How to Adjust Glock Sights: Process on Front/Rear Sight

Glock is a very crucial gadget that can be used with varieties of accessories. It is already a reliable pistol, but a simple modification increases its reliability and durability. You can install night sight to shoot in low light with high accuracy. Apart from all of these, you need to adjust the Glock sight to get a proper shooting alignment.

Most shooters face difficulties in sight adjustment in their Glock as the pellets drop at least 1.5 to 1.7 inches left or suitable. You won’t have this same experience every time because you are in the right place to get a standard sight.

How to Adjust Glock Sights

How to Adjust Glock Sights – Front and Rear Sight Adjustment 


There are many kinds of sight like polymer sights, iron sights, Frt sight, dot sight, composite sights, Ameriglo sights, etc. Even if you are using a proper glock laser, right alignment of the sight is important. Here are the few easiest steps to adjust the rear and front sight of a Glock pistol. 

Adjusting Equipment: Ratchet Driver 

You will need a ratchet driver or a ballpoint pen, hammer, or brass punch to adjust the Glock front and rear sight. This process is ancient but effective. You can use a sight adjustment tool that is not more than $100, and a sight pusher will make this job comfortably done.

Push the Ratchet to Open the Factory Sight 

However, a sight pusher tool can be used only one time which is not included in a factory sight tool. The pistol sight is mounted on the frame; it looks like a small button held by a nut. Grab the ratchet of the sight tool and push the nut so the sight will come apart.

Improving the Glock Sight with Cleaning 

Wipe down the gun sights with a soft cloth, then put it again on the top. You can use a gun cleaning cloth and some solution to make the cleaning process more efficient. 

Remember to take a good look at the Glock and sight and other smaller parts before cleanup. This will ensure, nothing goes missing when you set it up with the pistol again. 

Glock Sight Cleaning

Setting Up the Glock Adjustable Sights

Tighten it properly, then determine the direction of the adjustment. The rear sight can move ups and down and left to right as it has two screws, and you will need a vise to adjust the sight. Sometimes, when using in a Glock holster with light, the rear area can lose its position; so check it properly.

Clamp the slide and check if the sight angle is the same. Now hit the sight with a punch gently towards the pitch and remove it. Then attach the adjustable 43 laser sight in the same way and position it right.

Inspecting the Sight Alignment 

After that slight adjustment, inspect again. If the shot goes left, move the sight to the right. Then again, shoot. If the trial goes right, move the sight to the left.

To adjust the sight with the pusher tool, put it on sight, then move it. Test the sight, then again try to change it.

Some Frequently Asked Question on Glock Adjustment

We have found many questions regarding the cleaning and adjusting process of the gun sight. Here are free of them we tried to cover.

What Distance are Glock Sights Set for?

The Glock sight should set 10 to 25 yards, and the distance will change if you change the ammo weight.

Are Glock Sights Adjustable?

Glock has two types of sight, fixed and adjustable. However, you can adjust the fixed sight like an adjustable sight, and all you need is a hammer and a pin.

Glock adjustable rear sight instructions

It would be best to modify only the rear sight because the front sight is already fixed with a screw. It is mounted on the top of the slide, so you can easily use the sight mounting tools. The sight could be large or slim.

Which Way to Move Glock Rear Sight

How you should move the rear sight depends on some things, such as first determining the dead center. Then use a padded vise to clamp the weapon and target the center; after that, fire a test shot. Do not move the gun and inspect the shot where you hit.

If you hit higher than the center, move the sight lower; if you hit lower, move the sight up. Moving the adjustable sight is very easy. Do not set the sight (night sight for Glock) height too high or too low; just 1 inch will be enough.

If you shoot left, move the sight to the right and if you shoot right, roll the sight left. Make sure the windage and elevation movement should be perfect.

You can pay a gunsmith for front and rear sight adjustments to get the necessary sight picture because moving the factory plastic sight for the first time would be difficult for you.

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