What Is a Deep Cycle Battery?

One of the most asked questions I see in the fishing boat forums is, “what is a deep cycle battery?

Well, understanding the battery type is important if you are using it for regular services. Especially if you are an outdoor person, who is looking to use these batteries for vehicles, then knowing them is necessary. However, many people think all batteries are the same the internal attributes are different.

And some of those differences make a battery better than others. If you are searching for a battery like exide edge fp agm24d  for camping or trolling, definitely you are actually searching for a deep cycle battery. The batteries that are designed to frequently thoroughly discharged using the maximum capacity are deep cycle batteries. So, it can also be used as a top trolling motor battery.

Types of Deep Cycle batteries


Let us lead you straight to the point. There are several types of deep cycle batteries available. They are AGM deep cycle batteries, Gel deep cycle batteries, and Lithium-Ion deep cycle batteries.

1. AGM Batteries:

These are the deep cycle batteries that come with AGM technology. These batteries absorb the electrolyte into a glass matt. So, you will have leak-free batteries for technology. These batteries are completely airtight, safe, and easy to carry from one place to another.

deep cycle battery agm

You can set up these batteries easily and safely inside boats, cars, or other vehicles. AGM technology assures that you do not have to maintain the battery; AGM technology does it for you.

2. Gel Batteries:

A gel deep cycle battery (gel cell) is the battery, which is a sealed and valve coordinated lead-acid deep cycle battery that uses gel electrolyte. Gel batteries can eliminate the electrolyte evaporation and have a higher shock, vibration, and extreme temperature resistance.

3. Lithium-Ion Batteries:

These are the next-gen of solar batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries are not like traditional batteries. It has brought a revolution in the plate attached to energy storage systems.

Deep Cycle Battery Working Process

The main difference between deep cycle batteries and other batteries is the energy discharging amount and the process of it. Deep cycle batteries discharge a huge amount of capacity. This “deep discharge” is famous for a big amount of current in a short period. Where the other batteries discharge a little.

Nearly all the deep cycle batteries have a unique design to discharge between 45% and 75% of the capacity. These discharges occur without harming themselves a bit. It depends on the manufacturer and the manufacturing that how much is the “safe” amount of discharging the energy.

There are some batteries, which can discharge 45% of their capacity; when others can discharge equals or more than 75% of their capacity without having any negative consequence of their further performance.

Most of the deep cycle batteries available are lead-acid batteries. Moreover, one can recycle these batteries on reuse, 98% by its volume, and 99.5% by its weight. Many people recover the lead grids, plastic cases, sulfuric acid for reuse in different usages. The paper divider that wraps the grids is the only part that cannot be recycled.

Uses of Deep Cycle Batteries

Generally, people use deep cycle batteries on the motors that need durable, a constant supply of power. To know, “what is a deep cycle battery”, you should also keep an eye on how they are used. The difference between car, deep cycle, and lead-acid batteries is withing their uses.

A trolling motor, for example, uses electricity to generate the propellers; a deep cycle battery can serve you the best. You can connect more than one battery in series as a power source for larger and powerful motors.

Small vehicles like golf carts, electrical wheelchairs, forklifts, etc. also use deep cycle batteries as their source of power. Many appliances and navigational gadgets of a water vehicle use deep cycle batteries.

There are different fishing sites around California and other parts of the world that can maximize the batteries. Such as boats get power from deep cycle batteries when the motors are disabled or inactive.

Sometimes, deep cycle batteries are used to store solar and some other renewable energy system.

Amp Hours and Deep Cycle Battery Charging

Amp-hour is a unit to measure the volume of energy delivered by a battery within an hour. For example, a 10 Ah (Amp Hour) rated battery can supply 10 amp of current over one hour. The deep cycle marine batteries are small rated 25-50Ah and larger ones normally rated 100Ah.

deep cycle battery charging

Source: volusion.com

A deep cycle battery charging mainly depends on the AH it stores inside the battery. If you divide it with the amp rating, you can then easily estimate how much time it will take for charging itself.

But you need to prevent the battery from overcharging. It can damage the cells and also reduce battery life.

Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance

Maintenance of the deep cycle batteries has its own needs to have excellent services out of it. Deep cycle batteries can be from different technologies. First, you need to consider the battery type and then determine how to maintain the deep cycle battery.

If the manufacturers make these batteries with AGM technology, then maintaining it will be very easy. These gel-like cells within the batteries do not need regular liquids to run. But you need to check up the battery unit at least once in months also to be super safe.

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If your battery is made with lead-acid, then you need to put liquid in it regularly. Always, keep an eye that the battery does not get empty.
In every kind of deep cycle battery maintenance, you need to keep it in a better space. Also, you need to prevent the battery from suffocating. prevent the battery from overheating and overcharging.

Final Thought

When asking “what is a deep cycle battery?” One must understand the basic information and technologies of the battery. Then they should know about the battery type? And how the batteries work? It will help them to understand and maintain it for better service.

If you are into a trolling motor and in a need of powering it, a deep cycle battery is a perfect choice. Also, if you want it to store power generated by the renewable power system, a deep cycle battery is the exact solution. We hope we could help you with the above discussion.

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