5 Things to Love about Fall Camping

Autumn is an excellent time to get outside and enjoy the changing seasons and fall foliage. What is not to love about the natural colors of fall and leaf peeping in fall camping? Leaves are golden, red and green, the days are warm and the nights are cool. Fall is a great time for hiking, fly fishing and outdoor photography.

It’s also great to sit by the campfire and get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate. Fewer people go camping in the fall, which makes for quiet campgrounds and inexpensive travel.

Things to Love about Fall Camping


Well, camping in fall is excellent for a break of works and tiredness of regular activities. We all want a small vacation to go somewhere for a travel trip to enjoy the bit of life to gather ourselves a bit and also get the energy to start again…

Fall Foliage

There’s nothing like camping in an aspen grove that is changing colors with the season. In the fall, leaves are changing from green, to yellow and red and glow in the sun. Here, you will enjoy your time and get the life of the charming scenarios and freshness of the earth.

The colorful autumn landscape makes for an almost magical backdrop for pitching a tent and is even better for hiking and photography.

Just about anywhere you love to camp will have a bit of fall foliage to see, but of course, some areas light up a little bit more depending on the forest.

Quiet Campgrounds

Labor Day is the unofficial end to summer, which means most people pack up their camping gear and summer toys. The end of summer is partly a mental change, but schools are back in session too.

Quiet Campgrounds

All of these factors combine to make traveling and camping less popular. If you just carry a tent with you for a tent camping pleasure trip, then this can be a great pleasure tour.

A quiet campground is ideal if you are heading into the great outdoors to relax and unwind. You’ll have a better chance at a favorite campground and will have the pick of the best campsites. And your closest neighbors might be a few sites away! There is no better time like the fall for quiet campgrounds!

Travel and Flights

The fall is a great time to travel. Flights and travel tend to be less busy and less expensive in shoulder seasons, so heading across the country or to another continent may be an option for you! Just with the right camping gears, you can enjoy a lot.

Even though most campers love the fall season, some of us would rather have our camp wildflowers and green meadows. If spring is your favorite season, you can easily find it in the Southern Hemisphere. Top camping destinations include New Zealand and Argentina.

Warm Days, Cool Nights

The weather can be spectacular in the fall. Warm days and cool nights combine for a nearly perfect camping season. Of course, this also depends on your destination and the weather patterns, but as a whole, the fall season is our favorite.

Sunshiny days are great for getting outdoors and enjoying nature. The warm fall sun is perfect for hiking, fishing, or birding, or any other activity you love to do outdoors.

Warm Days, Cool Nights

The cooler nights are fantastic for cozying up to a campfire and the colder temperatures help keep the bugs away! Keep in mind that weather can change drastically and be prepared for all kinds of weather events.

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