How to Make a BB Gun Stronger: Spring and CO2 Air Rifle

Those who are owning a bb gun definitely want to upgrades its power. However, a bb gun is already a powerful gun, but you will feel many differences when you make it stronger. A more robust gun has excellent accuracy which is also great for target shooting. You can modify your weapon at a low price.

The gun is designed with a simple and less expensive mechanism, so its velocity is lower than other gun types of pellet guns. To increase the feet per second of your bb gun, follow those processes.

How to Make a BB Gun Stronger

How to Make a BB Gun Stronger


Increasing the spring power of an airsoft gun or adult bb gun rifle is not much difficult as many of us think it is. There are few small tweaks, that can provide more power from the airsoft gun with improved accuracy. 

Method 1: Add Another Spring to Make the Air Gun Stronger

Bb gun shoots a metallic ball called BBs. It gives a tremendous ballistic performance and modification is pretty simple. It increases the muzzle velocity as well as the accuracy. First, take out all the bbs from the magazine then unscrew the screws with a screwdriver. There are lots of screws so do not hurry.

After that, remove the frame and you will see the front and back spring on the gun that helps to cock the gun. You can modify the spring or use a more powerful spring to shoot the ball harder at a greater distance.

The gun has a back plunger on the backside spring. When you cock the gun, the back plunger goes to the rear side and locks the spring. Remove the plunger from the spring to access it properly. Now take a larger spring with the same spring compression rate and insert the gun spring into it. This way, strong springs are made for your pellet gun or bb gun that moves the plunger with a large force.

Insert the doubled spring into the plunger and attach it to the gun. the old spring rate will be 30 pounds per inch and the new spring rate is 25 pounds, so you get a 55-pound spring rate which increases the power levels. Reassemble all the parts of your weapon, then do some test shoot to see how fast your bbs can go. Also, check the velocity of this device.

Method 2: Stretch the Spring

You can make your bb pistol, gun or rifles stronger without adding another spring. Just take off the spring from the gun, hold it with your two hands, and stretch it out until it reaches two centimeters higher from its previous size. Now attach the spring and reassemble the air rifle. cock the weapon and fire. You will feel a difference in the power.

Make the Air Gun spring Stronger

To check its power, you can shoot a food can before and after modifying the spring. When I shoot before changing it, the bbs make a hole in the can and stuck it inside the food. After changing the spring, the metal bbs hit the can and make holes in both sides of the can, which is an excellent power achievement.

Which BB Gun System is Strongest

There are 4 types of bb guns you will find in the market, electric, spring pellet rifle, gas guns,

plastic bb/steel bb/metal bb rifle, nitro piston airgun, arrow gun and co2 gun. Their working process and power rating are not the same.  Compressed gas produces low energy, so the actual firearm is not that powerful. Electric and spring air pistol are slightly ok. The strongest system has in the powerful CO2 gun. It has an HPA system that uses high air pressure to regulate the energy and give a powerful output.

remember, if you are not careful enough, it can make eye injury to you and others. some people think that an airsoft gun and a bb gun are the same. But the difference is, airsoft firearms use the plastic ball and bb guns use the metal ball.

How to Make CO2 Air Rifle or BB Gun More Powerful

Co2 bb gun is already a powerful airgun, but you can increase its shot power by slight modification. Replace the barrel with a longer one to get a higher FPS. Also, make the CO2 pistol or gun port straight so the gas can travel without interruption to push the bbs forcefully.

Also, keep your powerful level action bb gun or co2 gun in a slightly warm place before you shoot as warm temperature boosts the CO2 pressure and can work with more power with the ammo. However, the CO2 cartridge already has an enormous amount of stress, so if you boost the pressure, it will reduce your gun safety and explode in your hand.

Regular maintenance also improves your gun power and makes it stronger.  Sharp the piercing pin at least once a month and oil the barrel. Proper oiling reduces corrosion of your gun so use washers that have less restricted gas flow. Polish the trigger assembly to use it comfortably. Air gun injuries are very common. Use them in a manner and wear eye protection to avoid painful surface injuries. 

What Is The Most Deadly BB Gun

Bb gun shoots around .177 pellet caliber bbs, which is different from actual shotgun pellets. The most common bb gun is Red Ryder and Daisy. Daisy outdoor product has wooden stock or plastic stock so it is one of my favorites. the spring travel of the Red Ryder model is 1-7/8″ which is also powerful.

When you cock the gun, the piston locked against the spring, and when you pull the trigger, the compressed air shoots the bb. However, bb does not use heavier pellets so it is not the most deadly type. They have a power limit even for a pneumatic bb gun. You can use it for target practice and also it can kill birds, rabbits, squirrels, so it is a potentially deadly weapon. 

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