How to Clean a Glock 19

Glock 19 is a defensive pistol that is easy to maintain and reliable to carry. This automatic pistol is user-friendly and requires low maintenance and lubrication, and you do not have to give any extraordinary strength to clean it. Properly cleaning the gun slow down the aging, and you can use it in any adverse condition.

You do not have to be a pro or gunsmith to clean your Glock and keep it stay in shape. Just a routine cleaning and inspection of the major components increase the Glock performance.

Things You Will Need


You can use a gun cleaning product or kit, or buy them separately.

  • Nylon brushes
  • Double-ended all purpose brush
  • Brass brush or bristle brush
  • Slotted tips
  • Ripcords
  • Pistol loop rod
  • Glock disassembly tool (optional)
  • Cleaning lubricant
  • Couple or wipe pieces or gun cleaning patch
  • Soft cleaning cloth

Cleaning Process on How to Clean a Glock 19

Step 1: Unload the Pistol

Make sure the pistol is safe before start cleaning. Release and remove the magazine from the firearm, then lock the slide back. Check the chamber with your finger and the magazine to see if there is any ammo left. Hold the pistol, point it in a safe direction before removing the magazine, then pull the trigger. When you hear the click sound of the firing pin, lock the slide and remove the magazine.

Step 2: Clean the Firearm with Ripcord

Before disassembling the Glock 19, place the ripcord into the breach to muzzle and pull it completely to clean the debris from the barrel.

Step 3: Disassemble the Glock 19

 Disassemble the 4 main parts or components of your Glock to clean it because you can access all the areas when you disassemble them, no need to disassemble other parts. First of all, review the owner’s manual, then let the slide go forward. Now put your 4 fingers on the slide so you can operate the disassembly lever with your finger. Your thumb will be at the back strap of the pistol.

Pull down the disassembly lever with your index finger, then slightly separates the slide from the battery and completely separate it from the frame. Remove the spring and spring rod. Now lift the barrel a little, then push forward to remove it. This is called field stripped and you do not have to disassemble further.

Step 4: Clean the Barrel

Tie the wipes or A clean patch into the cable cleaning system or pistol loop rod, then pour a couple of drops of gun cleaner on the wipes. Insert the cable into the barrel and pull the cable through it. Move the wipes back and forth inside the barrel and do it twice or more so the wipes can clean the moisture and debris. Rotate the rod counterclockwise to clean properly, then pull it out of the breach and chamber.

Remove the wipes, attach the bore brush, insert it into the barrel, and scrub several times. Do the same process as you did with the wipes until the barrel looks shiny and clean.

Take off the brush, then again attach a new dry cleaning patch into the cable. This time does not use any lubricant; insert the dry wipes or dry patch into the barrel so that the wipes can remove the cleaner from it. Pull the wipes several times. Now use the two-ended cleaning dry brush. and scrub the entire barrel and clean the feed ramps. Wipe the barrel with a clean cloth, then let the barrel dry at room temperature.

Step 5: Clean the Recoil Spring Assembly

Wipe down the recoil spring assembly with a dry cloth without using any lube. Gently wipes the spring couple of times.

Step 6: Clean the Slide

Clean the outside of the slide with an all purpose brush and clean out the debris. Wipe the slide with a clean cloth. Now put a wipe on the slide, gently push it with the brush, and move the wipes back and forth to clean the slide rail and remove the debris from any tight place. Clean the extractor claw and breech with the all purpose brush and wipes separately. Do not use any solvent for the firing pin channel.

Clean the inside of the slide with slotted tips and wipe down the entire slide and the surface of it.

Step 7: Clean the Frame

Use the nylon cleaning brush and brush off the carbon from the metal parts and contact point of the frame or receiver. Also, use the wipes to clean the tight places and use the narrow end of your brush to clean properly. Do not use any other tools to clean the frame; otherwise, the metal parts will damage. If necessary, use solvent a little portion of solvent to clean.

Brush out the gunpowder and debris from the frame and clean the locking block, trigger pin, ejector, connector, etc. Do not use any metal brush to clean your Glock. If you are using holster for Glock 19 with light, then you need to be careful of cleaning them.

Step 8: Lubricate the Parts

Pour a little lubes on the wipes and wipe the outside of the barrel. Apply the lubes on the barrel logs too. Do not use many lubes for the barrel; otherwise, it would cause a malfunction. Then apply the lubes on the top of the slide and inside of it with wipes. Pour a bit of lube on the slide rail so the oil can go to the inside and other places.

Lubricate the trigger bar of the frame; pour a drop of oil on the bar, and leave it. You do not need to wipe it down. Also, do not apply extra lube in the spring.

Step 9: Reassemble the Parts

Just do the reverse of disassembling the parts of your Glock 19.

What Gun Cleaner does Glock Recommend?

Some manufacturer provides gun cleaning supplies that perfectly matches with Glock 19. Water based or organic cleaners are best for Glock like Remington oil, CLP oil, Hoppe’s, etc.

How Many Rounds Do You Need to Clean a Glock?

You should regularly clean the Glock after 500 to 1000 rounds because if you use the cleaner heavily or disassemble the parts, again and again, it will affect the Glock shooting performance and damaged parts. So clean your gun only when needed. This gun need less cleaning compared with the Sig Sauer p2022.

How Long Can a Glock Go Without Being Cleaned?

A regular cleaning Glock performs great. Clean the Glock at least 3 times a year, even when you are not using it for a long time. Do not leave your gun dirty for long; otherwise, it helps carbon buildup and damages the metal parts. Clean the gun maximum 7k round of shots.

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