How to Keep Holster from Sliding on Belt

The holster comes with clips that keep it stuck in one place with your belt or pant. I have used several holsters, and whenever I walk or sit, the holster moves back or forward, and I do not find them where I want them. It is essential to stop the shifting because a tiny mistake can cause big trouble.

It would help if you considered some things to keep the holster in one place. The holster materials are so good that they will remain steady if you follow some steps.

How to Keep Holster from Sliding on Belt

Reasons for Holsters Sliding


Most of the holsters are designed to fit on the belt to avoid pressure on belt attachments. Still, some problems are found inside and outside of the waistband. Such as,

The Belt Width is Lower than Holster Loops

The width of the gun belt should be bigger enough to fit with the waistband loops. When the belt width is lower than waistband loops, the tactical holster, thigh holster, belt slide holster, or normal ones will slide easily here and there, and the regular activity will be problematic.

Wearing Wrong Size Pant

If you wear the wrong side pant which is too tight or too loose, the holster slides around.

Body Shape

Sometimes the body shape won’t let the holster stay in one place, even if it is a top-quality holster. You do not need any screw to keep the holster in the same place. The materials are sticky enough to stick with your skin; just use some tricks. Your hip bone will be uncomfortable if you wear a wider belt.

How to Fix Sliding Holster

1.  Wear Belt with Matched Loop Size

Most of the holster has 1.75-inch loops, so choose a closer fit belt. The belt should be matched with the loops to fit tightly, and you can wear it all day. Thus, the loops get slightly more significant over time for continuous use so change the belt when needed.

2. Choose the Correct Position

Wear a holster between the pant loops,  belt keeper, or the waistline of your pant. The belt loops are a natural barrier to the holster from sliding.

3. Make More Holster Clip Count

Do not use a single clip holster because it slides freely from any flimsy belt. Use a belt holster with multiple clips to be tightly stuck on your belt. Attach the clips between the belt loops to sit the belt holster firmly.

4. Multiple Attachment Point

Use multiple attachment points to attach the holster securely.

5. Use Hair Crunchy

A hair crunchy is a hair tie or elastic band, slide it over the belt, and then put it into the holster with light. Then tie the scrunchy in cross position over the pants belt loop to make the loops tighter. It will hold the holster in one place.

6. Use Metal Clips

Always choose a metal belt clip for your holster as it has excellent grips and can flex better. The belt should cover more surface area to prevent sliding. Also, if you are using a stiff belt, you can lose it from the upper thigh areas with this clip. 

7. Use Carabiner

A small carabiner can work better to stop sliding. Attach the Carabiner between the belt loop and holster loop to prevent moving.

8. Modify the Holster

It is a cost-effective way. Just modify the shell, holster backing, or clip and use rubber to prevent holster movement. Also, you can use double-sided tape to change the holster form.

How To Wear A Leg Holster

Wearing a leg holster is pretty easy. It does not require a wearing belt, use the side thigh straps and attach it vertically to the outer belt loops. Kydex holster is my favorite one.

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