Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Review and Honest Opinion

Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Review and Honest Opinion

We have been heavily using so much modern equipment for fishing and hunting that the experiences have also been changed a bit. While talking about the Humminbird Helix 5DI GPS Review, we will also understand how technology now takes part in enhancing our fishing performance.

Humminbird Helix 5 is a great fish finder that offers lots of innovative features. We can say this product is a big box comes at a small price. The other fishfinder offers these features like helix 5 DI is way costly than the helix 5. This helix 5 is a perfect angling device for both amateur and experienced anglers.

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Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Review


With being very affordable this Humminbird helix model also comes with an excellent compact design for using it as a portable device easily. The advantages don’t really stop here. This fish finder offers all of the advances and features of the larger, more expensive fish finders at lower the cost of similar units.

I love the widescreen display of this fish finder which ensures excellent vision and the GPS and Sonar capacity. Let’s talk more about the Humminbird helix 5 di sonar/GPS combo with features and honest advantages in the below section.

Chirp Display to Provide Proper Vision

Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS

The Humminbird Helix 5 DI fishfinder GPS device dimension is 7.55w x 6.64h x 3.3d. It comes in a box. The box also contains a transducer, power cable, a swivel transom mounts, and all other necessary hardware. Also, the bright LCD backlighting ensures proper adjustment to show the images clearly regardless of the lighting conditions you are in. So, you can use the fish finder for fishing after rain and in a darker environment.

An instruction manual with a DVD is also included in the box. So using the display panel isn’t very complicated. The main reason why I like the display of this device is its perfect visual that helps me to locate fish rather easily. This model 5 has a 5-inch widescreen display.

Moreover, the display provides a crisp and clear view of the readings or images in 480×800 resolutions and in 256 colors. The Keyed interface makes this device to be easy to use. The 5-inch display ensures one can easily get ideas and details on fishes.

Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Feature

The 10 to 20-volt DC power source provides the necessary power to the device. Sometimes outdoor lighting condition makes trouble to see the readings on the display. But if you can use this fish finder properly, maybe read the Humminbird helix 5 di fishfinder manual, then the whole process will be perfect.

The LCD backlight feature of this device solved that problem. You will have no problem seeing the display in any lighting condition. The water depth and temperature reading come in large digits. I love the GPS for providing accurate information as we have seen on Lowrance hook 4 Fishfinder.

I love the full-colored 3D charts with excellent details with attached of tons of lakes of united states. Moreover, I can get help from the rivers and the coastline of different states of the United States. Moreover, it has of a variety of land-based features to help you with your outdoor activities.

The GPS feature helps you to reach the destination precisely. You can also create a map marking the favorite fishing spots, shores, docks, slipways, stumps, etc. using the GPS feature. You can come back to the exact location following the waypoint map feature.

Powerful Helix 5 G2 Sonar

The sonar gives a precise view of underwater and surroundings using high-frequency sound waves. The depth range of the sonar feature is up to 350 feet.  The powerful Humminbird helix 5 sonar fishfinder offers excellent performance for finding fishes properly.

Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Additional Features

It gives you the perfect picture of the baits, game fishes, human-made structures, and underwater bushes. The depth details of the vegetation and other man-made obstacles ensure more precise fish finding. The device shows these images with the wide 75°/455 kHz or the sharper 45°/800 kHz settings. I have used different types of spincast reels, rods, lures, and other fishing gadgets. Between them, this GPS device is my most favorite.

The Dual Beam feature delivers images up to 600 feet in depth. The beams deliver the images at a 20-degree angle and 200 kHz frequency and at a 16-degree angle and 455 kHz frequency. You can either choose a narrow beam to get an accurate reading or the wider beam to get a large scan area reading.

Additional Features

The split-screen of the device shows both DI and dual beam sonar images simultaneously. You can also use a map and sonar simultaneously to navigate. This device provides the option to change the color scheme to get a better image.

Also, love the easy to use the facility of this excellent fish finder. One can make the most out of the Humminbird Helix 5 di fishfinder manual and LEARN USING THIS DEVICE rather easily. Like the Fish hunter directional 3d, most of the features of this device is really helpful.

Helix 5 DI GPS provides a snapshot and freeze-frame feature. Other functions like water temperature alarm, sonar recording, and selective fish ID is also available.


  • The 5-inch wide display provides a lot of space for GPS and Sonar observations.
  • Down imaging sonar, adjustable backlight, and Dual-beam plus sonar.
  • Both 2D and DI supported traducer.
  • Freeze frame, snapshot capability, selective fish ID, sonar recording, and water temperature alarm features.
  • Affordable price.


  • No unit cover comes with the box.
  • Built-in UniMap charts do not provide large detail.

Final Verdict

The Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS is a great choice to go fishing with. It has features that make fishing easier than ever. The hummingbird helix 5 di GPS makes an extremely good choice for fishing on a small boat, or pretty much any bass boat. You can use this GPS on a trolling motor for a great experience with the help of trolling batteries and rods. It’s no longer a fish finder for deepwater use but can scan as much as six hundred feet without any trouble.

Moreover, Humminbird helix 5 fishfinder gives two varieties of sonar, 2nd and excellent imaging, and a relatively accurate internal GPS signal as a gear. It’s quite an inclusive combination for its price, a unit with a purpose to maximum surely boom you fish finding the experience. It drastically improves fishing ability with the vision on the water.

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