How a BB Gun Works

Bb guns are almost same as a firearm, but it is not included in gun control laws. The weapon shoots plastic and metal Bbs, yet it can seriously damage sensitive body parts like eyes. These guns are mainly used in target shooting for beginners, and the type of mechanism is nearly the same as other conventional handguns, but the power is much less.

Bb gun has limited accuracy, and the effect is short, making it less expensive than other guns. If you know how the bb gun works, you will see the gun does not have the same effect on others as any physical activity.

How a BB Gun Works

Types of BB Gun


Different types of bb guns are available today like,

Automatic Bb gun: Automatic bb guns use CO2, and you can use a paintball tank instead of cartridges. You can make at least 100 hits with one refilled tank.

Bb Gun Pistols: This gun is best for target shooting, and it also uses CO2 to shot with the metallic bbs. The magazine is semi-automatic, which gives you a realistic blowback action.

Bb Gun Riffle: Bb gun rifles are for adult shooters that also shoot Bbs. The riffle has a reservoir that holds at least 250 bbs, yet you can shot the bbs in a single.

Bb Guns for Kids: This gun only uses plastic bbs.

CO2 BB Gun: This is the highest-rated gun that used in target shooting. The weapon has a semi-automatic function, and you won’t need to use the pneumatic pump. It is a type of spring gun.

How a BB Gun Works Properly

Bb gun uses compressed air to fire so the Bbs can fly at high pressure than the average air. The weapon has an airtight container where the compressed gas is stored. When you slide back, the container opens up, and the compressed gas flow throw the barrel and reaches the BB.

Gas Power Mechanism

Then you pull the trigger, and the pressurized gas pushes the BB with a higher force, and the bb flies throw the air at great speed. Powerful bb gun has higher pressure. This gun mechanism is quite simple. The bb gun was designed in two types, spring air design and pneumatic design.

Let me explain to you again; the bb gun has a metal gas filter and air tube that allows compressed gas to flow. A collapsible safety valve is located in front of the gas filter. So when you pull the trigger, the gas valve releases the gas, holds the piston in position and the gas filter gives enough pressure to push the safety valve.

The gas flow at high pressure makes the cylinder valve spin and move the whirl valve forward until the cylinder is closed.

Pressure of the Gas

The slide is located at the upper part of the gun. The barrel is the crucial part of the gun. The pressurized gas remains at the front and leftover gas in the backside to push the piston so it can slide in the back. 

When the piston slides in the back, it releases the path where the bbs can go forward—every time you slide the lever, one Bbs releases in high speed by the force of the rear spring as when the piston unlatched, the spring expands. A wire spring holds the gun in position.

Is Using a BB Gun Illegal?

Bb gun is not the same as another firearm, so using it is not prohibited, and it is less powerful to fit the definition of severe damage. However, some bb gun can damage and could be considered as a firearm. In this case, check your local police department to see if your bb gun is illegal.

Can a BB Gun do Serious Damage

Human skin can puncture by ammunition that travels 150 feet per second. A 200 feet per second ammo can fracture a human bone. Bb gun can fire 550 feet per second, and if you are close to the range, it could cause serious injury.

However, children use a bb gun as a toy, and the bbs are made with plastic. Plastic Bbs have less power than metallic Bbs so that they won’t do many damages. However, you can make any bb gun more powerful that can cause serious damage.

Can You Shoot a Squirrel with a BB Gun

Bb gun is highly discouraged to use as a hunting weapon. Also, it can make a clean kill, and the animal will suffer. Making the animal suffer to death is not humanity. If you shoot a squirrel with a bb gun, the squirrel will be wounded and indeed run from this place, making them die or infected. Please do not use a bb gun to kill a squirrel to avoid suffering or slow death.

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