Best Sniper Rifle BB Gun: Reviews for Beginner in a Cheap Under $100

Before you hop on to the more critical deal of hunting guns, you must train yourself to hit the long distances more accurately. The best guns are airsoft sniper rifles for covering long distances and practicing hitting the moving targets.

Today we are going to know about some of the best airsoft sniper rifles that have been used by many professional hunters all around the world. As these are airsoft sniper rifles, you will be able to get long-distance coverage on both hunting, target shooting practices. We will mainly target getting the most value out of a gun. This review will also give you hints about choosing the best sniper rifle BB guns for you.

Reviews of the Best Sniper Rifle BB Gun


Best Sniper Rifle BB Gun

We have picked this airsoft sniper rifle list for airsoft bb while researching over the internet for the most famous sniper bb guns. We have selected expert advice to make this list of top airsoft sniper rifles with BBs. 

For individual choice, you need to check what features suit best for you. So, check out the reviews for picking what’s best for your need. 

Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle – Best Overall

You are getting an excellent package of a powerful CO2 airgun and a pellet loader at a very low price. Using this rifle is easy and fun at the same time. Because of the velocity and the power delivery, this has been known to be one of the most powerful guns out of a bunch.

In this package, you will find a standard .177 pellet rifle, and it has been designed to shoot at 1250 FPS. With a lightweight pellet at this velocity, you can easily penetrate wild animal skins, and this is also rated one of the best hunting air rifles. 

Due to the high velocity, you can target practice with these long-range airsoft guns. Because it is a break barrel standard airsoft gun, you will not have to refill the gun. It has also been made nicely. The stick feels solid. As it has high-velocity bullets getting out of the inner barrel or outer barrel, you should be able to control the kick using the

Inside this package, you will get a pellet loader, a convenient tool for hunting. You can load pellets inside this standard airsoft weapon very quickly, and the orientation stays the same every time you load one pallet inside.


  • It comes with a convenient pellet loader
  • It does not cost a lot of money compared to the power delivery
  • Very cheap airsoft sniper rifle
  • It has been designed to use on long-distance coverage
  • These airsoft snipers come with an excellent muzzle velocity 
  • Has a long-distance rifle scope with this airsoft rifle 


  • Breaking the rifled barrel makes noise, and it feels stiff

Gamo Wildcat Whisper – Best High Power Air Rifle

Here we have another Gamo air rifle for sniping. We all know that GAMO is one of the oldest companies to make high-quality standard airsoft guns for hunters worldwide. Wildcat whisper has been named based on its performance. This is the best multi-pump BB gun targeted for hunting in the woods.

The best part about this airsoft sniper rifle is that it is a super silent rifle. It has a muffled barrel, and this barrel design brings down most of the bullet muzzle sound to zero. The polymer jacket around the electric rifle barrel makes sure that you are not being exposed to the open wildlife. 

You have to use .22 pellets with this airsoft rifle. We all know that .22 pellets air pistol is the best choice if you want to hit the hardest. You can take down larger targets with these pellets. With the larger air rifle pellet combined with the 1300 FPS velocity, any airsoft player can do real damage to your target easily.

On the construction, you will rarely find anything that will be damaged in humid weather conditions. The stock and all the grips are laminated to be saved from rotting. All the metals used in this airgun are also corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance.


  • It uses larger .22 pellets that do greater damage.
  • 1300 FPS is insanely overpowered speed for .22 pellets
  • This powerful airsoft sniper rifle bb gun is easy to use 
  • This gun is super silent even on cocking mechanism


  • The gun is heavy, which might not be ideal for long hunting sessions.

Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 .22 Cal – Best for Beginner

We have yet another sniper pellet rifle from GAMO. We all know about the fame and popularity of GAMO assault rifles. Because, with the features, popularity means that it performed better among most users.

And also, these are some of the best airsoft sniper rifles that have been known for quality and value for the money. This is a slightly higher-priced airsoft sniper rifle with all the features and power output you need in a sniper pump air rifle.

The first thing you will notice from this airsoft sniper rifle is the aggressive design. All outer parts are made of high-quality polycarbonate materials. For better stability and grips, you will see that it has thick rubber padding on both grips. 

You can use these airsoft snipers for a long time with no complaints and cramps. You will not have to load a pellet every time you cock the airsoft gun. It takes standard .177 pellets that are easily accessible with the magazine, and the magazine is placed right under the handgrip.

The overall operation of these airsoft snipers is smooth and does not have any noise on cocking or even shooting at the highest velocity. Talking about pellet velocity, this can shoot at 1000 FPS, enough for an everyday hunting experience.


  • Made of high-quality materials that ensure the best stability
  • Thick muffled silenced pipe operates smooth and does not make a lot of noise
  • Loads pellet automatically into the airsoft gun 
  • You will get enough power with this airsoft sniper rifle bb gun 
  • Incredibly accurate 1000 FPS pellet velocity


  • This heavy rifle might be a hassle to carry for hunting.

Ruger Blackhawk .177 Caliber Pellet Gun- Best Sniper BB Gun

This will be the best bb gun with a rifle scope and sleek design if you are a mid-ranger in the budget. The first thing you will notice is the elegant design language. It has been made to be held for long shots, and the weight has also been tuned to a sweet point to make sure it is portable enough for long hunting sessions.

As you unbox this machine, you will find an excellent rifle scope that has been provided in the package. The 4x32mm rifle is good enough to cover long distances and be accurate on your targets. Besides the scope, you will also find an optical fiber front adjustable rear sight. 

This airsoft sniper rifle bb gun will be good enough for practice. The rear sight is also adjustable for your practice sessions if you use airsoft sniper rifles without any scopes. The overall finish of this rifle is matte, and because of the usage of polycarbonate materials, it feels nice on the hand. The most fluent thing about this rifle is how you can handle it.

The trigger of this airsoft sniper rifle is long, and there is almost no adjustment needed to suit your shooting style.


  • Made of lightweight polycarbonate materials to reduce the weight substantially
  • Provides excellent scope along with usable adjustable iron sight
  • Velocity is good enough to take down more giant animals
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty with tactical gear
  • Easy and convenient nitro piston gun to use on long hunting days


  • This gun is a bit noisy when shooting and cocking

Daisy 880 Powerline – Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under 100

880 Powerline multi-pump air rifle is a complete package of 800 fps airsoft sniper pellet guns and accessories at a very reasonable price range. If you are concerned about the best airsoft sniper rifle price range, this falls in the most affordable section, which might be the winner here.

In the box, you will find the airsoft gun with a scope, and you will also find safety goggles and several pellets and BBs with these airsoft sniper rifles. In the construction, Powerline has used polycarbonate materials, and in several places, they have used weather-resistant metal elements. For beginners, this is the best package you can buy. 

To cock the gun, you will not have to break the metal barrel. Instead, you can cock an arm right in front of the trigger. This is a convenient way to use a sniper rifle. You can still engage with a target while cocking the airsoft gun. Pellets and BBs get loaded from the magazine, making shooting fast and easy.

Grips are easy and accessible for anyone using the gun for the first time. The forearm grip is thick and has wood-grained patterns, making the air weapon feel more premium for the money.


  • It does not cost a lot of money compared to what you get in the box
  • It comes with safety goggles and projectile collection
  • These break barrel airsoft sniper rifles are easy to shoot 
  • Cocking mechanism is easy and convenient for airsoft field


  • This is a beginner airsoft gun package that does not do a lot of damages

BBTac Well M187d 550 – Airsoft Sniper Rifle Around 600 fps

If you are more interested in camping and setting up a post to hunt for the best creature, BBTac Well is the one you should get. The price range of these airsoft snipers is not too aggressive, yet you get some of the features you can not find in this budget range. The best feature you can get from this is that you will also get a bipod stand. This stand can be helpful in an airsoft game.

I like how the bolt action spring can create enough velocity with a metal bolt in this Well MB4411g bolt model. While using this spring-powered bolt system, you can accurately hit a target, thanks to the power of the bolt action spring.  

This is the best airsoft pistol to get if you are in the stealthiest mode. From the design and aesthetics, this looks like a Spring Airsoft, and some materials make it an excellent choice for the money. Finishing on every part of these airsoft sniper rifles is smooth and flawless. 

The stock of this spring airsoft sniper has been designed to make it more portable. It collapses into a minimal form factor, and you can expand it as needed. The ergonomics of this rifle are like no other. You can prone and still use this airsoft gun in the post position.

This spring airsoft rifle has a scope installed on this bolt action airsoft sniper in the standard scope rail. This scope might be good for your practice sessions, and you can still replace the scope with a big one.


  • Has collapsable bipods and foldable stock for better portability
  • Designed as a modern airsoft sniper rifle with sniper attachments
  • A dynamic bolt action spring sniper for sure
  • It comes with powerful spring powered bolt action 
  • These airsoft rifles are perfect for airsoft sniping 


  • This has a slight bullet drop that you have to correct by adjusting the scope.

Barra Airguns Sportsman 900 Air Rifle – Bolt Action Sniper Rifle 

The last one we have here is the best airsoft sniper rifle over 500 fps. The overall design and aesthetics have been well thought out to give you the best experience in hunting and practices. The weight has been limited for portability, yet it has an excellent weight distribution for the best experience possible.

These spring bolt action rifles have a vented stock design to reduce the weight substantially. The cocking mechanism is also not traditional. It ensures the most reflection out of any rough and challenging shooting positions. The modern designed pistol grip has been provided in this airsoft gun. This will give you comfort and the convenience of having an expensive gun. 

You can be locked on your target and still cock your bolt action airsoft sniper rifle for shooting. After your first shot, you will be able to tell the difference between the bolt action of this gun and others. It feels more responsive than other airsoft guns in the market.

The 900 FPS rating is good enough as your practice bolt action rifle and your weapon for the hunt. The versatility gets expanded with the usage of both BBs and pellets on this airsoft gun.


  • Made of high-quality, well-engineered materials
  • Weighted bolt action makes this rifle fun to use
  • Cocking mechanism is easy and convenient to stay locked on target
  • Both stock and pistol grip feels nice
  • Easy to carry airsoft gear for comfortable use
  • This bolt action rifle features vented stock for reflection 


  • The scope you get in the box will not be used for long-distance hunting.
  • This bolt action sniper rifle is not much accurate

How to Choose the Best Sniper Rifle BB Gun: Buying Guide

We all know what the best airsoft guns you can have right now are. Now, it will be high time you choose the best one for you. You have to ensure that it goes with your personality and serves you with all its features. We have some tips to make sure that you choose the right rifle for you. Let us go through that.

Where are you going to use that gun?

You have to know very well the usage of that gun. The reason people mostly buy airsoft guns is because they don’t have to arrange papers or licenses to operate that gun. There might be different reasons you are buying that gun. 

You might be interested in target practices and pest controls like rodents and squirrel control. You will not have to spend a lot of money and buy the most powerful gun for these reasons. Understanding what is important for shooting is the most important part here. You can target practice with a less expensive airsoft gun like the 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit.

If you are up for hunting birds animals and covering longer ranges, you will have to invest more and get a rifle that hits the hardest. You might also invest in a .22 cal sniper gun, and Gamo Wildcat is one of those guns.

What Materials Have Been Used?

The rifle stock and the handgrips are generally made of polycarbonate plastics that are high quality. It is common not to find wood and all metal elements in constructing a snipping gun. There are a few models such as Novritsch ssg24, AGM L96 AWP, BBTac M62, BBTac bt59, and a few other models of the Lancer Tactical brand, which come with excellent materials.

The metal used on the rifle barrel and compression mechanism should be corrosion resistant. You are not going to take out that airsoft gun from your storage, and you might also leave it for months without usage. In that time, the gun should not get worse. Suitable materials are the only solution to keep it in shape.

What Type of Gun is That?

There are generally two types of sniper guns in the market. Break barrel airsoft Rifles, and 6MM BB guns are the oldest models, and the technology has not been backdated yet. This is because it has the most efficient system to shoot pellets. For long-distance coverage, a bb pistol is not going to be an ideal choice. 

We have co2 cartridge guns. This modern air rifle technology has made shooting fast and more efficient. But CO2 guns are not that cheap and a good solution for beginners. If you need a high rate of fire, you can choose a CO2-powered airsoft gun. Otherwise, break barrel guns are good to go.

What Pellet Size Does It Shoot?

If you have been into the gun game, you might have already known that there are two pellet sizes in the market popular among hunters. .177 is one of the classic pellets. These are small, and with a high rate of speed, this pellet can easily pierce through the skin using a semi-automatic sniper rifle or fully automatic electric guns.

.22 are bigger pellets, and these pellets hit more complex and have more power to take down bigger targets. For that, you might have to invest more in more powerful guns.

Is it a Silent Gun?

Silence in operation will give you the advantage of being stealthy enough not to disturb the wilderness and have the best experience possible. 

With silent shots, you might not have distracted your target, and you will then have a second chance of hitting the target accurately. A silencer on the Airsoft gas rifle will have a muffled barrel design (if not a one-piece precision barrel) or an added muffler on the gun’s tip.

Does it Come With Accessories?

If you own a sniper gun for the first time, it will be necessary to have some accessories and attachments. You will need an excellent scope to shoot the target accurately as you have purchased your gun. You might also need pellets and BBs to target practice. That will be a jackpot deal for you if you get everything in the box.

Price of Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

The price range of a rifle should not be the factor to choose a gun, and it is still safe to buy an inexpensive gun while you are a beginner. If you can buy the best airsoft sniper rifle under 100, that will be good enough for target practices and short-range sniping.

What is the Best Sniper BB Gun?

A good sniper BB rifle will always have the best specifications possible, and the built quality combined with the performance should be on point. If you rank all the aspects, features, and specifications, different winners will be from different sections.

The guns that we have suggested in this review are some of the best value guns in the market. If you try to find the most powerful air gun with a high pellet velocity, Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air will be the best zoom-in bb rifle. Because of the power delivery and materials, the price will be slightly higher than all the guns, but the price you pay is worth the value you get from these guns.

If you want the best airsoft sniper rifle under 100, 880 Powerline is the best choice here. It still has decent projectile speed and comes with all the necessary accessories, and you get this one at a very affordable price range.

What is a Good Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

To judge a good airsoft sniper bb air rifle, you have to look through the gun’s specifications. Comparing all the specifications will also be a lengthy process for you. There are three things that you can focus on here. Look at the accuracy rate. You can see an m40a3 sportline airsoft sniper rifle that has good accuracy. Our recommendations still have options that can beat this gun’s accuracy. You will know more about accuracy in forums and reviews.

If you are going hunting with that gun, you must ensure that that rifle is silent as heaven. Do not buy a noisy gun if you are planning to hunt with it, and there is nothing you can do if your prey gest scared by the gun noise.

Last but not least, you should make sure that the quality of the gun is up to the mark. You don’t want to purchase a different rifle every year, and make sure you buy a good quality gun that will last several years.

What is the Best around Sniper Rifle?

This is a tough choice for sure. Not every rifle is made to be the perfect rifle on every ground, and you can still think of Ruger Blackhawk .177 as a good all-around sniper rifle compared with any airsoft shotgun option.

The main reason is that it takes classic .177 pellets. These are pellets that are going to be available anywhere. There are no special attachments needed to use this gun as well. You will get a long-range scope in the box, and this might be the best zoom-in bb rifle in the market.

It is made of lightweight materials. Moving with this rifle will be a lot easier, and this gun is fun to have as a hunter.


We now have the idea of what you need to look for when buying a sniper rifle. It would be best to focus on how a sniper rifle has been made and the bullet speed-rated on the rifle specification sheet. The hunt for the best sniper rifle gets intense when you look through the spec sheet.

Traditional style guns are still popular because of the feeling in hand and reliability of those machines and the design aesthetics. It is also better to stick to the newer technologies that will be more convenient to use. Last but not least, grab your gun and keep practicing. Practice will make you better.

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