Can I Install Pistol Sights Myself

When I brought my first gun and sights, I did not have left extra money to hire a gunsmith to install the pistol front and rear sights. I researched installing the handgun sights myself and watched a couple of videos.

Finally, when I did it without breaking anything, my confidence was super high, and I realized it was unnecessary to pay the gunsmith for installing sights.

Most of the pistol sights are easy to install on your own. It requires minimum tools, some of them come with sight adjustment tools, and you will learn something new for that purpose.

Can I Install Pistol Sights Myself

Here are some quick steps for installation of pistol sight myself:

  • Getting and gathering knowledge through research for installing a pistol sight
  • The reading and understanding of the user manual of the pistol
  • Buying required steel punch and replacement tools from a gun shop
  • Uninstalling a pistol sight or red dot night sight or red dot magnifier if already installed
  • Using sight pusher tool to install replacement sight

Read the article if you want to learn it in detail. 

Can You Install Pistol Sights?


You can easily install the pistol light or sights on yourself, but consider the cost, risk, and benefits before installing. Sometimes your mission could fail, and both your gun and sight could be broken. You have to use the right sight tools and must have knowledge about the technical terms and processes.

If the gun is expensive and you are installing it for the first time, it is better to hire a gunsmith and learn the process; then, you can try it later.

Installation Precautions 

A gunsmith has the experience, proper tools, and insurance, so it is not better to screw this up when you are not qualified to install. When you decide to install the pistol laser sight yourself, take time to do enough research and arrange proper tools.

You can start it with a cheap sight and gun for practice, then try the expensive one. The factory-installed sights are not enough to improve shooting skills.

What if Your Gun Do Not Have A Dovetail Slot 

If your pistol model does not have a dovetail slot, it is better to hire a gunsmith. Every sight comes with an instruction manual which you can follow to mouth the sights, but having dovetail cuts is essential.

Some weapons require specific tools and skills, so pay the gunsmith if you are not confident or skilled enough. Gunsmiths do not charge much. Also, you can save some bucks to save the gun from damage.

Installing the Rail 

If the rail can be easily installed on your gun, you can give it a try. You can easily remove the factory sight with a nylon punch, brass punch, a solid mallet, sight punch, drift punches, or a small vise. Use adjustable sights and dovetailed sights. Then use the proper sighting equipment rear sight tool to install.

How Long does it Take to Install Sights on a Glock?

Glock night sights installation is a couple of minutes job. It does not require an expensive sight pusher or other gunsmithing tools. You will find the minimum sight tools around you to install it within 15 minutes. Glock night sight installation also takes the same time.

How Much does it Cost to Put Iron Sights on a Rifle?

The cost of installing iron sights on a rifle depends on some things such as cost of labor, tool price, etc. if the installing process is easy, the gunsmith does not have to drill the gun for attaching rail; it will cost $150 to $200.

The iron sights cost between $50 to $200. The iron sights cost between $50 to $200. If the smith has to make a dovetail, the price will be $50

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