How to Clean Sig p320: Clean Plate, Magazine, Body Using with Kit

Whether shotgun, handgun, or rifle, gun cleaning is the most important thing to keep it safe and durable. Regular cleaning prevents rusting, and you can also find out the internal problems. It also increases the shooting accuracy.

I have been using sig p320 for a long time, and I was baffled about cleaning it for the first time. Then I watched some youtube videos, read the user manual a couple of times, and consulted with an expert to clean and corrosion prevention thoroughly.

Cleaning the Sig P320 is rather simple by using pistol cleaning oil, lubricants or solvent, dental picks, toothbrushes, dry cloth or flannel cloth. Today I will share maintenance and basic gun cleaning tips so you won’t make any mistakes.

How to Clean Sig p320

Sig P320 Gun Cleaning Tools


You can buy professional cleaning kits or use a basic cleaning kit for firearms, following the cleaning instructions.

  • A good quality sports cleaner
  • Gun cleaner
  • Gun cleaning oil
  • Gun Grease or lubricant
  • Dry lube(optional)
  • A plastic toothbrush
  • Dental picks
  • Boar brush
  • Cleaning dry patch and cables
  • Q tip
  • Bore snake or cleaning rod
  • Soft clean cloth
  • Synthetic grease

How to Clean Sig p320: Field-strip to Clean

Please do not use anything extra to clean your sig; Otherwise, it will break the warranty. p320. Follow the product manual user step by step provided by the manufacturer.

Step 1: Safety Check

The first thing you have to do is check the firearm safety and remove the magazine. Lock the rear slide and check if there is any ammo left in the chamber. Use gun cleaning kits; there are many affordable gun cleaning kits available on the market. Choose one that suits your firearm the best. 

Step 2: Remove the Slide

Rotate the takedown lever and remove the slide from the pistol. Now gently push the takedown lever from one side and remove it. After that, remove the FCU from the gun. If it comes with a Sig p320 light, de-attache it before the cleaning.

Step 3: Field Strip the Magazine

Remove the guide rod spring barrel from the magazine. You can rotate the barrel with your hand to remove it. The process is the same as cleaning an air rifle barrel.

Step 4: Wipe Down the Gun

Before starting the cleaning, wipe down the pistol frame with a cleaning patch, use a dental pick and wipe any tight area.

Step 5: Clean the Barrel

Clean the feed ramp and all around the edge with a q tip so any carbon build-up can remove altogether. Insert the q tip in the chamber, and the bore, then move it back and forth a couple of times. You will see the q tip getting black which means it cleans carbon build-up.

After that, run the bore brush through it a couple of times, then run the cleaning patch. Soak the patch in oil, then again run it through the barrel.

Put a drop of grease outside the barrel and spread it with your finger. The metal fouling will come out.

Step 6: Clean the Guide Rod

Please take the guide rod from the spring and wipe it down with a patch. After that, put a coat of grease on it and put it back into the spring.

Step 7: Clean the FCU

Remove the trigger bar by lifting it, rotating from the FCU, and unhooking the spring. Spray the gun cleaner on the FCU and skip the sear and safety lever area.

Then brush all the area with a toothbrush and clean it with a clean rag. Now brush the sear and safety lever area, then drop a little oil on this stuff so the oil can run inside. Spread the oil all over the bore with a q tip.

Step 8: Clean the Slide

Run the dental pick with a cleaning patch on the FCU rises line. Spray the gun cleaner all over the slide, then remove the striker by pushing it upside down. Then insert the q tip in the slide and move it back and forth. After that, insert the bore brush and rotate it.

Step 9: Clean the Magazine

The magazine has a tiny button on the back, push the button with a dental pick and push forward the plate with your thumb. Keep your thumb on the front of the magazine, or the spring will pop out. Slowly remove your thumb and push down the top part to remove the spring. If this weapon comes with a 3x magnifier for Sig, take that out.

Rub the spring with a clean rag or paper towel to wipe down the entire spring. Apply oil to the spring and rub it with your finger. Now insert the paper towel and pick inside the casing, then move the pick back and forth to clean the case. Also, clean the but plate with a rag.

Step 10: Reassemble the Parts

After cleaning your sig p320, reassemble all the parts of the gun and magazine and check if it works properly. Please do not use excessive oil or cleaning solutions, or they will damage the components. Lubricate only the lubrication point and keep it dry completely. Gun owners should not use an excess lubricant. After re-assembly, store the gun in the right place.

How Often Should You Clean P320?

You can clean the sig p320 after every shooting trip. It increases the optimal performance. Do not strip the gun more, or the parts will be damaged or loose.

You can field strip the gun weekly or monthly; that depends on the number of rounds and rust build-up. But you could wipe down your gun daily, which will take only a few minutes or two.

How Often Should You Oil a Handgun?

If you do bullseye shooting regularly, apply a light coat of oil to the handgun once in a week or two. In summer, oil the gun twice a week to prevent excess moisture. In winter, once a month is enough.

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