How to Clean an Air Rifle Barrel with Solvent Kit and Tips for Air Rifle

If you want something easy to use and cheap to shoot, then an air rifle is the best choice for you. You can explore small game hunting in the woods, target practicing in your backyard, and more. The gun does not require many things to maintain and clean this simple pest control weapon. One of the vital parts that should clean regularly is its barrel.

You can clean the airgun barrel couple of different ways. Please do not put anything unnecessary into the barrel; otherwise, it will affect the accuracy. The routine cleaning of the arrow gun or air gun barrel solves any accuracy issues.

How to Clean an Air Rifle Barrel

Guides on How to Clean an Air Rifle Barrel


Cleaning the barrel of an air rifle needs some guidance and steps. For properly cleaning the barrel, you need to follow the steps of the guidelines we are providing on how to polish an air rifle barrel:

Best Air Rifle Cleaning Kit You Will Need

  • Cleaning rod
  • Brass Brush or soft brush
  • Dry patches
  • Air rifle barrel cleaning kit
  • Felt pellet
  • Penetration oil
  • Air rifle barrel cleaning solvent

Barrel Cleaning Procedures

Remove the break barrel from the gun before starting cleaning. The cleaning process is also possible without removing the barrel. Do not use any harsh chemical, nylon brush, or bronze brush to clean the barrel; otherwise, it will be screwed up because it is made of soft steel.

Cleaning With a Pull Through

A pull-through means a strong cleaning wire that you can pull through the barrel. It has a tiny loop on end, and you can make it with a fishing line. Attach a cleaning patch into the loops and insert it through the barrel. Then pull it out from the other side.

Cleaning Air Rifle Barrel With a Pull Through

Do this process couple of times, and your barrel will be clean. If you are not removing the barrel, put the gun in safe mode and open the bolt top to clean some room.

A drinking straw can also do this job. Just feed the wire into the straw and insert the straw into the muzzle. Go to the other end and pull out the wire with a pick. Hold the with your finger and pull it back and forth a couple of times. Attach the clean patch on end and spray some cleaning solution.

Cleaning With Felt Pellets

You can use this cleaning pellet for whatever caliber you need. It works like a regular pellet; put it in the magazine, pull the trigger in the downrange to shoot, and clean the barrel quickly.

Using Penetration Oil

Using penetration oil removes any gunk, dirt, or leftovers in the barrel of a full auto bb gun or PCP gun. Get some6 inch or more extended strong twine the tie a patch on it. You can tie a couple of patches on it to clean the barrel properly. Then spray some cleaning oil on those patches. Insert the line into the barrel and pull the patches through the barrel.

Cleaning With a Bore Snake

A bore snake has a little copper or brass scrubbing brushes attached to the end, and the rest of the body finishes very well. You can use this method after applying a cleaning solution or oil to your barrel, as the scrubbing brush will scrub off all the oil from it. If you are using a semi-auto PCP rifle, then this is the process you can follow.

Just insert the bore snake into the barrel and pull it out on the other side. After down, wipe down the outer barrel and stock with a soft cloth.

How Often to Clean Air Rifle Barrel

If you are using the high price or cheap air rifle often, you should clean the whole body, including the barrel, once or twice a year. But if you are not using it regularly, you can do it once in two years.

Cleaning the air rifle barrel is essential, but everything has a proper time and limit. Cleaning the barrel is not required if the shooters use an airgun for general target use.

But if you pass at least 1000 rounds, clean the dirty barrel and internal mechanism to increase accuracy and prevent any problem that might happen when you are shooting. The maintenance should be proper. A clean barrel can perform better and increase accuracy.

The shots are cleaning the barrel, which is also based on the accuracy drop-off. When you change the pellet type, clean the barrel too.

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Should You Oil an Air Rifle Barrel?

The barrel does not need oiling, as it damages the pellets and reduces performance. Oil also builds moisture in the barrel, which is a massive no-no.

What Fluid is Used to Clean an Air Rifle Barrel?

You can use airgun oil or aerosol oil and spray it inside the barrel so the gunk will start loosening. When using patches to clean it, pour some airgun oil and pull it through the barrel.

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