How to Build a BB Gun Shooting Range: Steps and Guidances

BB gun or air rifle won’t shoot that far like other guns, so using it will be a great way to practice your shooting, especially in winter or any shooting season. It is an excellent gun for target shooting, and you can improve your shooting skill.

Build a safe shooting space in your garage, attic, basement, or even in your room if it has at least 25 to 50 feet of space. You can also use your backyard as practice with a bb gun is safe and inexpensive, and you do not need to use any hard or metal things as a target.

Here are these steps quick:

  • Setting up the backstops
  • Making the layout of the shooting range
  • The pattern of the shooting range
  • Making the right height of the range
  • Setting up the position for indoor and outdoor shooting
How to Build a BB Gun Shooting Range

Steps on How to Build a BB Gun Shooting Range


It would be best to do some shopping before building an airsoft indoor shooting range. Such as,

  • Eye protection
  • Sandbag and gun rest
  • Sling
  • Matts
  • Bb traps
  • Cardboard box
  • Spotting scope
  • Ammo block
  • Hand gloves
  • Kneeling rolls
  • Shooting stand etc.

Step 1: Set the Backstops

A sandbag could be an excellent and acceptable backstop that prevents the BBs from ricocheting and secures the wall and side post. A BB or pellet trap could also work as a backstop that you can attach with plain cardboard. Some bb guns have proper power if it is a powerful lever-action gun.

Overlap it with a magazine or paper and fill every corner. As bbs bounce back when you fire, only a proper backstop will capture it.

Measure the target height and use milk crates to adjust it. You can also use hay bales to make a backstop. Set the target line at least 10 meters and mount the trap on a target line. Use secondary backstops to protect the building or wall, as primary backstops won’t work sometimes. You can use a tarp, canvas, or multiple layers of cloth behind the first trap.

Step 2: Make the Shooting Range Layout

First, measure the length of the range, use 3-inch broad line, then select the firing points area that you decided on before. The firing points area should depend on the shooting position that you are using. Each firing point should be 4 to 6 feet wide and 6 feet deep if using metal bbs using a full-auto bb gun.

Also, their distance should be far enough to prevent cross-firing. You can use any theme picture, animal pictures, or human-sized dummy as a target.

Step 3: Pattern

The overall pattern of the shooting range should include a check-in and exit point, a ready area, a target change point, etc. the shooting equipment, along with the proper bb gun for adults, should be kept in a safe place near to you. Keep a walkway behind the firing points so the instructor can stand there and notice your firing.

The target line will be in front of the wall. First, select a ready line in front of the wall on the opposite wall where the shooters can be prepared and prepare some time. Then select a firing line in front of the ready line where you have to stand, kneel or make any prone position. If you make 3 firing points, set each lane at least 4 feet away.

Step 4: Height of the Target for Indoor Pellet Shooting Range

Use the various height of the target to improve your skill. You can use an adjustable stand for your target to change the height. The center of the target should be more than 1 foot high from the ground so you can practice sitting and kneeling positions. For the standing position, set the target at 3 feet or more.

Step 5: Firing Position and Distance

The firing distance from the firing line should be 16 to 30 feet, and the depth of the firing position will be 8 feet. If you use a sniper bb gun for shooting, the firing distances will be longer.

Step 6: Proper Lighting

Your shooting range should have proper lighting, whether indoor or outdoor shooting to practice when the sun goes down or in low-light conditions. Do not make the range simple, and you can place special light on each of the targets.

Different states have different gun laws. Before building the shooting range on your private property, check the state gun laws. However, a BB gun does not harm much as it is not considered a full auto bb gun for self defense or at least a firearm, so most states permit shooting on your property.

Final Thought

Bb gun won’t make much noise to make the neighbor disturbed. You can regularly shoot in your range to improve your accuracy and skill. When you are confident enough to go to the next level, try shooting outside carefully, following the state laws.

You do not need to wear expensive shooting glasses and gloves for proper shooting safety, but do not forget to maintain them for this fun shooting.

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