How to Remove Glock Slide Plate: 5 Easiest Steps

Every Glock model has a slide cover plate in its back, and removing it to replace a new one is a necessary entry-level disassemble process. The plate should be replaced from time to time as it holds the firing pin, so if you ignore this, your gun will decrease its shooting performance. The removal process is straightforward and almost identical in all Glock models.

You do not need to disable the gun fully; the factory slide plate has a serration, so you can remove it with your thumb and install a different design.

Recommended Tools for Removing Glock Slide Plate


  • A Glock pistol
  • 1/8 inch flathead screwdriver
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Glock slide cover plate removal tool
How to Remove Glock Slide Plate

How to Remove Glock Slide Plate: Steps and Guide

Removing Glock slide plates from the gun isn’t much of a deal if you have the right guidance.

Slide Plate Removing Process

Step 1: Prepare the Area

It is crucial to prepare your workplace, especially when you are working with a gun. The surface should be solid and protective and has a safe direction to fire because it is essential to get a good position for slide removal.

Step 2: Safety Check

Ensure the gun is unloaded, check the magazine chamber, and aim it in the safe direction. Pull the trigger, then remove the magazine from the weapon. Visually inspect the chamber too. If you are using a silencer, scope or a laser for Glock, then put it off and keep it any safe place.

Step 3: Break Down the Frame and Slide

The Glock has two levers on both sides. Press those levers at the same time and push the frame forward so it will come out. Keep the frame in a safe place for accurate shooting as you do not need the frame.

Now remove the spring and recoil assembly from the slide and remove the barrel by pushing it a little. This way, you can access the internal slide components.

Step 4: Take Off the Slide Plate

The slide has a firing slide pin underneath the striker, take a flathead screwdriver and insert it right below the firing pin of the striker and channel liner. This tool can remove other parts too.

A spring and extractor plunger or extractor depressor bearing holds the slide plate, so it releases the spring’s tension when you push the screwdriver. So push the firing pin up and capture the slide plate with your thumb so the firing pin spring won’t fly anywhere.

You will hear a click sound. Push the slide plate backward, and the naked slide will come off. The two springs will pop out when you remove the slide plate, so hold the slide muzzle up. The giant spring is connected to the firing pin, and the small spring is also attached.

Take Off the Slide Plate of Glock

Step 5: Re-Install the Slide Plate

To re-install the slide plate cover, depress the giant spring with your thumb and the smaller spring with a flathead screwdriver, pin set the slide plate on the slide plate cover grooves, and then slide the plate. If you are going to keep it in any holster for Glock with light, then the smooth outer part is important to accommodate the pistol properly.

You cannot depress both springs simultaneously, so push the bigger one first, slide the plate a little, then crush the smaller ones with the pin or screwdriver to set the slide plate properly. Reassemble the slide and frame, then push the slide lock tabs and check the gun’s function works properly.

Why Should You Replace Glock Slide Plate

It would be best to replace the Glock slide plate when the plate is worn out or damaged. Sometimes you can replace it with a new aftermarket slide plate that has various designs on it.

The upgrade will make your Glock looks aesthetic. However, the factory slide cover plate is formed and fits from all, and it keeps your thumb nicely fitted while firing.

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