How to Fish After Heavy Rain – Fishing in Murky Water

Nature and weather both are unpredictable. While you are on a fishing trip, you should also consider the heavy rain condition. Knowing how to fish after heavy rain can be a tremendous advantage for anglers. Sometimes, when you prepare your time for fishing and heavy rains happen, it can easily swing the mood as all of your preparation has gone to waste.

But not if you know, you have a chance for angling after rain as well. You need to prepare some of the steps and go fishing.

How to Fish After Heavy Rain

How to Fish After Heavy Rain in Murky Water


Heavy rain can change your fishing techniques, and knowing how to fish after heavy rain can upgrade your expertise in different types of fishing. So, let us look at a bit on this fishing style.

There is More to the Front than Rain

You need to understand that fishing on the spot after a rain may not be about the rain. The rain is a sign that a front has gone through that place. The front passing may be more reliant on the fishing. It is vital to follow up on weather reports and monitor the fronts gone by your fishing spots. Rain will not always be there for you to keep track of shows.

Find Covered Area

After the rain or storm is over, often the sun will come out with glittering sunshine. After the rain and overcast, the shine makes the fishes swim tighter to avoid the shine. If you are fishing in this situation, you will find most fish closer to the cover. So, just changing the position of the lure can help you fish after heavy rain quite quickly.

Put the lures closer to the cover, where they will be, and bite your bait. So, if you know there will be heavy rain, find yourself a fishing place that contains good cover;

If you find that kind of a place, you will know most of the fishes are in that place and see where you need to put your lures. Fishes will be gathering there when the sun lights the area, improving your fishing chances and performance.

covered fishing area

Temperature of the Rain

Temperature is another most important aspect to pay attention to when fishing after heavy rain. The temperature of the rain may create a difference. If the heavy rain is warm-tempered spring rain, you are more likely to notice that the fishes are rapidly turning on.

It will be easier if you go fishing after a nice warm rain. Warm rain makes the water warmer, making the fishes more active and easier to go after the fishes. You will also enjoy the time with the fresh weather and bait the fish after these kinds of rain with your different types of spinning and spincast fishing reels.

But if it is a cold rain, the subsequence will be adverse. As the freezing rain falls on the water, the average temperature of the water decreases. So, the activity of the fish drastically reduces, and it is so hard to engage fish at that time. It won’t be a good experience if you go fishing after a cold rain.

Role of Intensity After a Heavy Rain

The intensity of the rain plays a massive role in fish positioning. If the heavy rain makes the fishing area muddy, you will find it challenging to find fish there to catch. It’s a big problem. Cause fish will not take lures for the murky, muddy water, your chances of catching fish will reduce in this condition.

Temperature of the Rain for Fishing

So, you need to be a bit smart for fishing after heavy rain. Find the place where the muddy areas and more precise areas combine. You will more likely find fish in those areas because fishes tend to move from murky areas to clearer areas to find food. Just stay focused and calm; place your lure into the proper spot, you will have a better response.

If the rain causes the water level to rise, it is good news for you because you will find fish closer to the bank. When the water level increases, fishes move to the shallow area. If the water level drops, they move to the deeper regions, making fishing difficult.


Knowing your fishing spot is a must to score well. So, analyze the nature of the lake or the place you like to fish. It will allow you to find the perfect spot for each situation. You will know where to go to find the fish.

The Key Notes

  • If the sun shines after rain, stay near cover
  • After the warm rain, activeness of the fishes will increase
  • If the rain is cold, fishes will be less active
  • Intense rain? Search for the edge of muddy places where fishes gather to find food
  • The rise of the water level? Fish will come near bank
  • Fall of the water level? Fish will go deeper
  • Research and know the nature of your lake


After all those years of fishing, I still do not like the wet and rainy weather. Although the environment after the heavy rain remains fresh, many other anglers can love that time for reeling in fish. My tips on fishing after heavy rain are for those anglers who will love fishing in any condition, and I hope this article will help them.

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