Which is Better Glock 43 or Sig P365: Glock 43 Vs Sig 365 Comparison

Glock 43 and Sig Sauer p365 is the two most popular handgun in the market that every shooter agreed. They both are single-stack pistols, which is fantastic, and you won’t feel remorse if you own them. Many people want to know their comparison before purchasing one of the carry pistols, and you will see some important differences between them.

Apart from the similarities, they have some differences that help you consider which one you should buy. From this article, you will know which gun is better.

Which is Better Glock 43 or Sig P365

Sig P365 Vs. Glock 43 Size


SpecsGlock 43Sig Sauer p365
Weight with no mags16.5ozsame
Weight with empty mags18.8 oz18.6 oz
Weight with full mags23.1 oz22.9 oz
Overall height4.25 inch4.3 inch
Overall length6.25 inch5.8 inch
width1.02 inch1.0 inch
Barrel length3.39 inch3.1 inch
magazine capacity6+1 single stack10+1 double stack

Comparison Between Glock 43 vs Sig P365

Comparison Between Glock 43 vs Sig P365

There are not many differences according to the chart. Sig Sauer is mostly like a pocket carry gun, and Flock 43 seems more significant. Only Glock is a little heavy when it’s fully loaded.

Magazine Power

Glock has a 6+1 single stack mag capacity, uses 9mm ammo, and increases by three-round power with its shield magazine. You cannot change the grip length, so the gun size is permanent.

The magazine release is easy to reach. Both Glock and sig are relatively easy to reload and have the same effect even in their extended magazines. The 15 round magazine of Glock 43 magazines are minor than sig p365.

Sig p365 has more mags capacity than Glock 43. It has a more extended grip, so it is more comfortable than Glock. Also, the setup is versatile and can carry 12 round mags. Sig p365 gets more concealment and capacity advantage.

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Sig p365 has a removable frame to use a more classic-looking longer frame. The longer frame can hold flush fit 12 round magazine. The frame also means a more extended grip, and the barrel is good. However, the grip may feel smaller in your hand. The frame design has a high undercut, and the texture feels a little more aggressive than Glock. The slide design and finishing are almost the same as Glock 43.

Glock 43 also has a longer grip, and you won’t feel any discomfort while holding it. Just adjust the grip angle. Glock 43 has a gen4 Glock texture, which is excellent but less aggressive. It has black and silver slides, but they are insufficient, like Sig p365. The black slide has forward serration, and it is better than the silver slide.


Sig p365 has sig lite night sight, which is better and has many advantages than Glock. The signal night sight has three dots, and the front tritium sight has a bright green ring. However, the front sight is not bright in daylight which is the biggest downside.

However, there are different additional lights for Sig options available to use in the market for better results. Also. the rear sight is consists of two tritium vials. Sig has standard stage cut sight in the aftermarket. Also, you can mount the red dot optics. Glock has plastic slot fillers, but you can replace them with excellent lasers for Glock 19 model which has the ability to set on this model too. You can use a bright orange front side, also three-dot night sight. The orange dot is brighter than the green dot in daylight.

Also, the aftermarket night sight is available in the Glock model and can be used in the modular optic system. It has a light-mounted rail on the bottom of the frame, and the sight radius is better, so Glock 43 is a winner in sight option.



Sig p365 has thumb safety which is works as a low profile. G 43 does not have any safety options. The p365 slide locks are at the front, where your hand might not reach if you have a smaller hand. G 43 slide lock it at the backside, so controlling it with your hand is easy.

Trigger Mechanism

Their aftermarket triggers are popular, and the pull is long enough. Glock 43 trigger is light but hit pretty hard on the wall. So it is not a great trigger, but you can shoot well without having any problem.

The trigger mechanism of sig Sauer p365 is entirely different. It gives good feelings when you shoot and increase your confidence.

Gun Range

You can shoot at least 500 rounds without cleaning and oiling the gun. They are both reliable and easy to conceal, and there is not much difference. The gun range depends on personal opinion and experience. G43 has a slightly higher dimension than p365. Yet the grip is better to fit your hand. P365 has a better trigger, but g43 fits well in hand. The g43 trigger is stiffer than p365.


When you shoot five groups with these two pistols, you will see sig p365 group is more prominent than Glock. Glock 43 has tight groups; it fits your hand well, so ultimately, it has better accuracy than sig. The p365 has a slightly larger group, but it is an excellent self-defense weapon. Sig is also a softer shooting firearm and perfects under recoil.

Sig p365 Vs. Glock 43 Price

Sig p365 Vs. Glock 43 Price

A Glock pistol with plastic sight is $450, and Sig p365 is $500. Glock magazines are $25, and sig magazines are $40.

What’s Better Glock 43 or Sig P365?

Both Glock 43 and sig p365 micro-compact pistols are dimensionally similar, yet the Glock grip size is larger and perfectly fits your hand. The capacities are almost identical, so Glock is better than sig p354. You will feel comfortable shooting Glock rather than p35.

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