Fish Hunter Directional 3D Review

Fish Hunter Directional 3D Review

Fishing has changed its shape a lot with the introduction of modern technology. Fish Hunter is famous for manufacturing wireless portable fish finders. Nowadays there are a lot of varieties of fish finders available in the market. Fish hunter directional 3D is one of the best fish finders among them.

If you are looking for a high performing fish finder for a better result in fishing, then this item is a good choice for you. Coming with a great manufacture quality, this fish hunter also offers smart technology to make the whole fishing procedure easy and simple.

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Fish Hunter Directional 3D Review


The fish hunter directional is famous for its 5 powerful frequency transducers. You will also like the 5 sonar view option with mapping options.

This device is equipped all sort of fish catching tool in a ball-shaped sonar hardly a size of a baseball. I expressed my thoughts about this product below.

Casting of Fish Hunter

Casting of Fish HunterA 15 feet nylon cord comes with the fish hunter directional 3D. Use it as a leash and there is a small clip to attach the device with the cord. Let the device float around you. This makes using this fish hunter much comfortable and efficient.

You can also use a fishing rod and good setup of line to attach the fish hunter 3D device to cast. This device will work perfect with any kinds of line but you should consider a good one. Be careful about the line you use. It must be a good one. You really don’t want your device to break the line and float away.

Five Powerful Transducer

While using this fish finder, I was really surprised with the performance of this device. This device is equipped with 5 powerful transducers. Starting from 381kHz to 675kHz gives you perfect resolution and details of the fish. T

hese transducers increased the efficiency of scanning ability of the fish finder. So, you can easily detect fishes in the water even after the rain with much more perfection.

It offers a huge range of high-quality view modes. This device uses the 5 transducers to deliver highly detailed images of the readings. So, you will get clear data and information. So, this will reduce the hassle and make catching fish easier. It also helps to cover a large area scanning.

Smartphone and Tablet Compatible

Smartphone and Tablet CompatibleSome of the devices I used for fishing was really let down at first for their problem with compatibility. Well, the fish hunter directional company considered this issue and made a real improvement of their items.

The depth ranges of the Fish Hunter Directional 3D can go 160ft at max. While the ice fishing depth can handle up to 100 feet. So, you can go quite far with this excellent fish finder device without any problem.

This device is compatible with smartphones and tablets. You can connect your device with your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Both iPhones and Android supported phones are compatible. This takes away any kinds of compatibility issues perfectly. You just have to download the fish hunter app on the phone and install it.

Arm Straps and Neck Lanyard

One of the must-have features of fish finders is the waterproof facility. Without it, everything is irrelevant. Well, the phone case comes with the device is waterproof. There are 2 ways of carrying this with you.

First one is arm straps. There are two straps to loop your phone in the back of the phone case for you to wear it on the arm. These elastic straps are really comfortable. The phone will make a sound when the device catches fish and you can just have a glance on the phone and proceed.

The second one is a lanyard. Use this lanyard to clip the top of the phone case and wear it around the neck.

Map of the Fish Finder

Map of the Fish Finder

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Mapping is one of the best features comes with this device. I have used the Fish Hunter Directional 3D for a long time to find its ultimate ability and I was surprisingly happy with the coverage and resolution. Along with the excellent 5 incredible sonar view options, the bathymetric mapping is a huge advantage of this device.

The 3D structure mapping gives you perfect location of fishes and that makes whole thing simple. To add the comfort in ice environment it also has ice fishing flasher view. You can map the fish locations, your favorite fishing spots, depth, drop-offs, contours etc.

Sonar View Modes

Although, sonar view is really common in the fish finder models, finding a perfect one is rare. Fish Hunter Directional 3D fish finder offers 5 different sonar view modes. It also works perfectly to provide a fair amount of details.

This view mode includes 3D structure mapping, directional casting, bathymetric mapping, ice fishing flasher and 3D fishing from your smartphone or tablet.

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  • This device allows you to get readings up to 160 feet depth
  • It is really easy to connect with your smartphone (both Android and iOS) and tablet
  • Comes with smart feature to make it a user-friendly device
  • Comes with perfect built quality to last longer in wet condition
  • The survey shows almost 100% user found it really easy to use
  • It is lightweight and casting this device is really easy for it
  • It has both horizontal and vertical view capability


  • The battery of the Fish Hunter Directional 3D fish finder does not last long
  • Ice fishing depth is not up to the expectation for some of the consumers

Final Verdict

To make a perfect Fish Hunter Directional 3D review, I had to research for the consumer’s experience, reviewers information and experience it in first hand. After using this device for a while I can strongly say that my experience was on the positive side. Also, most of the consumers are happy with its performance.

Coming at a decent price, the Fish Hunter Directional 3D provides 5 powerful frequency transducers and 5 times more coverage, which is why this is so famous. Also, the compatibility makes it an ideal portable fish finder.

This is a great device for beginners. It comes at a really affordable price. Nothing lasts forever, it in the meantime it will serve you well.


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