How to Change Glock Front Sight without Tool

Glock front and rear sight can damage or wear down at any time; sometimes, you have to change it to install a new one. It is possible to change the Glock front sight even if you do not have appropriate tools for it, like a sight pusher tool. So it is essential to know how to change Glock sight without an expensive sight pusher tool.

The process of changing the front sight without tools is pretty straightforward. A regular socket or nut driver with the same dimension is a better alternative than a sight pusher tool or Glock front sight tool to remove the old-style Glock front sight. If you do not have the proper size socket, sanded

How to Change Glock Front Sight without Tool

What You Will Need


  • Loctite
  • 3/16” socket or nut driver
  • Small hammer

How to Change the Front Sight Without Tool

Step 1: Empty the Gun

The changing of guns with the night sights method is simple. The first step is to release the magazine from the Glock pistol and check the gun if it is empty.

Step 2: Disassemble the Pistol

You need to separate the Glock slide from the pistol frame to change the Glock front sight. Hold the pistol, pull back the slide, press the lock button simultaneously, and push the slide a little to remove it.

Now remove the spring from the slide and remove the barrel. Now the slide has only internal components.

Step 3: Remove the Front Sight

The slide has a sight screw under the front slide area that you have to remove. Put the socket on the screw head and gently move it counterclockwise until the screw comes out.

Remove the Front Sight

Now take off the front sight with your hand and put it back in a safe place. Do not lose the hex screw.

Step 4: Attach the Replacement Sight

Now you need a bit of glue or Loctite to attach new front sight. The new front sight may not be the same as the old-style front sight.

You cannot drift the new front sight, so glue is needed. Take a q tip, dip a little glue, and touch the q tip on the nut driver or socket. Now grab the slide barrel and put the nut driver through the slide to reach the sight installation area.

Put the new front sight on the slide and connect it with the socket. Move the socket clockwise slowly to attach the front sight to it. Make sure the new type of sight sits straight, then tighten the screw. Do not over-torque it as the screw is tiny so that it will break.

What Size Tool Do I Need to Remove a Glock Front Sight?

They are changing the Glock front sight and need a small tool. Choose a 3/16” sight pusher tool or the same size nut driver with a thin wall to remove the bolts of the front sight. Finding this size of nut driver is not easy. The Glock slide and sight bolt do not have enough room to use other size nut drivers, so that you can use only one size driver.

What Size Tool Do I Need to Remove a Glock Front Sight

Some companies provide sight removal tools specially made for Glock. Choose high-quality tools for replacing the Glock sight because it is a sensitive part to damage quickly. Do not use cheap sight tools, or both factory sight and tools will break anytime. Use a handheld sight tool for better safety.

What Size is Glock 19 Front Sight?

Glock 19 is a popular gun model which is perfect for concealed carry holsters. Every inch of this gun is well made and correctly measured to give the shooter comfort in shooting and carrying the weapon.

The front sight and other types of sights are located at the front of the slide. The size of the front sight is on Glock 19 gen 5 is .200” and .180” is gen four and gen 3. However, .180” is better than a .200” sight for the average shooter. 200” is better for military use.

How Good are Glock Night Sights?

Glock night sight is perfectly machined metal to fit the Glock slide. They are not very bright yet enough to work at night. The illumination works ell in total darkness. The tritiums are not good in low light conditions.

How Wide is a Glock Front Sight?

The thinner front sight is better suited for better image and speed. The wide of the front sight is .125” and .115’. however, the perfect wide depends on personal preference. Yet most shooters prefer a .125” wide sight for accurately shooting with a light laser combo.

How Wide is a Glock Front Sight?

Best Front Sight Tool for Glock

The market has various Glock front sight commercial tools that increase Glock accuracy and speed and change various sight types. Removing screw-type sight is easy with the tool. Some of the best Glock front sight tools are,

  • Truglo Installation/Removal Tool for Glock Pistol Front sight
  • Raiseek Front Sight Installation Hex Tool
  • Real Avid Tool for Glock
  • BASTION Front Sight Tool for Glock
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