How to Shoot Glock 26 Accurately

Glock 26 is a compact handgun that can shoot thousands of rounds. You can use night sights, so it has a conventional accuracy. However, Glock 26 is small, so holding it may not be comfortable for you. Yet it won’t be much problem. You can use a magazine extension to fit your hand correctly on the grip.

Glock 26 does not have an accessory rail like other Glock models. Still, you can shoot with it accurately. The additional Glock 26 does not have many differences, and the mechanical accuracy is nearly identical.

How to Shoot Glock 26 Accurately

Tips and Guides on How to Shoot Glock 26 Accurately


A quick shot does not mean you can do it accurately. You should take your time and shoot decently to learn every tactic that improves accuracy. First, you need to set your trigger finger firmly to control the weapon so getting a firm grip is essential. Start shooting with 12 yards or more. Just follow some tips to shoot accurately, such as

A Good Grip

A good grip means your finger and thumb can interface with the weapon comfortably. If you cannot hold the gun properly, shooting the target is impossible. The trigger guard and your flesh and beavertail should not have any space when you hold the gun. The grip should be locked in properly when you come off the holster, holster with light or range.

This way, you can aim at the target in the same place and shoot in the same process. Glock does not have any beaver tail; still, there should not be any space left when you hold the handle. It will help you control the gun while shooting, and your finger can rest. The grip extension also made it better.

Use the Sight Properly

Aiming the target accurately means properly using the angles of the sight. It already has factory sights. The front and rear sight pictures should be lined up when you strive for pure accuracy. Imagine the back sight picture has two dots, and the front sight has one dot. So the front view should be in the middle of the two rear dots.

That’s what it called lined up. So focus on the front sight of your Glock 26 gen 5 and other models that the rear sights will be a little blurry. Do not pull the trigger until you see the front view is on your target. Shooting the 3-4′ group accurately is only possible when the sight is aligned correctly.


Glock 26 Trigger

The trigger pull is one of the most crucial parts for most people. In my experience, it is the part, and you cannot make any error. Before pressing the trigger, do not move your hand or finger while holding the grip.

The grip angle makes the gun have it ideally. Just think straight and fire. The muzzle moves at the time of shots, yet you should not drive if you continue firing.

Getting a good alignment is challenging, so do not miss the chance of accurately shooting when you own it. Use proper pistol laser/light or combo for better accuracy. If your hand moves, the sights could also move. The magazine’s finger extension is also available to get more trigger time.

Body Posture

The shooting position also affects the shooting accuracy. Only recoil control and proper Glock night sight alignment are not enough if your shooting position is not good and comfortable.

However, find out your comfortable place while aligning the sights to know your comfortable position and can fire accurately. Try the bench shooting to get a good cover and rest your hand.

Is a Glock 26 Hard to Shoot?

Glock 26 is a small-sized handgun with a short grip, so big-handed people face difficulties holding this carry gun. You may put 2 or 3 fingers on the grip, and in this situation, the shooting is challenging in low light and dark. But with better laser sight for Glock and grip position in dark, it can be easier.

The barrel is also shorter, so the muzzle often rises while shooting, which is awkward. A gun with a shorter barrel is also not hard to hit.

How Far Does the Glock 26 Shoot? – Glock 26 Effective Range

The effective range of Glock 26 Gen 5 and other version pistols is 25 yards, and pro shooters can shoot up to 50 yards. You can shoot at least 1200 rounds per minute, so 50 yards is the maximum shooting range.

What is the Best Ammo for a Glock 26?

Glock 26 has a relatively short barrel, so hollow point ammo (115g), 9mm are the best ammo for Glock 26.

Is the Glock 26 Accurate?

Glock 26 is a concealable firearm, and it is best for close-range shooting and personal defense. The barrel is stiffer, so you may feel a little awkward at first. Also, it got a shorter sight radius, but accuracy is possible with enough practice and good tricks. An experienced shooter will tell you how accurate the Glock is. 

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