How to Shoot a Glock 19 Accurately?

Glock 19 is famous for its reliability and security, and the shooting technique is the same as another semi-automatic pistol. It is also easy to increase the shooting accurately with your Glock 19 in every round; follow some method, and you will see the improvement in your accuracy. Regular practice and proper training are crucial here and positively take everything to become a perfect shooter.

I am not a pro shooter, but I carefully noticed my mistakes and applied new techniques to develop my accuracy. I will share those techniques with you.

How to Shoot a Glock 19 Accurately

Tips and Tricks How to Shoot a Glock 19 Accurately


You need to know the foundation of shooting accurately with Glock 19. The foundation has some features like,

Glock Grip

Properly holding the gun is crucial as the sight picture, accuracy, and trigger pull depend on it. The design of the Glock 19 handle is already matched with your hand, and the firm grip is appropriately lined up so you can hold the Glock consistently for a long time. To put the thumb on the grip, the backside of the gun should be one side of the webbing, and the middle finger should also be under the trigger guard.

The gun jumps every time you pull the trigger, so it is essential to control the weapon, especially when shooting fast, because accuracy is still the top priority.

The gun should get your skeletal support, not only muscle support. The palm should also be on the spine of the handle. When you grab the gun, please do not put the index finger on the grip; the finger should be appropriately placed on the gun to control it better.

When you raise the gun to the pointing position, check if it is lined up with your bones, and the index finger also be pointed forward. Do not hold the gun too tight because your hand will get tired. If you want to keep the Glock with your two hands, firmly place your other hand on your working hand and point the thumbs at the forward so the thumbs will be away from the action.

Glock 19 has two-handed grips, so holding it with two hands is also comfortable. The thumb placement is also essential.

Right Stance for Shooting a Glock 19 Accurately

Shooting stance is another essential feature to shoot accurately with Glock. If you are shooting at night then a proper Glock laser sight can be a great option. But when you practice, try to avoid any extra sight equipment.

You can shoot in many ways; just the methods should be accurate and consistent. While you are holding the gun, do not stand straight.

Stand like your shoulder is over your toes, which means putting some upper body weight forward because the recoil muzzle requires a little bodyweight to slide it. That does not imply a skinny one cannot do this. Putting your body weight forward means you will get the proper grip.

Standing Tips for Glock 19 Shooting

Glock 19 is not a big recoil gun, and it uses only 9mm Luger caliber, so do not stand flat back; stand light on your heels, tilt your body a little, then position your right foot at least 6 inches away from your left leg, bend the knee a little, then shoot.

Shooting a Glock 19 Accurately

Feet Placement for Right Aim

It is called isosceles shooting stance. If the leg position is not comfortable to you, try other foot placement. Place your one foot ahead of your other foot and hold the gun with your right arm straight and your left arm tucked. It is called a weaver stance.

However, this concept is not beneficial, primarily when someone shoots from your back, yet it is helpful to run faster.

Glock 19 Accuracy Tips for Sight Alignment

Slight alignment means aligning the Glock 19 night sights within the lining so the front view will be perfectly centered in the rear notch. This way, you will get the light equally on both sides. Thrust it down towards the target whenever you pull the gun up, as the sight is already pre-aligned.

How to Improve Glock Accuracy with Right Sight Picture

A sight picture means putting the alignment on the target quickly. Beginners struggle to focus with their one eye, so if the sight alignment is correct, you can match it with the target appropriately whether you are using fiber optic sights or standard iron sight.

So hold your Glock, follow the stance, then point the gun on the target, and the sight alignment will set at the top of the target.

Adjust the sight left to right to stabilize your dominant eye’s visibility if you see the target with your double eyes. You will feel when the gun is aligned perfectly and the rear sight is drifting. It would help if you practiced this technique a lot. It’s also called dry fire methodology.

If you are shooting at night, it is better to use night sight or holster light for Glock 19 to see the target in small ranges.

Improve Glock Accuracy

Trigger Pulling Tips for Glock 19

This concept is about squeezing the gun while controlling the trigger. Glock 19 has a long trigger pull, so you have to know when the shot breaks. Do not move the finger when you pull the trigger; pull slowly to get the better shot. Place your fingertip on the trigger and move the 2 joints of your finger. The first joint should be close to the trigger so you can feel when the trigger goes off.

When holding the gun with both hands, keep the trigger finger loose to have some flexibility.

Practice Dry Firing

Dry firing is for highly skilled competitors, so if you handled the gun quite a lot, practice dry firing as it increases the accuracy more than live shooting. It also develops muscle memory, and you can gain a great trigger pull.

However, dry firing means you have to grab the pistol, point the target, and pull the trigger within a couple of seconds (maybe 2 or 3) without even not looking at the target and do not know where the ammo hits. The group size could be 4″ so the firing pin can hit the mouth of the chamber.

Practice The Range

Too much range shooting is sometimes dull. Choose a place or range where you can shoot multiple targets at the same time using pistol lasers or normally.

When you get the accuracy in 10 to 15 yards, try different angles and shooting distances. If you are new, start shooting at a close distance to increase the baseline.

Glock 19 Accuracy Issues

Glock 19 has some accuracy issues with it, such a muzzle could be crowning. It would help if you got some quality training to overcome these issues and convince your finger that you have the policeman’s accuracy. Glock has a shorter barrel which also affects the accuracy.

You do not practice thousands of rounds to get the accuracy; follow your instructor and maintain the proper safety.

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