Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight Review

The bow sight is an essential accessory that makes all compound bows complete. They are also known as bow scope.  And while reviewing different top-class bow sights, I have come across the Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight for hunting. This scope is an excellent tool for hunting with bows.

The Field Logic IQ bow sight 5 pin works superbly to provide perfect performance during hunting. Utilizing the maximum power of a compound bow makes a hunter perform at his maximum efficiency. Particularly this bow sight is the tool that we can’t ignore because it helps you sight at those targets several yards away.

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight Review


Field Logic has brought an impressive technology to their new IQ 5 pin sight. If you are looking for a sight with awesome performance and high quality, then this site is perfect for you to check out. This scope comes with some very efficient features like the retina lock technology, adjustable axis and durability to provide stable sight during intensive bow hunting sessions.

If you are interested more, then you can surely check out the information and reviews of the Field Logic IQ 5 bow sight below.

Retina Lock Technology

Retina Lock Technology is a revolutionary and trademark technology which is very popular among the archers because it helps to extend the effective range. It also helps you to improve every aspect of your aiming abilities.

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Sight features

There’s a perfect alignment for your every shot as it has the ability to control form during hunting. It works with the muscle memory and consistency of a bowman to make him shoot at a longer distance that was impossible before.

This can also help to eliminate any jerky motions which might hamper your aim. With that technology, you can make perfect shots both close up and at a distance. Retina Lock Technology is really very helpful for shooting at longer distances with pinpoint accuracy.

Adjustable Axis:

The 2nd axis of that sight is adjustable. It’s a unique feature and not all the bow sights have this feature. It’s very easy to mount it on a compound bow. The 2nd axis is very simple to adjust. With this sight, you will never need to use any peep again. Even you can make accurate groupings. It’s always an advantage whether you are shooting target or hunting like the one we see in the rimfire scopes and other sights in hunting.

The 2nd axis adjustment is all about “leveling the level” just to make sure that the sight level is working properly. As this sight comes with 5 pins and each one can be easily adjusted, you can make perfect shots vertically and horizontally. The 2nd axis is much better to use when taking vertical shots, either on a tree stand or from uphill.

0.019 Fiber Optic Pins of Field Logic IQ 5

Hunters usually go hunting in the daylight for safety and clarity of vision. That doesn’t mean everyone does this in the daytime. If you need to hunt in the early morning or late at night, then you must look for a sight including fiber optics. The pins of the sight are specially made of fiber optic cable.

They are either there behind or around the pin. As the cable gets longer, the pins become brighter. The .019 fiber optic pins will provide you with plenty of light, which will help you while lining up with the target. With this, you can easily see through your scope in any kind of lighting condition or even in darkness.

Durability & Sight Level:

The sight itself is specially made of aluminum. The use of an aluminum body makes it very strong and durable. Moreover, the sight levels are very helpful to know if you’re targeting the victim parallel to the ground or straight ahead.

They also make your shots more consistent as you’ll be able to know immediately if you’re doing it at another angle. The sight has a built-in bubble level and the diameter of the aperture is around 2 inches.


  • Comes in a very lightweight to carry easily during hunting
  • Does not require any batteries for using this bow sight
  • Micro-adjustment knobs help to lock the target rather easily
  • Has dual-position mount, which increases the flexibility of hunting
  • Available in both right- or left-hand helping all of the shooters
  • Comes with a high and perfect Built-in level for construction
  • Adjustable pin positions
  • No tools required for adjustments
  • Easy to use during the bow hunting sports for the features
  • Has Money back guarantee with this sight


  • Can occasionally crack
  • Can be tricky for beginners to use the Retina Lock

Final Thoughts

This can be overwhelming especially for beginners. However, once you can master multitasking between pins and the Retina lock, you will be shooting tight groups. It’s highly recommended to buy that sight for the best hunting experience.

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