How Much is a Glock 19 Worth? Does it Worth it?

Glock 19 is a famous concealed carry firearm as it has mystical reliability and durability. The police agencies and military units often use Glocks because their ergonomic design and ammo capacity is best for their task. You can shoot at 80 feet accurately with confidence and can increase the distance with proper practice.

The price point of Glock 19 is very reasonable for people. It already has enough features, so much innovation is not required. Also, the misfiring chances are low. So how much is it worth? You will know after reading this article.

How Much is a Glock 19 Worth

How Much is a Glock 19 Worth


It is an iconic designed gun with a long lifespan. The average price of Glock is $558.12. the used gun would be $503.40.

The night sight of Glock is $105.3, the drop in standard barrel is $179.99, the red laser light is $254, etc. The price is the same even if the Glock is used for less than 2 months which is a fair price.

Why Glock 19 is a Good First Gun

The design of the lock is effortless and ergonomic. It has internal safeties such as trigger safety, firing pin safety, etc. the safety will engage until you pull the triggers. So you won’t face the snags. It also has a drop safety that prevents misfiring.

Experts recommend this gun to beginners as it is lightweight, safe, and easy to use. Glock 19 is available everywhere in the US. It has a customizable hand grip and finger grooves, so you can hold the gun comfortably even if you have a large hand. The barrel length is enough with your hand to handle the gun. It uses a 9mm caliber and has a perfect size combination.

What Accessories You should Get for Your Glock

G19 Glock accessories make the gun more accurate and increase its natural strength. The accessories are not much pricey, so you can use those such as,

  • Extended magazines
  • Magazine extension
  • Maxwell’s
  • Extended mag release button
  • Tactical extended slide stop
  • Flashlight
  • Holsters
  • Aftermarket triggers etc.

The lifespan of a Glock

A G 19 can shoot at least 200000 rounds, and an average shooter could use 40,000 rounds with it. This popular handgun has a more robust frame, but the slide could crack.

Yet you do not need to replace the recoil spring before 40,000 rounds.

What Generation Glock 19 is Best

G 19 is a solid defense firearm that is reliable to every shooter with using the right glock night sight and other optics or the very basic one that comes. They update the accessories and features regularly, and till now, the best generation is luger G19 GEN4 Glock.

So when you are planning to buy Glock, go for gen 4 as it is designed for lifelong and has a durable finish. The compact size of Glock gives consistent performance compared with Walther guns.

How many bullets can a Glock 19 hold?

A standard 9mm luger Glock 19 holds 15 rounds of bullets. If you use an extended magazine, it can have 17 to 19 rounds.

Why consider the Glock G19 G5?

Glock 19 is arguable the best handgun that offers excellent accuracy. The pistol is very reliable, and if you shoot at least 100,000 rounds, you will face very few malfunctions like cracked or weakening the parts. You can use this weapon in any harsh condition.

The Glock gen 5 has a double-sided lock lever, so a lefty can also use the safety features. It also does not need any customization to get flawless performance.

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