Kayak Fishing Tips on Using Best Accessories Effectively

In my younger age, I always thought what is so amazing about kayak fishing. Why people are so excited about fishing on kayaks. Why people are asking about kayak fishing tips and how to fish from kayaks that lot?

Well, later on, my learning days, I learned a lot of fishing, especially on kayak fishing. And, I can say without a single doubt that kayak fishing is one of the best experiences I got from all outdoor adventures. Now, I can understand the hypes and gossips on this popular fishing technique.

Well, kayak fishing has its differences from the normal ones, so you need different tactics, different accessories to master it.

The Advantages is the Reason of Fishing Kayaks Popularity


The Advantages is the Reason of Fishing Kayaks Popularity

Fishing from a kayak has become very famous and it has its reason. The excitement I have mentioned is not alone; it has some other reasons as well. You can find a kayak at a cheaper price and they can travel across the water comfortably.

Not only that. Sitting in a kayak, you can go any place on the water, which is impossible in other forms of fishing. It gives an undoubted advantage and so kayak fishing has become that much popular.

It’s little different from normal fishing. Therefore, you need to learn it with a proper understanding of kayak driving and controlling the speed of trolling motor along with other basic skill on fishing. So, I am here going to provide all the necessary tips on kayak fishing with the answer of “how to” for the beginners.

Kayak Fishing Tips: Best Accessories for Fishing from a Kayak

When you will go fishing with kayak, you can the speed of the kayak as you desire and catch outstanding fishes as well. Kayak fishing is becoming very popular.

If you are about to start kayak fishing, the kayak fishing tips will help you with making the works easier. I will discuss the simple ways-using kayak fishing accessories along with their importance.

We will discuss the different parts of the fishing kayak and other accessories below. It will help the reader to understand kayak properly and have a safe and efficient fishing experience.

kayak fishing gear

1. Paddle: Must have Accessory to Start Kayak

The paddle is the important part of a fishing kayak. And to start kayaking, you need proper paddles. You need to have those paddles, which are not much heavy or light; somewhere in between, they are good. Also, check the strength of the paddle; they should not be too supple.

Try 240 cm or larger paddle, if there is an elevated seat position on the kayak you are using. If you go for cheaper paddles like less than $100 or so, they are not good to use and usually, they are overweighed and unnecessarily flexible.

Medium grade paddles will cost you around $150 and they are good. If you are interested in the best paddles, they will cost you around $400 and they come with much lighter in weight, which reduces fatigue.

2. PFD: Safety Tips for Kayak Fishing

PFD: Safety Tips for Kayak FishingSometimes, we tend to forget about the safety in adventuring. Nevertheless, it is better to keep sane and proper protection while can. Especially, when getting started kayak fishing you need protection like the PFDs.

PFD stands for Personal Flotation Vest. One of the best ways of catching fish is with the kayak. However, there is always a chance to tip over; you can drop out of kayak if you are not focused enough. You are highly advised to wear a Personal Flotation Vest (PFD) while fishing with the kayak.

3. Tackle Box: Organize Important Accessories

Tackle Box: Organize Important AccessoriesHaving proper gadgets and accessories helps your cause by making it simpler. It reduces the hassle and let you enjoy your time. So, you should organize the fishing tools like draws, baits, hook, and others in an organized manner to save space on the kayak. Also, it will provide excellent space for keeping fishing baits and other items.

And keeping them in a small place in an organized way can be a great beneficiary. Tackle box can be the best thing for that. You can keep these tools in the tackle box to do so.  We suggest you get a tackle box while starting Kayak Fishing.

4. Using Multi-Tool for Kayaking

I would always suggest having a multi toolbox in any of the outdoor adventuring tips, let alone the kayak fishing tips. No matter how good you are in fishing, sometimes you have to fight with a tangled line or removing hooks. Also, if you are using trolling motor, the tools can be very handy in installing trolling battery and other deep cycle batteries.

So, why don’t you take the advantages of a multi toolbox?

A multi-tool is the solution of these problems. Multi-tool has some smart tools like different sets of blade, pliers and other amusing tools to help you solve these problems. Also, if you are using trolling motor batteries on the motor, the tools can be very handy. In my kayak fishing tips, I will highly recommend the users to keep this item.

5. Communication Devices

Communication Devices for Kayak FishingAt the younger age, I would go to the forest without any electronic devices. That would make the adventure more interesting. But I have learned a lot from my experience. In addition, having some devices like the communication one are important for reel in fish.

Nature is complicated. You never know what is coming towards you. There is always a chance to rain without any cloud in the sky. So, be prepared. It can be an emergency while you are fishing and you need to keep necessary kits to ask for help when the emergency comes.

It can be a radio or cell phone or wireless radio, whatever it keeps them with you and inform someone before you go deep.

6. Lantern For Night Fishing

Researchers reported that fishes are searched for food and more active around the nightfall time or at dawn. Thus, there is a better chance of catching more fishes at those times.

So, why don’t we try to fish on the night?

The only problem seems is the light. If you want to go for fishing around dawn or nightfall time when there is no sunshine available to light you, keep a lantern with you. It will help you find the fishing tools in the dark and identify the obstructions.

7. Don’t Forget to Keep Dry Clothes

If you expect to return dry from kayak fishing, you are living in world of fools. You have to be mentally prepared to get wet while you are fishing with a kayak. A lot of events can happen to make you wet. For example, water can make you wet while you are paddling or it can rain and so on.

But, that doesn’t mean, you cannot keep dry clothes to wear after fishing.

Keep dry clothes in a waterproof bag or packet with you to return with more comfort and changing dry clothes with wet clothes can save you from flu or cold for being in the water for so long.

8. Last Tips: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for fishing KayakNo matter where you go for adventure, whether it is, hunting or fishing, first aid kit is necessary.  A lot can happen while you are on the water for fishing after rain or without rain. A first aid kit box can come handy.

This kit is useful in every step of your life. While you are fishing, it can be useful to get away from headaches or sterilizes the wound to avoid infections etc.

Last Few Words on Kayak Fishing Tips  

The enjoyment you will get from kayak fishing does not just end in fishing, it adds more. You can enjoy the ride hunting for the fishes underneath the kayak in the water with a decent fishing reel and rod.

If you were scared of kayak fishing, I hope this article helped you to think positively about kayak fishing. Kayak fishing is not a difficult task to perform if you have the right accessories and kayak motors, trolling batteries along with techniques.

I hope this simple kayak fishing tips on using the most important accessories will help you to fish easily and effectively. If you do as the tips are given, it will be very enjoyable for you while you will be fishing with the kayak.

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