How to Stipple Glock Borders: DIY Stippling Tips with Tools and Patterns

The Glock body is made of polymer. The finishing is too good; the grip and texture give it an aesthetic look. You can stippling the Glock to improve the looks. Glock is not 100% perfect, and stippling and modification enhance the Glock design.

A stippling job can be comfortable and practical with a polymer gun. The process is easy if you master the fundamentals of stippling. You can still carry the Glock under your shirt.

How to Stipple Glock Borders

What is Handgun Stippling?


Stippling a gun means modifying the gun’s factory grip and converting the design to your suitable needs. Stippling makes the grip more grippy to handle well. If you have been using an IWB holster for Glock for a long time, cleaning this part is essential.

You have to sand off the grip’s original finish and make new tiny dots, dimples, ridges, and other formations, a basic stippling pattern. Do not leave the body stippling in the middle of the design will damage.

Steps on How to Stipple Glock Borders

Understanding the critical part of stippling Glock borders is very important to do it properly. In this article, we will discuss the delicate part of the stippling of the pistols. 

Glock Stippling Kit, You will Need

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Dremel
  • Micro wood chisel

How to Stipple Glock Border

First of all, decide which type of design or pattern you want to do.

Step 1: Check the Gun

Release the magazine from the Glock, then visually inspect your firearm. Point it in a safe direction and fire to test the gun.

Step 2: Disassemble the Gun

Remove the slide from the gun and keep it aside. Remove the pin from the frame with a punch and remove all screws with a screwdriver.

Step 3: Draw the Design for DIY Glock Stippling

You do not need to prepare the grip before stippling. Put the frame on the workbench or table, then put a ruler. Then start drawing the outline border with a pencil. The pencil line should be straight; make sure the border design is perfect.

After completing the upper side, draw the line in the lower curve. Draw underneath the mag release until the lines drawing is complete. Keep a straight edge and ensure the polymer frame is not damaged for further use with a night sight. Also, draw straight lines to stippling borders, or the aspects of stippling won’t succeed.

Step 4: Start Working Around the Border

Take the U-shaped micro wood chisel and start to clean the pencil lines on the border carefully. Just push and give a steady pressure on the line with the chisel to make a proper depth in the line. Slow down the pushing when close to the edges and when the line turns.

Keep working nice and slow until a clean line is made. Pass the line carefully to keep the design reasonable.

Work on the rounded part may seem a little complicated to make a border. Take your time and create the same depth. Completing the line on the curve is the trickiest part with the v channel tool. A dotted stipple pattern can make straight-line stipples.

Step 5: Sand on the Grip for Better Borders & Stippling 

Take off the original texture on the frame with a sanding Dremel, sand on the border area carefully; otherwise, the borderline will mess up. After taking off the whole texture, make your desired design on the grip with soldering iron.

If you are using the right Glock holster with light, then you need to stipple the grip part properly to clean and better grip.

Is Glock Stippling Worth It?

People stipple their Glock to get more traction for better shooting for Glock. Sometimes the factory-made finger grooves are unsuitable for some shooters, so they can grind them off to make the gun better suited for you. Stipping is a permanent modification so that the warranty will be loose, and sometimes the gun can look terrible.

Those who love DIY jobs will love stippling on the Glock, and turning the firearm looks fantastic. However, it is possible to make a clean-looking gun with different textures and patterns. So Glock stippling is worth it.

Does Stippling Weaken the Frame?

People always ask the most common question because the frame is an integral part of the gun, and no one wants to damage it while stippling.

The stippling process is simple, but you have to do it very carefully, so if you are not confident enough, do it with a trained professional or practice until you are confident. The staple job won’t weaken the frame if you do it correctly.

How Long does Glock Stippling Last?

Stippling is a permanent modification, so it can last as long as the firearm lasts if you care about the gun properly—the quality impacts the durability. Also, choose a good design that can stay longer and more robust. Lift-type stipple won’t last long. Clean the grips regularly to prevent developing a bad smell. Only a perfect stipple job is permanent.

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