Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sig P365: OWB, Appendix, Leather

When it comes to self-defense weapons, one of the most popular picks for people is the Sig P365. This micro-compact pistol has made a spot in the heart of most people who want a powerful and compact firearm.

Well, even though the form factor of the pistol is pretty compact, things can get pretty tricky if you want to conceal carry it. Either the magazine or the barrel will stick out. And that is where the best-concealed carry holster for Sig P365 steps in.

With that, people will have a hard time figuring out whether you are armed or not. That can turn most situations in your favor. And if you stick till the end of this article, getting such a holster will be a piece of cake for you.

Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband)...
DeSantis Mini Slide Holster, Premium Gun...
ANR Design SIG P365 Conceal Carry Kydex...
CrossBreed Holsters MiniTuck IWB...
Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband)...
DeSantis Mini Slide Holster, Premium Gun...
ANR Design SIG P365 Conceal Carry Kydex...
CrossBreed Holsters MiniTuck IWB...
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Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband)...
Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband)...
DeSantis Mini Slide Holster, Premium Gun...
DeSantis Mini Slide Holster, Premium Gun...
Amazon Prime
ANR Design SIG P365 Conceal Carry Kydex...
ANR Design SIG P365 Conceal Carry Kydex...
CrossBreed Holsters MiniTuck IWB...
CrossBreed Holsters MiniTuck IWB...

Reviews of the 7 Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sig P365


Best Concealed Carry Holster for Sig P365

Most of the offerings out there will claim that they are the best concealed carry holster for pistols. But in reality, not all of them will be comfortable or easy to use.

That is why we have done hands-on testing with all of the holsters that seemed promising to us. And these are the ones that stood out:

1.  Fierce Defender IWB Holster Kydex – Best Overall

The Fierce Defender brand is well-known for offering great holsters for the money. And this sig p365 concealed carry holster can properly illustrate how good they are.

The first thing that makes this a good pick for the best p365 concealed carry holster is its build quality. It is made of Kydex material, which is reasonably sturdy and long-lasting. The unique molding process that the brand has opted for will make it a snug fit for the P365, comparing it with defender leather iwb holster and any other pocket holsters or ankle holsters.

There are adjustable retentions present as well in this IWB Holster. Those will let you get a perfect fit for the magazine and the firearm. And it even went through the CNC machine process, which is well-known for offering accurate fittings.

It also has a flared opening. That will make re-holstering a breeze. Also, there are three different color options available. Each of these sig p365 holster options looks great and blends well with other clothing.


●       Made of durable materials

●       It offers a snug fit for concealed carry needs

●       Has retention mechanisms

●       Available in three color options

●       Features a flared opening

●       Holster fits perfectly


●       Has sharp corners

●       The retention belt might be a bit too lose for some units

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2. DeSantis Gunhide Mini Slide – Best Leather Holster

On the hunt for the best sig p365 leather holster? You need to take a look at what DeSantis is offering here.

To start with, it features a construction of premium leather rather than carbon fiber that makes it look good and exceptionally durable. There are double seams on the body, making it last long without showing any structural issues.

You will not have to worry one bit about the fit. The brand has paid proper attention to every detail during the molding process. As a result, this sig Sauer holster can offer a great overall fit.

Another thing that makes this holster for sig p365 xl with Romeo zero stand out is the adjustable tension system. With that, you can effortlessly adjust the overall fit. Also, the belt slots are reasonably comprehensive.


●       Made of premium leather

●       Durable and looks suitable for sig Sauer

●       Easy to carry concealed Sig Sauer

●       This IWB holster offers a snug fit

●       Adjustable tension system for any carry style

●       Features wide belt slots

Suitable for right-hand shooters


●       No color options are available

●       The belts feel a bit flimsy in this leather holster

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3. ANR Design SIG P365 – Best Kydex IWB Holster

If you search for the right p365 holster Reddit, you will notice that many users recommend the options that have multiple standard belt clip options. And this offering from ANR is an excellent example of that.

What makes one of the best Kydex IWB holster options is its adjustability and the high-quality Kydex.

As we mentioned, this best sig p365 holster comes with both 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches belt clip options. These two standard belt clips will make it easier for you to wear the sig p365 IWB holster.

There are adjustable retentions present as well with these Kydex holsters. Those will make the task of snuggly fitting the gun inside feel effortless for fulfilling any concealed carry needs. The retention of this IWB holster also has rubber grommets, allowing you to change the draw retention according to your preference.

Its overall construction is made of thick Kydex material. Such material will make this unit last for an extended time without showing any issues. Also, the team has a tall sweat guard, which can mitigate sweat effectively.


●       This IWB holster has two standard belt loop clips

●       This sig Sauer holster features adjustable retentions

●       The retentions have rubber grommets

●       Made of high-quality Kydex with claw compatible

●       Sports tall sweat guard for gun owners

●       This Kydex holster Offer a great carry position

●       Excellent concealed carrier


●       The block on the claw might be too big for some users

●       Not that easy to adjust this IWB holster

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4.     Crossbreed Holsters MiniTuck IWB

We have another option that is an excellent pick for the best sig p365 comfortable holster. And it is from Crossbreed, a company that is pretty well-known for offering great sig p365 holsters for the money. But what can this offer?

First of all, the overall construction of this sig Sauer holster is made of high-quality cowhide leather. The molding is of Kydex. These two materials make the unit achieve a high overall build quality for concealed carrying a sig p365 gun.

The iwb holsters design is tuned for the right-hand drawing process. And if you prefer the right-hand draw method, it will be the most comfortable sig p365 holster. Even the waistband is highly adjustable.

Other than that, there are flexible steel belt clip options. Those will offer further modification freedom. You can quickly get a snug and tight overall fit. Also, the color coating is pretty stealthy.


●       Made of high-quality cow leather

●       Durable and long-lasting for sig Sauer

●       Comfortable iwb holster for everyday carry

●       It can fit both regular-sized and compact handgun

●       Features a right-hand draw design

It comes with a lifetime warranty

●       Has adjustable steel belt clips for concealment express


●       It might scuff the side with this iwb holster

●       The spring keepers feel a bit flimsy

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5.     Alien Gear ShapeShift – Best Sig P365 appendix holster

Among all, the best holster for sig p365 xl Romeo zero would be the one that offers a lot of freedom in terms of customization. And this offering from Alien Gear Holsters is one of them.

The brand has opted for a custom molding process to offer a perfect fit. As a result, it can hold the firearm snugly and securely. You will not have to worry about the pistol falling while you are on the move.

Multiple adjustable systems present in this appendix carry the holster unit. The retentions can be adjusted according to the shape of the gun and your preference. And the part that makes this one of the best IWB holsters is that you will not require any tools to modify them.

Its design leans a lot on comfort. There is a proper back, and it features a flexible body. You will also find Neoprene material on the backing. This material will wick all of the sweat away and make the holster stay secure with your body.


●       Has gone through a custom molding process

●       Features adjustable systems with this appendix carry holster

●       The flexible mechanisms are tool-free

●       Comfortable to wear

●       Sports Neoprene backing to manage sweat


●       It might ship with missing parts

●       There might be a bit of heft to it

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6.  Bravo OWB – Best OWB for Comfort

Good build quality combined with a proper adjustment mechanism is something that we do not generally see in the market. However, if you were looking for the best holster for sig Sauer p365 with those features, check out this offering from Bravo.

First, let us talk about the build quality of these OWB holsters. The overall construction of this bravo concealment is of polymer. As the quality of the material is pretty high, this polymer holster achieves a high durability level. So, you can expect it to offer you an extended service.

Unlike some regular holsters, these owb holsters have a sweat guard. This bravo concealment guard will enhance comfort and ensure that the holster does not slide around when you sweat a little. Also, the color coating of the unit makes it pretty stealthy.

Thanks to the adjustable retention, you can adjust the overall fit of your holster. However, you will not need to work with intricate tools. Instead, all you will need is a Phillips screwdriver.


●       Features an excellent build quality

●       Long-lasting and highly durable

●       Has a sweat guard

●       Perfect holster for relentless tactical support

●       This owb holster offers a good amount of comfort

●       Features adjustable retentions


●       The retention has only two adjustable settings

●       No color options are available

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7. CYA Supply Co. Base IWB

Even though plenty of options will have adjustable retention, not all of them are easy to adjust. But that is not the case for this one.

The retention mechanism of this unit is highly adjustable. You can adjust it without needing any intricate tools. And unlike the other adjustable retention system, you can modify both the carry angle and pressure of the design on this one.

Compared with shoulder holsters, waistband holsters, or pocket holster models, IWB holsters are generally less comfortable. But this model is an exception. You will have a great fit with the ultimate comfort for sig Sauer p365.

As this unit has gone through the precise CNC process, the gun’s fit will be pretty snug inside the holster. You will not have to worry about the p365 falling while mobile with these iwb holsters.

This is an excellent pick for the best IWB holster for sig p365 with a manual safety. Why? It has a Posi-Click locking mechanism, which will offer you an audible click to let you know that the firearm is secure and is in place.


  • Features a highly adjustable retention mechanism
  • Offers the ability to modify the carry angle
  • Provides a snug fit for sig Sauer p365 and p365 sas
  • It has a locking mechanism
  • Easier to use than any waistband holster
  • The locking mechanism offers an audible click when engaged


  • Its clip feels a bit flimsy
  • The build quality is not that praiseworthy

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Buying Guide for Concealed Carry Holster for Sig P365

Buying Guide for Concealed Carry Holster for Sig P365

After going through the sig p365 IWB holster reviews and OWB holster reviews, we believe that the choosing process has become much more manageable for you, right? Well, what if we told you that things could get much easier? Yes, it certainly can. But that would only be possible if you keep these factors in your mind:

Type of Gun Holsters

As you might know by now, there are mainly two types of sig Sauer holsters available. First, there are the IWB holsters, which stand for Inside the Waist Band. For these, you would need to carry the holster inside your pants. Secondly, the OWB holster stands for Outside the Waist Band. These will be outside your pants.

Other holsters are pocket holsters, ankle holsters, appendix holsters, and shoulder holsters. But these two are the major ones.

For concealed carry, the IWB would be the ideal pick. You can easily hide the holster by wearing a medium to long jacket on the top. However, IWB is not as comfortable as OWB. If you plan to wear long jackets, consider the OWB over the IWB because the comfort they can offer will surely be worth it.

Build Quality

Apart from the type, consider the overall construction of the holster. The brands will opt for leather, polymer, or Kydex for most cases. However, you need to understand that there are variations in the quality of pocket carry or IWB gun holsters. Some brands might even opt for low-quality materials to keep the price low.

That said, when the quality of the material is low, the durability level will be reasonably low. You will not be capable of using the holster daily, or else it will break or tear. So, if you want to get an extended service out of these holsters, opt for the ones that are of high-quality materials.

Fit and Design of this Sig Sauer Holster

Fit and Design of this Sig Sauer Holster

One of the crucial things that you would need to check for the holsters is the design and fit and material like nylon holsters or leather holsters they can offer. For this case, check the molding process. The more advanced and efficient the molding process, the better the design and fit will be. For example, the CNC machined ones can offer a precise fit.

On that note, a precise fit is crucial for the firearm to stay secure with the holster. If the fit is loose, the pistol might fall from your waist when sitting or getting up from a sitting position to carry positions. And that is something that you would not want.

Retention System

Next, consider the retention system. It will enhance the fit and allow you to adjust the fit to some degree. And you would want to have a certain level of adjustability. Without that, if the holster becomes loose over time, which leather holsters will become, you will not have to rush out to get a new one.

Belt of Concealed Carry and IWB Holster

You will rely on the belt to secure the holster to your belt. So, it needs to have some adjusting mechanism as well. Even though most of the adjustment settings will require just a Phillips head screwdriver, check whether you would need special tools for adjusting the instrument or not.

What Is the Most Comfortable Holster for the SIG P365?

For a holster to be comfortable, it needs to have a couple of traits. First of all, the design needs to conform to the shape of your waist. And in this case, the leather holsters will do a proper job. They will hug your waist and stay in place without offering you any discomfort.

Secondly, there should be a sweat guard. Over time, when you sweat with the holster on, it can start slipping. And that can make you uncomfortable. So, consider these two factors when looking for a holster SIG P365 and want something comfortable.

Is the SIG P365 Good for Concealed Carry?

Is the SIG P365 Good for Concealed Carry

Yes, the SIG P365 is an excellent firearm for concealed carry. Concealed-carrying holster models feature a much smaller and compact form factor compared to most other pistols. As a result, you will be capable of fitting them under your belt without facing that many issues.

However, get a holster if you take things up a notch. Consider picking the comfortable and durable holsters for P365, or else you will not have a great user experience.

Is It Safe to Carry a SIG P365 with a Round in the Chamber?

As you might know by now, some of the SIG P365 versions do not have any safety features. For that reason, it will not be safe for you to carry the P365 with rounds in the chamber. Accidents can happen, and if the gun goes off while it is pointing towards someone or you, it can cause injury and death.

For that reason, we would highly recommend picking the best IWB holster for sig p365 with manual safety. That will make it possible to carry the gun concealed and let you have the pistol with rounds in the chamber.

What Holsters Fit Sig P365?

There are loads of holsters out there that will be capable of accommodating the ever-so-famous P365. Some of the holsters can even adjust the spare magazine to accommodate red dot sights and more.

However, it would be better to get the ones specifically for the firearm, not with any mp shiel or mag carrier option. Why? In most cases, the others will not be capable of offering a snug fit. And without a snug fit, the pistol will not stay secure in the holster.

If the pistol does not stay secure inside the holster, it can fall and go off. That will cause accidents, injuries, and most importantly, deaths. For that reason, it is pretty much essential to pick the right holster for the gun.

Final Words

Yes, the SIG P365 is a pretty compact gun. The compact nature does make it easy to carry. But trust us; with the best-concealed carry holster for sig p365, taking it in the concealed manner becomes much more manageable. And we can assure you that each of the options we have gone through is precisely that.

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