How to Change Battery on Red Dot Sight Easily? Replacement Tips

Using red dot sight is very beneficial for any firearm. You will learn sight alignment to get a good sight picture, so most of the shooter wants to own this. Red dot requires some essential maintenance, and one of them is changing the battery. The sight battery is no longer lasting, so you have to change it.

Changing the battery on the red dot sight is very easy using a few tools like parroting lock and using normal smaller wrenches by twisting the knobs. The batteries are cheap, so you can buy the new one at any time.

How to Change Battery on Red Dot Sight

How to Change the Red Dot Battery


You will need a parroting lock, wrench, and a new battery for battery replacement for red dots used in different guns and CO2 pistols. The sight and red dot have an accessible battery compartment and battery cap counter. First, unpack the new battery and grab the battery knob with a lock. Then grab the top with a wrench and twist the screw-on battery cover slowly to loosen the knob. Do not overtwist the knob; otherwise, it will break.

When the knob is loose, remove the wrench and twist it with your hand until the battery compartment access cap comes out. After that, put the lid back and twist it with your hand until it’s tightened. Take out the dead battery from the battery compartment and put the fresh battery there. Then check the brightness setting, windage, and elevation adjustment.

Does a Red Dot Sight Take Batteries?

Yes, a red dot sight will usually use a battery for proper functioning. They normally use button batteries, which can ensure you will use the batteries for a long time without bothering to change them. 

What Kind of Battery Goes in a Red Dot Sight?

The red dot scope uses the LR44/AG13 Alkaline button and CR2032 battery, which is round in battery size and shape and is used in sig lasers for the target. The batteries are very cheap, like 4 to 8$. It is a ruggedized battery that looks like a coin.

How Long Does Battery Last in Red Dot Sight?

The durability of the battery depends on the brand. Some batteries last 50,000 hours, and some high-quality batteries previous 150,000 hours, which means an almost 5-year battery life. It also depends on brightness adjustment. 3 volt coin-style lithium battery can use too.

Where Is The Battery On a Red Dot?

The different brand of rifle scope and right magnifiers has additional battery compartment space. Some battery compartment is held inside the illumination control, and some are on the top of the device.

The battery compartment looks almost the same in every red dot sight, has a maximum of 6 levels, and the brightness works when you rotate the battery compartment knob.

How to Change the Battery On the Tasco Red Dot Sight

The Tasco red dot sight has a battery compartment at the top of the device. The knob has a small cut where you can set the head of the screw to rotate it. Keep rotating the knob with the screwdriver until it loosens and comes out. Take out the knob and remove the battery from it.

Put the new battery on the compartment, put back the cap, and rotate the battery cover counter until it tightens. The process is almost identical for the axion, Ncstar, and other red dot sights.

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