Best Upland Hunting Jackets in 2022: Coat for Pheasant & Birds

When it comes to serious upland hunting, dressed for success is more than a catchphrase. It is a way of life that needs to be taken seriously.

It is the difference between staying warm, comfortable, and dry or being soaking wet, cold, and miserable. It often is the deciding factor between staying in the field until the last light or packing up early and heading back to camp.

It can mean the difference between spending the entire trip hunting hard or lounging around camp by the fire.

And in some extreme cases, it can mean the difference between life and death. Dressing for the best upland hunting jackets on a big game hunt is undoubtedly more than a fashion statement it is a serious part of the overall experience and can make or break a hunt.

Check out the table for having a quick view on upland Jackets.

Orvis Upland Hunting Softshell Jacket
Badlands Huron Upland Jacket -...
Carhartt Men's 102800 Upland Field...
Orvis ToughShell Waterproof Upland...
Orvis Upland Hunting Softshell Jacket
Badlands Huron Upland Jacket -...
Carhartt Men's 102800 Upland Field...
Orvis ToughShell Waterproof Upland...
Orvis Upland Hunting Softshell Jacket
Orvis Upland Hunting Softshell Jacket
Badlands Huron Upland Jacket -...
Badlands Huron Upland Jacket -...
Carhartt Men's 102800 Upland Field...
Carhartt Men's 102800 Upland Field...
Orvis ToughShell Waterproof Upland...
Orvis ToughShell Waterproof Upland...

Reviews of the Best Upland Hunting Jackets in 2022


Best Upland Hunting Jackets

The market is full of brands and thousands of choices to choose from. We are now going to pull up a review of six of the best jackets. You should not doubt the quality and performance of these jackets at all.

Check out the reviews, advantages, and disadvantages of these bird hunting jackets to pick your right match.

Editors Pick – Best Browning Upland Jacket

The first jacket we have is one of the cheapest ones. Despite the price range, the performance is outstanding. The whole jacket feels like it has been sealed. It is because of the polyester fabrics on them. You will not find any air holes to penetrate through.

If you have got this jacket with you, you will not have to doubt storage spaces. This jacket is full of storage spaces. Super huge front pockets expand as you tuck more accessories inside. To keep more essential things safe, you will find two zipper pockets on your chest area. If you want, you can also hand your accessories on the D ring.

You simply cannot complain about storage spaces here. If you take a closer look, you will see that there are two types of fabrics here. The top orange fabric has been reinforced using zig-zag sewing. This will prevent tearing and damages as you carry heavy backpacks on your shoulders.

The isolation and warmth are perfect in this jacket. Though these are not slight rainproof splash will do nothing to this jacket.


  • The overall built quality is super tough and robust
  • Has a lot of storage space and pockets
  • You can casually wear this regularly as this does not have flashy or cameo designs


  • The sizing is not perfect. You have to place an order for a size smaller than what you use daily

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Best for Comfort – Gamehide Rooster Upland Hunting Jacket

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The incredible thing about this hunting jacket is the number of pockets this has. There are three pockets in total which are also considered game pockets. They expand according to the gadgets you store in them. These pockets are so large that you can easily accommodate all your fishing accessories in them.

As we are talking about these pockets. These pockets are well secured as well. They have flaps that keep everything inside, even if you bend over. There are several chest pockets as well. These pockets are great for quick access.

What makes it the best upland jacket for comfort?

Also, the quick access pockets are handy to keep efficient extra usable hunting gear items. This is the best upland jacket in terms of pockets and comfort. You will feel more like having a strap vest or upland hunting vest, and you can easily forget of having a bird jacket on you. Don’t be confused, and I am not saying it is the best upland hunting strap vest. I am just referring to this is as a close alternative.

You will be happy to see that all of these pockets have zippers or flaps for security. If you explore inside the pockets, you will also find a water bottle pouch that will come in handy if you have a bird dog with you while hunting. They are never going to be thirsty while on the run.

The materials used to make these jackets are kickass. They are made of cotton, and that ensures maximum breathability and better comfort. If you look at the design, these look cool and visible with the orange blaze color strip design.


  • The cotton fabric is going to be a lot comfortable than nylon ones
  • Comes with water bottle pockets
  • Easy to keep things of game birds hunting inside the pocket
  • Combines well with quality boot and upland hunting shirts
  • Has a lot of storage spaces for a lot of accessories and gadgets
  • Has a lot of room to accommodate your layers


  • You will not find them in all sizes, but if you get the larger ones, you are lucky

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Best Winter Hunting Jacket for Birds – Orvis Men’s Upland Hunting Softshell Jacket

Orvis Men’s Upland jacket is one of the lightest jackets of all. If you look through the fabrics and the specification, you can easily see that these are also the most flexible jackets out there. It is also mentioned in the spec sheet that these are softshell jackets.

Why did we pick the Orvis upland jacket as the best winter jacket for hunting?

It is because of its padded layers, better warmth, and sweat management, despite being light enough.

The most impressive part of this jacket is the soft and lightweight fabrics. You can even wear these on summer days and easily manage sweats. This is the model that the company has redesigned, and they have made this more user-friendly.

If it is winter, you can prevent the airflow by tightening the laces on the waist area. Though there are not many storage spaces in this jacket, you can still use the chest pockets and hand warmers to store your accessories and gadgets. All these pockets have waterproof zippers.

So, keeping shotgun shells, shotgun bullets, and other small upland gears will not be a big issue. Talking about the water resistance, these are made of totally water resistance fabrics that do not let any water inside these jackets.

The durability of these jackets is also outstanding. Almost all of the sealing is double sewed. The sleeves also have extended parts to cover your first area to keep you warm.


  • A multipurpose Orvis upland jacket for all-weather condition
  • The shell pocket is handy for keeping small upland gear
  • These are a super lightweight and portable option for hunters
  • While these are on, there will be no air leakages


  • Does not have many storage spaces

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Best for Women – Beretta Women’s Upland Jacket

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Beretta Women’s is one of the best hunting jackets that women should buy. These are specially made to fit women, and the overall construction is pretty convincing as well. The design is not like the other conventional hunting jackets. They have big collars and to cover you up in cold weather, there are good enough materials used.

What makes it the upland game coat for women?

The Beretta upland jacket is made of fabrics that have a mixture of cotton and polyester. This makes them still strong from the outside and comfortable on the inside. The front has a zipper that goes right up to your throat area, and to seal it all up, this has four buttons.

Just so that the overall construction stays strong, this has many reinforcing materials all around the armpit and elbow area. You will find more reinforcing fabrics here and there as well. You can even wear these jackets while you are hiking.

For storage, there are two front pockets. These are expandable pockets and can hold many gadgets for a day of hunting. These have the best upland hunting gear pockets in terms of space. For better visibility, the orange reinforcing fabrics are going to work very well.


  • Has both zipper and buttons on the front side
  • Polyester fabric attachments for reinforcing important areas
  • Specially designed for women
  • Casual storage pockets for storing gadgets


  • The design is not that great for casual wearing
  • Does not have a lot of storage spaces

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Best Bird Hunting Vest Alike Jacket – Browning Upland Soft Shell

If you want to go for a stealth look and still want an upland jacket at a very affordable price range, Browning softshell is the perfect one for you. This jacket is entirely black, and it has a Blaze orange-colored swing for contouring and orange on the zippers.

There is not a lot of things going o with this jacket as well. This is a minimal browning upland jacket with only several necessary needs for upland bird hunting, from design to the pockets and storage capacity.

As this is a softshell material, you can wear them while hiking or even in the hot summer weather. As this is made of fully cotton material, the breathability sets you just right with exceptional comfort. If it is super cold outside, you can wear this jacket as an inner, and that will keep you warm for a long.

The most impressive part of these jackets is the ability to maneuver. It is lightweight, and with these on, you can maneuver, swing at any angle possible. The reinforcing attachments are going to ensure durability. For storing your gun shells, this has a check pocket with shell holders.


  • Made to be super lightweight and usable under any circumstance
  • This browning upland jacket is very comfortable
  • Best bird hunting options to use with brush pant
  • Made of comfortable cotton fabrics and usable in any season
  • Protects from wind and cold weather nicely


  • Does not have a lot of storage space for long hunting sessions

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Best Pheasant Hunting Jacket – Carhartt Men’s Upland Field Jacket

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If you want to know the most outstanding hunting jacket, this would be the right choice for any upland hunters out there. The incredible feature of this jacket is the ability to pack more. For packing more, this jacket even has some extra storage on the back of the jacket.

So, why Carhartt upland jacket is called the best pheasant hunting jacket?

This is because of the comfort and flexibility of these jackets with extra storage that helps hunting pheasants and other upland birds easily.

Storage is not the only reason you should get these pheasant hunting clothing. You should also take a look at those specifications and material choices. The pier layer feels super smooth to touch, and these are some of the most comfortable materials to wear for a long time.

The zipper on the front of these pheasant hunting jackets goes high as your neck, which isolates you very well from the wind and cold outside. Just so that you don’t damage your jacket, there are fabric reinforcements on the shoulder.

The storage system is very well thought here. All the pockets are expandable, and they also have shell pockets to separate the whole thing. The back has a big zipper pocket that can hold different types of ducks, turkeys, types of birds, or whatever you hunted.

If you are going hunting for a day, you might not want to carry a backpack with you with this Carhartt upland jacket.


  • A nice looking jacket with a lot of pockets and storage spaces
  • The quality of this pheasant hunting apparel ensures better protection
  • This Carhartt upland jacket has a perfect animal carrying pouch on the back
  • Has nice cushioning on the inside to keep you warm


  • The strange part does not have water resistance and gets by splashes

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Upland Hunting Jackets

As you are not buying a simple casual jacket, it is essential to think more about the specifications and features. You should have a jacket with enough storage pockets, good enough fabrics, and good isolation from cold weather. These are only several most important things to consider.

best pheasant hunting vest buying guide

Here in this review, we will know about more things to consider as an upland hunter.

 What is this Jacket Made of?

If you have gone through reviews of our picks on upland hunting jackets, you will see whether those are made of cotton or polyester. These two different fabrics have different properties, and they are going to act differently in different circumstances.

Cotton jackets will be the best if you are focusing more on comfort. If it is the summer, you should choose cotton jackets as those have better sweat management. The main drawback of a cotton jacket is the weight and heft. These are also bad at preventing water from coming inside.

Polyester is one of the best materials that you can choose to have better water resistance and more durability. Polyester fabrics are lightweight and mostly water-resistant by default. After exploring more, you will see that cotton is generally used in a jacket for isolating the heat, and polyester is used to make them water-resistant.

Does it Have Enough Carrying Pouches and Pockets?

Carrying pouches and pockets is another essential thing you should consider when you are purchasing a hunting jacket. If you require more storage space for carrying, you will have to have game pouches.

These are pockets that expand as you fill them up with your gadgets and accessories like shotgun bullets, shells, and other upland gears. If you have a hunting dog with you, then the extra pockets in the game pouch or game bag can come in handy.

In some of the jackets we mentioned here have chest pockets to accommodate more in a small space. For convenient storage, you will also find pockets with gun shell holders. If you are a duck hunter, this is going to come in handy.

Carhartt Men’s upland game hunting jackets have a unique storage package on the back that can be used as your upland hunt career. These might come helpful if you are only hunting ducks, turkeys, and small animals.

How Does the Jacket Fit?

Different companies make jackets with different measurements, and there will be size and style differences depending on the types of your hunting trip or what birds you are hunting. Different jackets will fit differently on your body.

The fit mainly differs because of the cushioning and sewing. It’s always recommended to have a jacket that has good space inside. This space is going to help you layer clothes inside your jacket. You should also check the reviews for a better understanding of the size offerings.

The Game Pouch is Going to be a Bonus for You

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Upland Hunting Jackets

If you are a professional upland bird hunter, you should look for an upland jacket with game pouches. Game pouches are big pouches that are designed to load a lot of things inside.

The game pouch might also have gun shell holders and secured flaps to keep your accessories organized and safe.

How Does it Perform in Cold Weather?

If you are getting an upland hunting jacket to use in cold weather conditions, it will be better to find better wind sealing all over the jacket.

Just so that win does not get inside of the jacket, the neck and waist should have elastic sealing. If you look at those reviews, you will see that those jackets have additional fabrics to seal up the deals for cold isolation.

Is it a Rainproof Jacket?

While you are looking for a rainproof upland bird jacket, you should look at the fabric and design. For the prevention of rainwater from getting inside of the jacket, the most helpful material is polyester. Some cotton fabrics are treated to be water-repellant.

Rainproofing is a choice only if you are planning to on a hike through rainforests or there are possibilities of hiking or hunting in the rain.

Other Attachments and Necessary Features

The market is full of hundreds of brands and thousands of choices to choose from. We are now going to pull up a review of six of the best jackets. You should not doubt the quality and performance of these jackets at all.

Hoods are optional choices if you are going on in extreme cold weather conditions. A hood will also be necessary if you have a rainproof jacket and you are fishing or hunting in the rain.

Some additional D rings with your upland game hunting jackets will enable you many possibilities. You can hand a carabiner clip with it, and that will let you carry more without having a backpack with you.

What is Considered an Upland Jacket?

What is Considered an Upland Jacket?

This is a term that most hunters and most hikers use to refer to as high-performance jackets. When a hiker tries to buy a jacket for trekking or hiking, that is mainly related to an upland jacket. Upland jackets will have better reinforcing fabrics.

All the sewing will be better than a regular jacket. You will also see several reinforcing fabrics here and there, like in the elbow area, armpits, and also on your sleeves.

When it is about upland hunting jackets, you will have to consider the pockets and storage spaces on those jackets. An upland hunting jacket will have a lot of storage pockets. Among all the pockets, the most essential pockets will be the game pockets. You can easily store a lot of things there.

An upland hunting jacket will also be more protective from cold weather conditions. Those jackets will have sound isolation from cold wind and better sweat management to keep everything dry.

If you are an upland bird hunter, you will see that many upland vest options are made to carry many things inside. To mimic the same facility, upland jackets have more storage spaces.

Upland Hunting Vest vs. Upland Hunting Jacket

We have already mentioned upland hunting vests. These are mainly carrying packs where you can accommodate all your needs and accessories.

You have to hang those upland vests on your sides or your front. The best upland hunting vests are never going to give you that isolation from the cold weather outside. Upland bird hunting jackets are the best solution in this case.

In terms of storage capacity, upland vests do have high-capacity pockets. You are going to store much stuff in those pockets where you are not able to stuff many things inside your upland jackets.

This is why storage pockets are a great consideration when buying upland game hunting jackets instead of a vest. It would help if you chose it wisely so that those pockets can carry many things inside game pockets to last a long hunting day.

Is it Necessary to Have a Hood On?

A hunting vest hood is always an optional thing for upland game hunting jackets. A hood will protect you from rain, and if it is too cold outside, you can easily manage the wind from getting around your ears, which will give you better isolation.

Though a hood with an upland jacket is going to help you a lot, it is still not a very good idea to spend a lot of money only on the hood itself.

If you want to go fancy, you can still get a jacket with adjustable and detachable hoods if you need one. Adjustable hoods will have lace on the front to isolate your ears from cold, windy situations.

What Do You Wear to Upland Hunting? Planning for Clothing

Since every big game hunt differs dramatically in its requirements, physical hardship, luggage and/or weight limitations, temperature range, and physical exertion, it is nearly impossible to define one set of hunting apparel that is right for every situation.

What Do You Wear to Upland Hunting

Throw in the anomaly that some guys are comfortable wearing a light fleece jacket when the temperature drops below freezing while others bundle up at the first hint of frost like they are going along with Shackleton to the South Pole, and you can forget about me recommending one set of clothing that is ideal for all situations, simply put it doesn’t exist.

Know Your Tolerance

Start by knowing your own tolerance for cold and heat, think about how much physical activity the hunt will entail and how you personally handle it, and then move on to thinking about the physical conditions of the hunt.

As stated above, hunts vary widely. A hunter planning on spending all day perched in a tree on a cold November day in Canada for whitetails is going to require far different apparel than one spotting and stalking antelope on the plains in early October.

But these are the extremes and consequently are easy to plan for. It is a pretty safe bet that you won’t get too much cold weather on the early season antelope hunt or any warm weather on the November deer hunt. This makes planning accordingly a straightforward task.

Middle Season Upland Hunting Clothing

Clothing planning gets more problematic during the middle season hunts, especially in mountainous countries. One day it can be 70 degrees and sunny, and the following day you can wake up to snow and freezing temperatures.

I have hunted all over, and I don’t think I can name one place that experiences such wild temperature and weather swings as high mountain country in the fall. All this makes packing the right clothing all the more critical.

The only way I have found to stay comfortable in widely swinging conditions is to dress in layers. Layering does several things, and it allows you to custom-tailor the outfit for the temperature; it allows you to shed excess layers if the temperature or activity level increases.

And if done correctly with the right material, it serves as a moisture management system, wicking moisture away from the body, where it would normally evaporate and cool the body, to the outer layers of the clothing, keeping the wearer warmer and drier.

Design Layering System Wisely

Design Layering System Wisely

When designing a layering system, start with the items closest to the skin personally; always wear a base laver made from a high-tech wicking material – both top and bottom.

Base Layer

This base layer is generally thin, tight-fitting, and while it does not provide a lot of direct warmth or insulation, it reduces moisture next to the skin.

It is the fundamental building block for staying warm. Polypropylene, a synthetic material, has been my choice of base layer for a long time, but other natural materials such as merino wool and silk also work well.

After the base layer, I put on an insulation layer – generally a thick long underwear type of garment. Long underwear varies in thicknesses from thin silk to heavy fleece “expedition” weight to quilted down.

Select the one that best meets your hunt’s requirements. If it is a typical fall hunt, I will wear just a mid-weight set of long underwear tops and bottoms over my lightweight base layer and am fine, but if the weather threatens to be cold, I select the heavier fleece models or even thin quilted down if I plan to be very sedentary. There will be some of the

Middle Layer

The middle clothing (often called “layering clothes”) comes next. The purpose of this layer is to create airspace, which retains warm air near the body. I like windproof fleece, wool, or down in a jacket or a vest.

My choice between these three materials really depends upon how cold it is and if I am trying to keep weight and size to a minimum (down is the lightest and most packable of all the insulating materials, but it does have some drawbacks).

Outer Shell for Upland Bird Jacket

After the layering clothes, it is time to choose an outer shell. Suppose I know the hunt is going to be extremely cold and my activities relatively sedentary. In that case, I will pick a waterproof, windproof, insulated parka and bibs along with upland shirts and upland hunting boots.

I feel an extra-long parka combined with bibs is the best combination as the extra length creates an overlapping insulated area around your mid-section and kidneys. This is extremely important for retaining core body heat, which in turn keeps fingers and toes warm.

If I don’t anticipate the weather being extremely cold, I wear a non-insulated but windproof and waterproof parka and upland hunting bibs or jacket and pant combo most of the time.

I have hunted in this combination with temperatures well down into the single digits and as high as the low 70’s by shedding inner layers. The most excellent thing about this system is its flexibility.

If the weather is warm and raining, you can store the inner insulating layer and even the long underwear inside your pack and wear the wicking base layer and waterproof outer layer to stay dry and comfortable. When the weather turns cold or when you

Strop hiking, you can put all the insulation layers back on and remain comfortable for several hours of inactivity.

Materials for Upland Hunting Jacket

Materials for Upland Hunting Jacket

Like many other items in the hunting industry for waterproof upland hunting jackets, pants, and upland hunting clothing, the materials we use for outdoor clothing have made revolutionary strides since World War II.

Pre-WWII hunters didn’t have many synthetics, and their choices were pretty much limited to wool, down, leather, cotton, and silk.

Today hunters have hundreds of material choices, with more coming out of labs every day. In many cases, these materials are excellent for a select purpose and can replace materials of yesteryear, but many hunters know nature’s own “homegrown” items are still in use and excelling even in today’s world of synthetic textiles.

Below is a run-down of the pros and cons of most of the more common materials available to outdoors enthusiasts.

Wool for Jacket

Nothing is more classic than an old picture of turn of the century upland bird hunters clad in red and black checkered wool mackinaws. Those old-time hunters knew wool kept out the cold, wet or dry, and it still does today. Wool is an excellent choice for keeping hunters warm afield, and it has many advantages and only a few drawbacks.

First off, wool is an excellent insulator, and it is one of the best materials for retaining heat when wet.

Wool is one of the oldest and most proven upland vests for hunting. It blocks the wind, retains heat when wet, and serves as an excellent insulator. Newer wool garments have successfully laminated with a waterproof membrane making possibly the perfect clothing.

It does a fair job of blocking wind, especially in the heavier weights, but still breathes exceptionally well, wicking moisture away and out of the garment. But wool can be heavy both on the scale and on the wallet. Premium wool manufacturers get top dollar for their garments, so they may not fit the budget.

In addition, wool is hard to make waterproof. However, in very recent years, it has been laminated with other materials, coated, and treated to be water-resistant and, in some cases, waterproof.

Down Fabric for Hunting Jacket

Natural down, plucked from prime northern geese, is hard to beat when it comes to weight versus warmth insulation. It has one of the highest lofts of all insulation. From my experience, I can tell that insulation is an important aspect of winter hunting and down jackets are the perfect hubs for it.

It insulates extremely well when used correctly in a garment and weighs very little if it weren’t for its high cost and nearly complete loss of insulating properties when wet; it may be the ultimate insulator.

Even so, when I am looking to go light on a trip or have limited packing space, one of my most often used garments is a premium northern goose-down bird hunting vest.

It packs up inside its own cargo pockets stuff sack, takes up about as much space as a rolled-up pair of heavy wool socks, and has always kept me very warm as long as it is worn under a waterproof outer layer.

Cotton/Canvas for Upland Hunting Clothing

Cotton/Canvas for Upland Hunting Clothing

Every year in some camp, I see a hunter heading afield with a cotton undershirt, cotton long underwear as a base layer, or denim jeans, and to be honest, I just shake my head and wonder why.

Cotton, for most hunting purposes, is a really bad idea. It has nearly no insulating properties and is not waterproof or even resistant in its natural state.

When wet, it loses any insulating properties it may have had and wicks moisture about on par with a stone.

With the minimal exception of some of the waxed cotton used as an outer shell, such as the Filson products, or for a very early season warm, day hunts (early season archery deer and antelope hunts come to mind), avoid cotton when it comes to most serious backcountry adventures.

Silk for Liners, Socks, Base Layers Instead of a Hunting Jacket

Silk is a natural fiber derived from the silkworm and has a long history in garment making. It is not used as much anymore due to high manufacturing costs and cheaper synthetics that essentially provide the same benefits.

Silk is still a viable option for sock liners and base layer type clothing because it is comfortable to wear and wicks moisture well.

Gore-Tex Fabric for Upland Game Hunting Jackets

At one time, Gore-Tex had the patent and subsequently the market on waterproof-breathable membrane material. In recent years as the patent has expired, several other companies have introduced their own waterproof breathable membranes that work as well at a lower cost.

This section covers all waterproof-breathable membrane materials. The theory behind all of the upland bird jacket and clothing fabric is that a synthetic “rubbery” membrane is laminated or “hung” inside a garment, which has billions of small holes in it. It also helps better passing through the bush of the jungle.

The holes are large enough to let out water vapor generated from your body while small enough to keep out water droplets from the outside. In theory, this works well and has literally changed the way we look at waterproof garments.

This material can be used in conjunction with a wide array of other materials creating a soft, quiet, flexible garment that is waterproof. Whether it is for upland game jackets or upland hunting pants, the fabric comes in handy. As far as breathability is concerned, this is the only flaw.

The only serious downside is that while technically breathable, none of the membranes are highly breathable, and moisture may and often collect inside the garment. Better than rubber or PVC products, breathable membranes are still imperfect, but they are the best available to date.

As a side note, many of the manufacturers today recognize this problem. They create garments with wicking liners to get the moisture away from the skin and incorporate ventilation zippers to allow excess moisture to escape.

Rubber for Additional Water Resistance

Rubber has been around for a long time, but the addition of other waterproof options has fallen out of favor. It still has its place in the upland and bird hunting fields. For really wet weather, nothing works quite as well as a heavy-duty outer layer of commercial-grade rubber bibs and parka.

Rubber doesn’t absorb any moisture, weighs other garments down, and dries completely and quickly when hung in any tent with modest heat. This also helps to keep water beading off.

Also, this is something that cannot be said for more modern laminated waterproof membrane garments as they are generally bonded to a fleece nap material that absorbs water.

I found this out the hard way on an Alaska spring bear hunt. My waterproof breathable membrane garments did keep me dry but were still wet on the outside, cold, clammy, and heavy the next day (the little stove in the wall tent didn’t circulate enough heat to even come close to drying them out).

The guide’s all rubber suits were completely dry. For quartering or packing game and capes, rubber bibs don’t absorb blood or grime and can quickly be washed off with a few handfuls of stream water.

The downside to rubber is that it rots, it is heavy, it is not very flexible, and it will feel cold and clammy to the touch.


While you are buying the best upland jackets for hunting, you should consider them as an investment for your hunting career. A great jacket can cost from fifty dollars to five hundred dollars. The specifications will be different, the materials and storage capacity will differ from model to model.

Keep in mind that you should layer your clothes properly to keep you warm in any situation. You have to layer the lighter layers inside and keep the rough and tough ones on the most outer layer.

While you are keeping your gadgets and accessories in your storage pockets, you should keep them organized to don’t damage each other. You can still take suggestions from professional hunters around you to choose an excellent upland hunting jacket.

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