Garmin STRIKER 4dv Review

It’s not just the new fishing enthusiasts but even seasoned veterans who often get lost in the wide plethora of choice that is available in the today’s fish finder market. And we have come with the Garmin STRIKER 4dv Review to help them find their easier fish finding experience.

So, why should we choose the 4 do model instead of the Garmin striker 4cv fish finder? While both of the models represent some basic similarity, there is some difference we have should in this in-depth fish finder review.

We have used this fish finder for a while to get exact first-hand ideas about this product. Also, before making this review, we have research on the internet to get ideas about the customer’s experience about this Garmin Striker Fishfinder.

Garmin STRIKER 4dv Review


If you don’t like to cast your line into an area with no fishes, then Garmin STRIKER 4dv is the solution. This compact fish finding devices comes with a perfect display and interface along with GPS tracking technology that catches the fish with ease. Also, the performance of the Map and Sonar are the reason why people are praising this model.

If you are interested in this product already then you can see the below reviews of Garmin Striker 4dv with some exciting features, I described below.

Compact device Design Makes It Easier to Use

The design is one of the parts that are overlooked most of the time while choosing a fish finder. But I think this is one should be taken seriously cause of its immense effects on user experience. You want to have a compact design of fishfinder without rebating the performance of features.

Garmin STRIKER 4dv display & design

And this Garmin STRIKER 4dv has an exceptionally compact design with a better user experience. This specific model of Garmin is very compact. It is very lightweight and easy to carry. It weighs only 8 ounces. The body ratio is 5.9/ 3.6 inches and 1.6 inches thick. This device fits easily on any sizes of boats.

Clear Display and Easy to Understand Interface

STRIKER 4dv comes with 3.5 inches of display. The display provides 480/320-pixel window. This size of the display is enough to see things clearly. And adding to it, the display provides clear view with vivid colors. So, you can track any fish or animals without much of a problem with this Garmin Fish Finder.

The buttoned interface is easy to use even if you are inexperienced in using fish finders.  Down CHIRP delivers an almost photographic image of underwater terrain through split screens.

Readings from different objects shown on different screens. To get the most of this fish finding tool, you can use Garmin striker 4dv manual from the website and the product.

GPS of Garmin STRIKER 4dv

GPS of Garmin STRIKER 4dv

Built-in highly sensitive GPS of this Garmin model allows you to track the locations. You can also mark the favorite fishing spots, docks, and slipways. This fish finder works perfectly to bait fish faster. My friend Mark, who actually love reviewing fish finders – He thinks this is one of the more preferred fish finder model after 2015 because of its close to perfect GPS tracking features.

Comparing this Garmin striker 4dv vs 4cv we were really pleased with the performance of both of them. I love the marking capacity of this fish finder-which is perfect and accurate. This is one of the few reason why the marketplace is getting tons of request of Garmin striker 4dv for sale.

With the marking, you can easily get back to the same spot the next day and the day after. GPS also provides the speed to check the trolling speed for particular lures and fishes.

Advanced CHIRP Sonar with 77/200 kHz Transducer

The CHIRP technology delivers continuous sweep frequencies for a huge range of important information. This unit developed its target separation ability to a higher level. Credit goes to CHIRP technology.  According to cast and bait website, It creates crisper fish arches. With the moderate Garmin striker 4dv price, you can actually have a powerful sonar system comparing the market.

The CHIRP technology is well known for its performance among the fishing enthusiasts. This CHIRP technology uses 77/200 kHz transducer. It provides an added level of clarity and detail than the other transducers available.

We saw a better viewing with this fish finder comparing this one with the other models on the market. It may be because CHIRP uses 455/800 kHz Down sweep frequencies from low to high than using just a single frequency. It provides much better reading when the frequencies return.

Garmin STRIKER’s Perfect Waypoint Map

The Garmin STRIKER 4dv fishfinder features waypoint map display. While comparing and reviewing both Garmin striker 4cv and 4dv, we have seen a major improvement in these models from most of the previous fish finders. You can now mark and map your favorite fishing spots, docks, slipways, stumps and brush piles when you are passing through.

The waypoint map is very easy viewing. You can create the map very easily and navigate according to the map is very easy also. Knowing your exact position and the route you are taking exactly makes you relax and enjoy the fishing expedition. Most importantly you won’t be just trolling around when you know exactly where you will get fishes.


  • This device is lightweight, portable and you can mount it anywhere.
  • The 3.5-inch display delivers a clear picture with vivid colors of the readings.
  • Uses both CHIRP sonar and CHIRP DownVu technology for perfect vision
  • This fish finder provides a realistic image of underwater and surroundings.
  • The depth range is up to 1750 feet in freshwater and 830 feet in saltwater.
  • Waypoint map feature allows saving the favorite fishing spots, docks, and


  • This device doesn’t have the option to zoom in the smaller object on the display.
  • Some can complain about this product for not including cover

Final Verdict

I was happy with most of the option while making the full Garmin striker 4cv review article. Coming with a clear and understandable display this fish finder lets you track fishes more comfortably. While not including the Zoom technology was a bit of let down for both of the Garmin striker 4cv and 4dv fish finders.

But if we consider the other essential features of this product, then we can be very satisfied with it. Especially the performance of the GPS and sonar technology and also the user-friendly compact design, one will rather happier with this fish finder model. If you are fishing with striper rod/reel or different kind of trout in a large river, this item can be very benefishial.

All of the above features come in just under mid-range prices. Garmin STRIKER 4dv probably the best fish finder around that price ranges. So in case you have some budget problem, this Garmin product may be the one you are searching for.

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