Glock 19 VS Sig Sauer p2022: Comparison and Differences

If you plan to use concealed carry guns and live in an area where options are limited, you have two options to choose from, Glock 19 and Sig Sauer p2022. They both will feel good in your hand, and the specification is nearly the same.

However, the differences are also essential to know. Their design is comfortable, and that effortlessly meets your needs and requirement.

Both brands have good values in the market. Yet if you want to know which is the most reliable and accurate, keep reading this article.

Glock 19 VS Sig Sauer p2022

Comparison Between Glock 19 and Sig Sauer p2022


These two weapons are convenient, yet their specification is not identical. However, Sig Sauer looks kind of fatty comparing the Glock 19. Other specifications are given below.


Glock holds 2 more rounds than Sig sp2022. Also, it is affordable and widely available. Glock 17 has 15 rounds; on the other hand, Sig uses 10 rounds, and it is hard to reload the magazine because of its double-stack design.

The spring is tight, so you have to give enough force to add another round. The barrel length of Glock 19 is 4.2inch, and Sig sp is 3.9 inches.


Glock 19 uses a striker-fired trigger, and Sig sp uses DA/SA. The striker fire gives consistent feelings when you pull the trigger so that you can shoot comfortably.

Sig Sauer p2022 has a longer trigger pull, so it remains cocked when you pull the lighter trigger. Also, the Sig sp2022 has Picatinny rail accessories in front of the trigger guard so you can target the gun in low light. The single-action trigger is best in here.

Sig sp2022 VS Glock 19 Size Comparison

Sig Sauer sp2022 is a full-size polymer pistol that is lightweight and durable. It is a semi-automatic pistol and has a polymer frame and an ergonomic textured grip. The Sig sp2022 is 7.4 inches with a height and weight are 5.7 inches and 1.4 inches. The overall weight is 29 oz.

Sig sp2022 VS Glock 19 Size Comparison

Glock 19 is also a semi-auto pistol with excellent firepower as the dimension is reduced here so shooters can shoot accurately. It is a comfortable gun for both left and right-hand shooters to become a favorite pistol for any shooting with accuracy.

Also, Glock 19 is used as a conventional service pistol, and the size and weight are a little smaller than sig sp2022. The overall length and height is 2.36 inch and 5.04 inch, and the width is 23.63 oz.

Handling Power

Handling power is the most crucial feature you should check before purchasing one of them. Glock 17 is lighter than Sig sp as they both have 9 mm Lugar caliber, but if you want to use higher caliber, the sig sp2022 gets the to place in here. These small guns have better power than any powerful bb guns.

Yet if you want a lighter gun to carry all day in your hand without feeling tired, Glock is the best option for you. It is also a great backup weapon and does not require a break-in period.

Accuracy & Range 

Sig p2022 is best for an average shooter who can engage the target in their range. For medium grain ammunition, the shoot will be almost accurate from 10 yards which will be a little low for high grain ammo.

However, which one will be better for you depends on how accurate you are.

Sights: Sig sp2022 vs. Glock 19

You can use an integral 3-lug Picatinny rail with a sight adjustment tool in Sig sp2022, and the rear sights are coated with corrosion resistance nitrogen. For laser for sig p365 or other models, there is enough space.

So Sig has better night sight and laser sight than Glock 19. G19 has U shaped target sight, but you can upgrade it. Also, the sight alignment is smooth.

Design & Build Quality: Look, Grip, Build Quality 

Sig looks better than Glock. The design includes various grips in the handle to hold it even when sweating and has more room for your finger to hold nonslip. It also has double action capabilities.

Design & Build Quality

In Glock 19, you can place your three fingers with or without the magazine as it has your finger-sized grooves. It has a replaceable backstrap, and the grips are suitable for all average shooters. Also, with a proper laser for Glock 19, you can aim down any targets.

The large margin also improves the performance. It is made from carbon steel, and the slide is coated with polymer 2.


The average price of Sig Sauer sp2022 is $559.99, and the Glock 19 price starts with $500 to $529.

Which is Better Pistol Sig Sauer VS Glock for Shooting?

Which is best between Sig Sauer p2022 and Glock 19 depends on your choice and needs. If you want a light-weighted, well-concealed carry firearm, Glock 19 will be best for you if you can use a good holster with light with this Glock 19. Sig Sauer p2022 also meets your preference, comfort, and expectation.

Why did Sig Win Over Glock?

Sig Sauer has better technical advantages, and the benefits increase when the production manufacturing factors get attention from the government. It is suitable as a nightstand gun or truck gun for fondling,  field strip, dry fire, or any use. 

However, both Sig and Glock are reliable with great accuracy and power, yet most people choose Sig over Glock for shooting practice. On the other hand, Sig is a fully modular handgun that can easily convert into a subcompact.

Why is Sig Sauer More Expensive Weapon than Glock?

Sig Sauer is a slightly shorter gun, and the manufacturing process is costly than Glock. It is designed for expensive materials like modular polymer frames, making it the highest quality gun in the industry. It is a longer-lasting pistol, So it is expensive and worth the money.

Glock is made of inexpensive materials; that’s why it is cheaper than Sig.

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