How to Sight in Your Glock Pistol Accurately

Handguns’ sights increase the shooting speed and precision even in the dark. It gives an enormous advantage to position, alignment, and shooting accurately. Glock sights are almost the same as other gun sight, so you need to aim correctly to shoot.

The market has various types of Glock sight, so it is essential to know about the sight’s fundamentals and proper uses.

Here are the quick tips for accurate sight in your Glock pistol

  • Hold the Glock pistol properly
  • Line up the pistol sight with an adjustment tool
  • Engage your eyes with the dominant eye
How to Sight in Your Glock Pistol

Steps and Guide on How to Sight in Your Glock Pistol


Using the Glock night sight is pretty simple. The dot sight is like a binocular so put your eyes to the sight hole to focus on the target. You also have to adjust the range and ammo to utilize the sight.

You can easily use the gun without spending money on training; you need a clear mind and focus.

Hold the Gun

The first step to using the Glock sight is to hold the gun in a proper shooting position with Glock, Sig, BB, and other CO2 pellet Pistols. You don’t need a fancy target sight; just a block or paper target is ok for the expected range to get a correct sight picture.

The gun holding style is essential to shooting accurately. Hold the gun firmly in a safe direction and keep your forearm inline or straight to steadily pull the trigger with your trigger finger.

Line Up the Glock Sight

Line Up the Glock Sight

Always stand at the centerline of the target. The line should be perfectly straight using a sight adjustment tool. You can shoot the target at the center if you stand slightly on one side, but it requires a lot of practice.

The Glock front sight is located at the center, the rear factory sight has two dots, and you have to see the front dot between the two dots. Keep yourself focused in every shot, and try not to move between each shot to get the correct sight picture for pistols and the most powerful fully automatic bb guns.

Mark a dot at the exact center of the rear sight. It will allow you to have an aiming point to get the front sight lined up. The front sight must be clear to your vision. Practice a couple of times with a fast-reacting target to get yourself used to your visual. Just keep calm while you are doing it.

Eye Dominance

Use your dominant eye to engage the target with your favorite sight. Keep your two eyes open to set the balance between you and the target. If you cannot center with both eyes open, close one eye to focus on the target.

However, try not to close one eye while you are shooting as it is dangerous, and you also have to be alert to your surroundings which is not much possible with one eye.

What is the Sight Picture for Glock?

A sight picture means putting the sight alignment on the top of the target to shoot fast. The sight picture should be correct to ensure the bullet can hit the target. Another confusion is where to focus? On the front sight or the target? You can choose one of them to aim for and get a correct sight picture. Just be precise with the target.

When you want to shoot any specific point on the target, the sight picture will be right on top of the target. Feel the gun alignment and set the sight level, so practice perfectly aligned with Glock 43 lasers sight.

Use both adjust and sight to shoot the target where you want to do it. The sight picture also depends on the distance to connect the focal point. The manual pistol sight can make of polymer, steel, or aluminum.

What Distance are Glock Sights Set for

What Distance are Glock Sights Set for

A Glock can be sighted for 2 to 25 yards. With pistol sights and factory night sights, you can adjust the accuracy for better target shooting. 

How to Adjust Rear Sight On a Glock

Glock’s front sight is not adjustable, and you can use only the adjustable rear sight and do it with a hammer or punch. However, there is a chance of damaging the sight or pistol. So it is better to use a sight pusher tool to adjust the Glock sight.

Determine the direction you want to adjust the sight, then disassemble the gun, remove the barrel, and spring from the slide. Use a padded vise or unpadded tight clamp to adjust the rear sight with a hammer and punch.

Use a plastic front and rear sight drift and set it on the side of the rear sight base. Tap with a hammer gently until it reaches the possible position. Test the accuracy and repeat the process if needed.

Using a sight pusher tool and Glock front sight tool is comfortable and safer in any sight adjustment in any light condition. Use this rear sight tool when you want to slide the sight quickly because adjusting or replacing the sight is difficult without proper equipment. You cannot remove the screws in the standard sights or adjustable sights combo. Also, the sight height should be appropriate.

How to Aim Glock Sights?

Most shooters think that their gun iron sight might be misaligned because they are using the wrong sight or the sight is not installed correctly. So always use manufacturer-recommended sight for your Glock. Also, the sight should be lined up perfectly. Center the front and rear sight up in the target. Each side will have equal light if the pistol sight is centered up.

You cannot simultaneously focus on the sight and lens to see the image. Place the sight on the intended target that you focus on so the front sight becomes clear. When you cannot align inside the target, the round will still hit close to the target. So the sight post should have equal light and equal height.

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How to Improve Glock Sight

How to Improve Glock Sight

It is possible to improve the Glock sight within a couple of seconds. It requires a simple Glock modification. Glock already has factory night sight, and the front sight focus is essential for accurate shooting.

A standard Glock sight has a white u-shaped channel between the two knots, and our eyes can focus back and forth between the sight and the target.

Take a black dry erase marker and mark the rear sight white line into black. Now you will see only front sight quickly and clearly. If you do not like it, wipe down the rear sight with a cloth, and the black mark will go, and the stock sight will be back. It is also possible at night sight.

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