The higher the power is rated, the harder the gun is going to hit. It is unnecessary to go as high power as you can, and this is just an idea of how powerful a PCP rifle can be. 

It would help if you chose a gun that hits around a thousand fps. This is goi8ng to be enough for ducks, small birds, and other small pets and animals. 

What is the gun-style? 

The style of the gun will matter because it will set you on the vibe and make you feel good with the gun you have. The most traditional style gun or lever-action gun is the one with a lot of wood on construction. Wood is a great material that feels good on hand. But the drawback of wood is that it is going to be a heavy gun to carry. 

If you look at the modern design, you will see a lot of polycarbonate and rubber materials, which make guns lightweight and more grippy. But what we recommend is that you should choose the one that tastes better for you. 

Safety and security of the gun

Almost every gun you see in this review has a safety feature that is a trigger lock. You will not find any accidental shots with the trigger lock while you fill pressure on the trigger. Make sure that the safety locker and docker are closer to your grip hand. This is going to make your shots easier and faster as well. 

Is the Air Gun Grip Good Enough? 

Is the Air Gun Grip Good Enough?

The part where you will be holding most of your hunting time is the grip. The grip on the bolt action gun should always be the best with the best feeling. If you go through PCP gun reviews, you will see that different types of grips are designed for different types of users. 

You have to see where both your hands go. The left hand should not sleep from the gun body when the recoil hits the gun. We will talk about recoil in this review as well. 

How compact and portable is the gun? 

A compact and portable gun will be a lifesaver if you are going deep into the forest for hunting. A compact gun means the barrel will be shorter than an average traditional gun, and the materials will be responsible for making the gun lightweight. 

Silence is the key to hunt.

One of the main advantages of having a PCP gun is that these are extremely silent guns. Whatever you are purchasing should be silent as heaven. It should be silent because the prey you are shooting will not be alerted by your shooting noise, and you can easily drop more than one shot at a time with just the hand pump pressure. 

How much can you modify?

If you are a full-time professional bird hunter, you should check the gun to see if it has more attachable parts, and you can modify the gun to your need.

Also, check if it has any power wheel or adjustable regulator to adjust the power. Though most rifles will not come with such options, some airforce airguns or pre-charged pneumatic guns may come with these modification features. 

A simple change in stock, the additional muffler on the barrel, and scopes will change how you interact with the gun. You will get far more efficient performance out of your gun after modification.

Disadvantages of PCP Air Rifles

Disadvantages of PCP Air Rifles

The most advantageous gun model is the PCP gun. You will never regret your purchase if you purchase the best full auto PCP air rifle on the market. There are not a lot of disadvantages that you can mention about pre-charged pneumatic) pellet rifles. Still, we are going to mention some of the disadvantages that some professional hunters might find annoying. 

Everything Related to This Gun is Expensive

While you look for the most powerful PCP air rifle, you will see the price range that makes the most difference in the purchase.

If you can buy a spring-loaded gun within 159 to 200 dollars of the price range, a PCP gun rather than a spring-piston gun will cost you almost double of this price range. But this price tag is there for a reason: all the expensive parts inside of this gun. Also, a single-shot .177 PCP air rifle will be best in this case than a semi-auto or full-auto air gun.

Purchasing separate parts will also cost you more because of the manufacturing process and materials choices. Everything related to PC guns is going to be expensive. 

The Hassle of Refilling the Tank

Conveniently, you will not have to change anything or pump anything shooting at least 50 to 70 shots. The real struggle starts when you have to fill up the pressure tank, and you might have to use a complex pump or an air cylinder. This is both risky, and you have to be careful enough to get the pressure right. 

You Have to Be an Expert to Use a PNP Gun Efficiently

As we said, you have to be an expert to fill up the air tank. This applies to using the gun as well. There are a lot of moving parts inside semi-auto PCP pellet rifles. You have to make sure that you know where everything goes, and in case of small malfunctions, you have to solve it by yourself. Eventually, you will get the hang of PCP gun functionality. Practice more, and you will be an expert within several tries. 

Requires Services Often

Maintenance is another part of having a PCP gun. You might get performance drops if there is any kind of air leaks Powered Multi-Shot Semi-Auto Air Rifle. 

It will be necessary to go to a service center or do the servicing and maintenance by yourself to maintain automatic safety after small or big game hunting. Cleaning, oiling, and lubricating are parts of gun maintenance.

No Gunpowder Smells

This is a subjective choice of yours and still the fun part of a gun that you will be missing if you are not using a firearm. Unlike shotguns or Semi-Auto C02 pellet rifles, a PCP airgun will not have any gunpowder smell, which drives you to hunt more and more, and you will be missing the gunpowder smell here.

People Also Ask on Semi-Automatic PCP Rifles: Answers

What is the Best Full Auto Air Rifle?

What is the Best Full Auto Air Rifle?

As we discuss a semi-auto big bore PCP air rifle, we will not mention any fully automatic air rifle. There are still a lot of automatic air rifles in the market, and different models are different from each other for their advantages. 

The most popular one is the Hassan blitz. This semi-automatic repeater rifle is known to be one of the best-built guns out there. The long barres hit the most accurate spot necessary. 

Umarex legends M1A1 has the preferable style in the air gun segment. This gun looks exactly like a firearm, but you will not need any license to use this as your daily driver. Umarex Beretta M92 is one fully automatic handheld pistol.

These are mostly used by gamers, and they use BB ammunition with a bb gun or bb pistol for long-range shooting. You can still use these guns on small birds and pest control. 

Why Are PCP air Rifles So Expensive?

There is almost no perfect answer to this question. A PCP gun has the most complex mechanisms needed for the most efficient shots in bird hunting. These small parts inside a PCP gun take a lot of effort and cost more than a regular springloaded air gun. There are some brands like Crosman, Gamo, Umarex gauntlet making some excellent PCP guns.

A PCP gun is also more powerful than most other air guns in the market right now. The power delivery and efficiency of a PCP gun are higher than most other semi-auto pellet rifle models. 

If you think about your needs, a PCP gun is all you need to go hunting. These guys are versatile and usable on any prey and animal. If the magnificent rifle is powerful enough, you can hunt coyotes and deers with it. 

Despite the high cost, you will never need any papers or any kind of license for using a PCP gun. You can just buy and take it to in the field. Keep in mind that you have t be careful and take precautions. 

What is the Most Expensive PCP Air Rifle?

The most expensive PCP gun of all time is the 9015 “ONE” Air Rifle, and you do not need a gun that expensive. This gun indeed has the most insane technologies with PCP or co2 cartridges and the most amount of power that can easily take down any animal. 

9015 PCP sir rifle costs more than four thousand dollars, and with this much money, you can easily buy four of the best guns you will need for hunting. Co2 powered bb air rifle options are less powerful in pre-charged pneumatic air rifles, but they are surely cheaper. 

What is PCP Airguns?

What is PCP Airguns?

PCP air gun is the most complex air gun of all. It has a complex mechanism to store high-pressure air inside of an air tank. The air tank is built with most of the moving parts, and there are two chambers inside of air tank. 

Barrel System: break barrel and so on

The first chamber has the high-pressure air that you generally load. After every shot, a certain amount of air with a certain air pressure gets inside of this gun through the decoration mechanism. Barrel and pushes the Pellets at high speed through the barrel. 

The valve or the separator inside the air chamber is why you get a smooth power delivery from PCP Air rifle 177. The mechanism is simple to understand yet complex when things happen.  


To conclude this review, we highly recommend you practice with a gun a lot before you go in the field or forest. Different gun of the same model might not have the same accuracy if it does not calibrate.

Get used to the functionalities of the gun and make sure that you can calibrate the gun by yourself. Have safety wearables like gloves, guards, safety goggles to keep you protected. Get used to the safety locks and keep them locked while not looking through the scope or sight.

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