How to Load a BB Gun: Putting Pellets to Reload CO2 and BB Rifle

Bb gun is a very ancient type of weapon that does not change much. These guns are designed to be recreational, and you can modify them to maximize your enjoyment. Your kids can use it to learn firearm safety, and you can use it for pest control. It is affordable and also can be used for self-defense.

I have used a bb gun for a long to practice backyard shooting, and today, I can say the gun was a good friend of mine to increase the accuracy. Beginners should know how to load a bb gun before shooting. And I am here to help.

How to Load a BB Gun

How to Load a BB Gun


The bb loading process is pretty simple in a pump-action rifle or a pistol. The loading mechanism is the same. Doesn’t matter if you are using a plastic bbs or a self-defense BB gun, the loading system is pretty similar. So, this guide will basically provide tips for all kinds of bb guns.

Remove the Magazine of the BB Gun

First of all, remove the magazine from the gun. The magazine has a spring that hits the bbs, do not push it down with your fingernails. You can use a cleaning rod to push down the spring of the pellet rifle until it reaches the lock.

Putting BBs in the Loading Chamber

The spring will be locked at the bottom of your modern spring air rifle. Now remove the cleaning rod and put a few bbs in the loading chamber. This is the right way to load a bb gun for adults.

Fill up the area with bbs the release the spring lock. The bbs will be lined up tightly as the spring is behind them.

After Rifle Uncocked, Cock it 

Now lift the slide lock of the gun and push the slide to lock it. Insert the magazine back on the gun and close the slide. Aim the gun barrel in a safe direction and press the safety button to see a red ring.

Cock the gun and pull the trigger to see if the gun works properly. The gun does not require much cocking effort. You can also load the bbs from a bottle.

What is the Best Way to Put Pellets in a BB Gun?

What is the Best Way to Put Pellets in a BB Gun?

A .177 caliber air rifle can shoot both bb and pellets, so using pellets instead of bb is depends on the gun model. The pellets are loaded through the loading port of one side of the receiver of a sniper air gun. A daisy red Ryder bb model air rifle can use both cartridges, and the process is simple.

Just turn on the safety of the weapon and check if there is no red. The pellet’s size should be matched with the gun capacity. Remove the magazine. Now push the pellets with your thumb into the magazine. The handgrip will push the pellet down.

All the pellets are almost looking the same. One end is flat, and the other end is hollow. Load a hollow lot of the ammunition first, and the open end will be towards the gun’s back.

How Good are BB Guns for Self-defense?

If your bb airsoft gun or lever-action rifle has a 500 FPS shooting capacity, it will be a good gun for self-defense with accurate shots. A 500 FPS can expand in our skin which is effective. A 30-round of .177 can hit badly if you shoot near the chest.

A spring-powered toy gun, bb gun, or CO2 pellet pistol won’t injure much, so a .177 caliber with compressed air could break the skin, and the important thing is, that you can show the attacker that you have a gun. The muzzle velocity of a full metal airgun is 120 to 180 m/s which is enough for self-defense.

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