Easiest Ways of Installing Boat Battery : Do it Yourself

Easiest Ways of Installing Boat Battery

Installing boat battery is not a difficult task; it is almost like installing a car battery.  You will find the steps of installing the marine battery mostly similar to installing a car battery. It won’t be a problem if you are not familiar with installing car batteries, you still can do it safely and quickly.

However, there are different kinds of boat motors that need batteries for running. Installing a marine and trolling motor battery can be little different. But will not see much difference in installing these batteries.

There are some precautions to avoid the dangers and risks of injuries while installing marine battery. Because, working on an electronic device is always risky.

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Installing Boat Battery: Do it Yourself Easily


Installing boat battery need some steps to follow, as for removing the battery, clean the parts and then reinstall it or fix a new battery with it. We have experimented installing different batteries on a boat and find out the right way to do it. These guidelines are not only proven but also are very easy in nature. Let us find out installation techniques below.

Remove the Old Battery for Cleaning

If you are here for installing a new battery for the first time in your boat, you will get the first time installing guideline right after this point. Today or tomorrow you will need to know this feature.

Before you are about to start turning off all the switches that supply electricity to the devices, you have to turn off the ignition as well. Then remove and secure the negative and positive cable which will prevent from making any electrical connection. Then remove the old battery and dispose of it safely or you can also send the battery to the recycle center.

You should mark the cables before you start cleaning to avoid confusion later. Wash the battery holder or tray or case with warm water to reduce acid and erosion. Use a brush to clean the terminal adapters thoroughly.

Installing a Marine and Trolling Motor Battery

Installing a marine battery and trolling motor battery is similar as there are some manufacturer similarities into these batteries. So, we will discuss how to install a marine and trolling battery in a single way.

There are some processes of installing a marine battery. We discussed it below.

1. Get a Trolling Motor Battery

First, we should get a perfect trolling motor battery for our boat. However, there are different trolling batteries made with different technologies. Best will be finding a battery that has AGM technology. The benefits of having a trolling motor battery with AGM technology is it doesn’t leak out acid or other liquids while using.

Check out the trolling motor batteries and find the perfect one for your boat. Then install it after reading the manual of that battery.

2. Get a Marine Battery

If you are installing a marine battery on your boat, then you should buy the proper battery for it. Do not buy an auto mobile battery instead of a marine battery. Your marine battery will properly be fit on the boat as they are specially designed for these purposes.

Marine batteries are specially designed to resist high vibrations, shocks, rapid shifting more than an automobile or car battery can resist as we have seen in the drain test. So, these batteries will be perfect for fishing and another outdoor usage. So, if you are looking for marine use or trolling, we recommend you to buy a marine battery.

3. Understanding the Boat Battery Wiring Diagrams

marine battery installation diagram

Before installing the marine and trolling motor battery, one need to understand the boat battery diagrams perfectly. Installing a marine battery is easy if you know how to install normal battery. So, you can install the battery using our easy installation guide with following marine battery installation diagram properly.

There are a lot of different ways to install a boat battery. However, each individual boat has its own way. You should check out the diagram of wiring and hook up for Installing Boat Battery perfectly.

4. Choose Appropriate Wire Size

Sometimes, we forget some small things while thinking too much about the important ones. One should keep all the little things like wire size of the battery. You need to do it to replace the old wires. Buy the appropriate wires for your battery.

The battery wires have to supply a massive amount of energy to the engine and circuit breaker, therefore these are the biggest wires.

The size of wires of marine batteries differs from 2-6 gauges. Consult with the manufacturer if you have any confusion about it.

5. Strapping in Installing Boat Battery

Strapping is another little consideration one must not forget before starting the motor. Before you enable and start the connection, the battery must be secured.

Check out if the strapping is fitted perfectly along with motor and battery with perfect rod and reel. Place the battery in the battery compartment and strap it firmly.

So, when then the boat is on the movement the battery doesn’t move here and there in the engine compartment. If there is no battery compartment built in with the boat then places the battery in the battery boxes, which are safe and can be set up on the boat.

6. Hooking Up

According to new wire marine, “In a boat electricity is stored in one or more batteries.  The batteries are charged by your engine’s alternator or auxiliary battery charger.  They can hold an enormous amount of energy, capable of pushing hundreds – or even a thousand – amps… so care must be taken, and proper circuit protection should not be ignored.”

After finishing the strapping of the battery tightly, now is the time for hooking up the battery. If you’ve marked the cables as we told you previously, connect the cables as you marked them.boat battery hookup diagram

You should check out the boat battery hookup diagram before setting up the battery. The diagram should be with the manual of the battery. If you do not find it with the battery, you can check it out on their website or other online sources.boat battery hookup diagram

At first, connect the neutral cables to its port and then connect the positive cable. This is important to avoid the spark when you are connecting the positive cables.

7. Test the Battery

After setting up the battery perfectly, the job has not yet done. You need to go through the whole process in a short time. This will help you  to see if anything you forgot to do or not. You should also check out the complicated wiring and see if anything is out of the ordinary.

Turn on any device that depends on the power generated by the battery. For example, turn on the ignition switch, if it works, you’ve installed the battery properly. This way, you can be extra sure of the safety of the battery and boat.

Installing Multiple Boat Batteries

Installing multiple batteries on the boat is little tricky if you do not understand it perfectly. Also, we should make the whole process simple and easier. Our experts have done it perfectly for hundreds of time in installing boat battery.

And now they have come with an easy, simple and perfect way to do. Let us go through the installation process below.

Get Same Batteries

If you want to set up additional batteries on your boat, make sure that you buy the same type of batteries. For example, your primary battery is AGM battery, and then you should get additional batteries. These additional batteries should uses AGM technology and the same company. If you mix various types and groups can damage the battery life.

After you’ve bought the additional battery or batteries, strap them to the battery case, beside the primary battery.

Installation Process

Series Installation boat battery

There are two ways to install additional batteries and increase the maximum energy capacity. You can choose either one of it.

1. Parallel Installation

In a parallel system, two batteries connect positive to positive and negative to negative. In this system, you should hook up the black or neutral port with the black or neutral port of the additional battery. You should properly follow boat battery wiring diagrams to complete the process of parallel boat battery installation.

The positive part of the primary battery in red color and you should connect it with the red port. Or you should do it with the positive port of the secondary battery. You can continue the same boat battery wiring process to add more batteries.

Parallel connection extends the capacity of the battery and assists to manage a precise voltage. You will get the energy or rating of the amp hour to double with this configuration and ensures longer life of the batteries.

2. Series Installation

In a series installation system, two batteries connect positive to negative and negative to positive. The neutral or black port of the primary battery connects with the red or positive port of the secondary in this system.

And, the red or positive port of the primary battery connects with the neutral or black port of the secondary battery. You can continue the same wiring process to add more batteries.

This installation system does not extend the battery life. It also extends the voltage of it and keeps the capacity of the battery constant.

Final Verdict

You should install the battery properly to get perfect output from it. A top notch battery will provide perfect fishing with giving you steady momentum to hold the fishing reel.

Make sure that you attach it with high quality and strong straps. Otherwise, the internal units can be displaced or damaged when the boat is pounding extremely.

I hope these steps will make your Installing Boat Battery easy and simple. Batteries could explode if you install it the wrong way. Battery installation is really easy with the proper knowledge to do it.

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