Garmin Echo 551dv Review: Things You Should See Before Buying

Garmin Echo 551dv Review

When looking for the perfect fishfinder, one must follow easy but essential tips for finding it without big hassles. Fishfinder can vary through to their features, for that reason, you should choose the one based on the features. And if you are looking for the best all-in-one transducer device, the Garmin Echo 551dv can easily be the perfect match.

We are talking fishing to a whole new level. Introducing the Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide with Transducer. This sonar device will take your fishing experience to a new height never imagined before. Garmin Echo 551dv is the best fish finder money can buy. It’s time to step up the game. The Garmin Echo 551dv has been built to perform.

Garmin Echo 551dv Review


Garmin Echo 551dv has all the advanced features that will boost your fishing experience and take it to the next level. The sensitive receiver can pick up even the smallest returns. It comes with an all-in-one transducer that will provide you the conventional and broadband sonar down imaging.

Garmin Echo 551dv5 Inch Color Display is Awesome

What is the most asked question you will hear about the fish finder? It is on the display; people are more concerned about how the display works on the fishfinder than any other thing. Kipping that mind the manufacturer made this device with an excellent screen.

It has a 5-inch color display with 480 x 640 resolution like that we have seen on the Lowrance Hook 4. Also, this same display has been used in the previous 500 and 550 echo models. With this color display, you will be able to see the images of structures underwater as well as fish.

With this unit, you can also view the images vertically or horizontally with ease. Garmin Echo 551dv also offers a split-screen mode which can allow you to see different sonars at the same time how cool is that?

Simple to Use Menu and Navigation Button

The control buttons are on the right side. The power button and the menu button of the Garmin fish finder are on the top and the navigation and enter button are just beneath them. These buttons a labeled with bold letters allowing you to verify them very easily.

These buttons are not positions as you will see on the Garmin STRIKER 4cv model, but they act similarly. What we liked about the buttons is they are highly responsive, and they will help you to browse through the various features of this unit.

To understand the features and menu of this device, you need to give it sometimes. While I was researching for this device during making the Echo 551dv Review, I came up with some handy Garmin echo 551dv youtube videos over the internet. Check a few of them below:

Garmin Echo 551dv Installation

Sometimes, we reviewers of different items forget the most basic yet important aspect of a gadget, and that is user-friendliness and installation. I loved the simple and easy Garmin Echo 551dv Installation process.

It comes with a proper manual that will guide you step by step in installing this device. Also, if you need any other guides for the features and uses of them, you can find it in the Garmin echo 551dv manual.

If you do not find it with the device, then you easily download it from the link.

Powerful Transducer for Accurate GraphicsPowerful Transducer for Accurate Graphics

Garmin Echo 551dv has a very powerful 77 / 200 kHz dual beam transducer. This transducer of this fishfinder can give surprisingly accurate HD quality graphics. With which you can investigate and analyze what exactly under your boat. This sonar also has the option to give you a cone viewing angle (narrow-to-wide viewing).

Now with this feature, you can get a very wide viewing angle, even far beyond the boat you’re using to fish. The Dual sonar mainly gives you the opportunity to examine the results of two different sonars. The results are impulsive details of almost every object underneath the water surface. The 500W transducer has the capability to scope/cover to a depth of 2300 feet.

I loved the Auto Gain Technology

When you’re trying to find the best area to fish, sometimes can get past the fish arch. Worry no more! The auto gain technology is here to fix that problem. Now you’re guaranteed to find the best fishing spot. Like other Garmin fishfinders, it will ensure awesome technology.

You can also adjust this setting automatically, by minimizing the mess underwater it can give a clear and accurate image. These clear images can help you to maximize the number of finds.


  • Provides HD quality graphics that can be easily examined even in broad daylight.
  • You can visualize information both horizontally and vertically, this is a huge advantage.
  • A lot of functions and options
  • Has a very high-end HDID and DownVü® transducer.
  • Has the capability to zoom in and out


  • The unit is bigger than expectations
  • GPS utilities are unavailable
  • Chart-plotting not available

What Most People Asked on this Garmin Fish Finder

  1. Does it have the option to swivel mount?

Yes, the optional swivel mount is available and you can adjust it to various viewing angles as you desire.

  1. Will Garmin Echo 551dv work on saltwater?

Yes, the Garmin Echo 551dv is compatible with saltwater locations, but you have to make a few tweaks and adjust to make it work in such an environment. We have used it in different fishing sites and it works great.

  1. Is it possible to check the previous or old scan history?

Yes, it possible to check the previous or old scan history and see if you missed any good fishing spots.


After using the Echo 551dv I can say that Garmin has invested a lot of time and patience while creating this product. From the powerful sonar fish finder to the high-quality screen everything is top-notch. At this price range, it’s a steal, the Echo 551dv is a must-have.

With excellent features like the auto-scroll, auto gain, and other various features can help you maximize your fishing experience.

Garmin Echo 551DV’s transducer and its scanning capability is a total game-changer, it’s the best feature of this product. Well, some may complain that there is no GPS available but we should look at other alternative tools.

At the end of the day, the Echo 551dv is an excellent fish finder. I would highly recommend this unit if he or she is looking for a new fish finder at this price range.

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