How to Wear an IWB Holster

A belt holster or IWB holster is a popular way to carry your firearm and other accessories. It is designed to ride inside of your waistband. You have to put it inside your pant to pull up your shirt and grab the gun from it quickly.

It is crucial to adapt this technique; you must know how to quickly take the gun from the holster, especially when you have to dry fire. If you have never put on an IWB holster before, you are in the right place.

What we will learn in this waring an IWB holster article:

  • How to attach the IWB holsters
  • What is the the right position for attaching it
  • Adjusting the holster position for preference
  • Sitting correctly with wearing the IWB holster
  • How to be comfortable with the kydex holsters
How to Wear an IWB Holster

Steps on How to Wear an IWB Holster


IWB, conceal carry and pocket Holsters are designed to be worn comfortably and quickly. When you put them on, it presses against your side, yet it is still comfortable as this holster has all the features to ride with you smoothly.

It is soft, but it will strain your muscle and back if you do not wear it correctly. First of all, you need the next size up pants, which are a bit lose to add an inch or two size holster.

After having the pant, take one size up the gun belt to fit the holsters.

Attaching the Holsters

Do not put the holsters straight inside into your pant. Loosen the belt a little, keep the pant on one side, hold the pant forward with your left hand, grab the holster, and insert it into your pant. Keep holding your pant with left and while doing this. You can also use a belt clip to lock the holster in one place. Without a clip, the holster can move inside even when you wear the belt tightly.

A clip will remain the holsters in one place, and you will always get the quick reflection about grabbing the gun out of it. The clip can twist upside down or remove altogether.

The Correct Position to Wear an IWB Holster

The ideal spot o carrying a holster whether it is Sig P365 or Glock 43, is near the backside. When you put it on the side, it will press up against your hipbones, and people think it is the easiest part of grabbing the gun.

A holster in 430 positions or just about your back pocket helps run the gun on your pant and your hips so the gun will lay flat and the wings will flex around your body. You will feel like nothing is there. Thus, it is thought to reach the pistol when sitting on a chair.

The three o clock or hip carry position is another commonly used position. The pistol will be near to your dominant hand so you can grab and aim the pistol quickly. However, the position is against the hip, so sometimes, it is uncomfortable.

Also, you can use appendix carry, which means the gun will sit by your naval or center torso. Keeping this position, you can draw very fast without staining your muscle.

You only know your most comfortable position. It could be 4:30 o clock or squeeze it into your pant, or anywhere that is suitable for you.

Adjust to Your Personal Preference

After finding the best position, adjust it to whatever retention you prefer and your comfort. The pistol should be safe in the holster, and the position should be comfortable enough so you can carry it the whole day and take out the gun from it quickly.

Remember, the proper clothing selection is crucial. Check the grip safety while wearing the waistband holsters with light. The ankle holster is another carry holster.

How to Sit with IWB Holster

When you have to sit for an extended period, the access of your gun is slightly difficult to reach from that position. You can carry the gun on the hip, a 3 or 9 o clock position. Another comfortable adjustment is behind your hip or 4 or 7 o clock position. This way, you can access your gun while sitting or standing up from the IWB holster for Glock and other guns.

Try the appendix carry position while you are driving or seated. Thus it will make your stomach pain after a couple of minutes. It is not better to wear a holster behind your hip when driving.

What is the Claw for an IWB Holster?

The claw is an attachment that helps the gun keep your body close. It can work in almost every position. The gun won’t print on your body because the natural curve will press the gun against your body.

How to Wear a Gun Holster Shoulder

Most people do not know how to wear a shoulder holster properly. The shoulder holster needs to be adjusted correctly, and the gun should not flop around the body.

Make sure the straps are strong enough and tight so the gun can be close to your body. It should be two inches below the armpit so the gun won’t move around. This way, your arm will be at a 90-degree angle when you hold the gun.

The strap should be at a cross angle in the center of your back, and if the shoulder holster has a single strap, it should be set across the base of your neck. This way, the weight will be distributed evenly, and the gun will not dropdown.

How to Wear IWB Holster Appendix

You will need a sturdy gun belt specifically designed for carrying guns. The holster hook will go over the edge of your pants, and the clip will attach to the bottom of the belt. Use the wider belt to lessen the slop.

First of all, insert the gun into the holster, put your thumb down the belt, slide the holster down to the pant and attach the clip on the belt. To better concealment, tuck your shirt over the gun. Do not forget to wear loose bel and loose pants for the appendix position.

The body type is essential to wear any holster. The holster materials are fitted for concealed firearms, but you also need a good body shape for quick access in every situation.

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