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How to Clean an Air Rifle at Home Using Cleaning Kit, Solvent & Normally

Cleaning at airgun regularly increases durability and accuracy. When a shooter knows the inner section of his weapon, he would find out the problems and know what to do or how to solve them. Cleaning an air gun means not only cleaning the parts but also inspecting them and preventing damage. You do not need […]

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Duck Hunting 101: How to Hunt Ducks for Beginners

For generations, Wingshooter has held the various waterfowl species found in their region in high reverence. There’s just something about duck and goose hunting that stirs something within us. Perhaps it’s the beauty of a breathtaking sunrise or the anxious twitch of a well-trained retriever. Whatever the reason, the tradition of waterfowl hunting has stood […]

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Duck Hunting Decoy Tips & Tricks on Spread: How to Set on a River & Pond

The era of the modern decoy, however, was born with the age of the market gunner. This happened especially during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. With time, duck hunting has changed a lot. Modern people like to try different techniques, hunting equipment, and hunting decoy tips for a better experience. Though we deplore […]

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