Lowrance Hook 4 Sonar GPS Fish Finder Review

The excitement and enjoyment is the reason why people are loving this fishing outdoor experience. And, fishing has got a new dimension with the newest technology and equipment such as fish finder. And if you love fish finder with perfect resolution and Transducer Capabilities then the Lowrance Hook 4 Sonar GPS can be a great choice.

While reviewing and searching for getting information about Lowrance Hook 4 Sonar GPS fish finder I have considered two basic things. One I will experience this fish finder by myself and get information and reviews from the other users online. And the overall rating of this fish finder was more than satisfying.

Lowrance Hook 4 Sonar GPS Review


Well, the first thing I can say is that this fish finder will not disappoint you. It has some exciting features that make fishing easier. This is a favorite fish finder to many experienced anglers. Let us find out about the features and advantages with the honest downside of Lowrance Hook 4 below.

Display Capacity

Lowrance Hook 4 Sonar GPS - Display Capacity
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One of the major feature to look while reviewing a fish finder is the display capacity. This device comes with a 4-inch color display with high resolution. It offers 480 x 272 resolutions to provide a precise image of the readings. So getting the information of the location of the fish will be a lot easier and perfect with the resolution of this fish finder. Comparing with the fish hunter directional 3d, this fish finder also consists of great vision.

Also, making the in-depth Lowrance hook 4 reviews, I found the quality of the overall device is excellent. I really liked the strong construction quality with some advantages of this fish finder. According to the fishing learning website LivingIT, the better display capacity with a better durability of the fishfinder makes better performance in catching fish in all kinds of conditions.

This device is waterproof and weather resistant. You can take it to any weather conditions. You don’t have to worry about the water makes the device wet.

Use and Lowrance Hook 4 Setup & Installation

Remember, the first time of setting a fish finder if you have used one. How does it feel? If the installation is easy then all the other fact become easier by itself. So, installation is an important factor, which you cannot overlook in a fish finder. The best thing about this device is the ease of adjusting the settings. In fact, the ASP feature adjusts the settings automatically according to the situation. The Lowrance hook 4 setup is easy and one can easily do it without experts help. You can take a look at the video for having a brief idea of the easy Lowrance Hook 4 installation.

Most of the other fish finder doesn’t have that feature. It takes a couple of minutes to get ready for use. I would rate this device 8.5 out of 10. You can operate this device using just one finger.

Fish Finding Modes

Let us talk about the feature that made this Lowrance Hook-4 Sonar/GPS Mid/High/Downscan Fishfinder one of the best fish finders in the market. The device includes a feature named TrackBack. It allows you to see and research about the previous sonar readings. The previous reading helps you to get used to the solar system and make a proper decision on that reading.

The waypoint map feature allows you to map the docks, stumps, fishing hotspots etc. You can use the waypoint map feature to get back to the exact point your mark on the feature. This makes fishing a way easier than with another mediocre fish finder.

The Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) feature adjusts the settings according to the need. It makes fishing more accurate for you. You can also work with the fishing bait properly.

You can see the underwater structures, fishes, and the surroundings clearly. Multiple scanning options are provided with this device. You can use scan high range, middle range, and low range and USCAN nav+ options.

Transducer Capabilities

Lowrance Hook 4 Sonar GPS - Transducer Capabilities

The transducer delivers accurate readings using the combination of GPS and Sonar scanning. The transducer of this device can work on four frequencies. The frequencies are 83kHz, 200kHz, 455kHz and 800kHz. So, you can easily find fishes from the different distances and then catch them with the reading.

Also, the usability of the fish finder in different boat and devices will make you excited. You can use this device on all types of boats. It works great on full-sized and small boats. You can even use it on the kayak. If you are using trolling motor and trolling motor battery, this Lowrance Hook 4 Sonar GPS devices work great along with another power system.

One of the important issues of the Lowrance hook 4 reviews is it mounting capacity and flexibility. This device can be mounted as the traditional way or it can be used as a portable fish finder. So, you will have all the flexibility of using this fish hunter perfectly.

Battery and Memory Card

You can use the different source as the power of this fish finder. You can either use your boat’s battery or AA battery as the power source of the fish finder. Using different source is very easy. You can also see more of the options in the Lowrance hook 4 manual.

Connect the device to the boat’s battery or use AA battery to power, the device will take a couple of minutes to turn on and ready to operate. It takes a bit more time than other fish finders. This particular device has a single slot for memory car.


  • It is simple to use. You can operate this device using only one of your fingers
  • Comes with high-quality materials to make the fish finder sturdy
  • Can find fishes easily with 83kHz, 200kHz to 800kHz frequency
  • The high-quality water resistance technology
  • The layout of this device is clear and simple
  • One can use the easy to follow the instructions for installing this device
  • Lowrance Hook 4 is lightweight and portable for different uses
  • You can upgrade the map feature to avionics or others
  • The GPS scanning is very accurate


  • It is a little bit overpriced for some of the consumers liking
  • Takes a bit more time to turn on and get ready to go

Final Thought

While making the Lowrance Hook 4 fish finder review, I have considered the features and performance along with the machine quality. And on the most section, this fish finder kept a decent quality. Finding fish is comfortable and simple using the sonar capacity and perfect picture.

You will know perfectly, where the fish is and how much distance it is from the boat. You can set a perfect plan to catch fishes using this high performing fish finder.

While I was really satisfied with its overall performance, some may talk about its price. But considering the quality one can pay a bit for experiencing better fishing. I recommend this Lowrance Hook 4 fish finder to all the fishing enthusiasts.

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