Most Powerful Lever Action BB Gun: Reviews on Accuracy, Performance

You can experience some of the most popular old-style lever action guns using powerful replicas from well-reputable manufacturers that shoot BBs without compromising much on accuracy.

These guns don’t have a higher FPS rating compared to non-lever BB rifles; still, there are some powerful ones available in the market.

While looking for the most powerful lever action BB gun, I came across several models that perform quite similarly to the most accurate ones out there.

Considering the FPS rating, accurate sights, firing mechanism, and looks, I was able to make the list of top 5 picks that are pretty much friendly for your wallet.

Barra Airguns 1866 Cowboy Series Lever...
Umarex USA, Legends Cowboy, .177...
Elite Force Umarex 6 Pack BB Capsules...
Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red...
Barra Airguns 1866 Cowboy Series Lever...
Umarex USA, Legends Cowboy, .177...
Elite Force Umarex 6 Pack BB Capsules...
Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red...
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Barra Airguns 1866 Cowboy Series Lever...
Barra Airguns 1866 Cowboy Series Lever...
Umarex USA, Legends Cowboy, .177...
Umarex USA, Legends Cowboy, .177...
Amazon Prime
Elite Force Umarex 6 Pack BB Capsules...
Elite Force Umarex 6 Pack BB Capsules...
Amazon Prime
Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red...
Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red...
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5 Most Powerful Lever Action BB Gun


Most Powerful Lever Action BB Gun

we have checked over the internet and shooting enthusiasts for the most popular and trustable lever action bb rifles. With considering their power and performance, we have made a list with detailed review and advantages. Also, the shortcomings are things you should see before making the ultimate choice.

Whether you are looking for a gun for long or short-distance shooting, the list includes both types of guns.

1. Barra Cowboy Series Lever Action Multi Pump BB and Pellet Air Rifle

The first one on the list is for those gunslingers who are tight on budget but still want to get the most out of their money. From its looks, anyone would fall for it.

The golden electroplating makes much appeal to those who like old lever actions guns.

Barra Cowboy gun won’t disappoint you when it comes to shooting at 25 yards gun range. Pumping is relatively easy.

Pumping for ten times, the manufacturer claims it to shoot at 800 FPS. Velocity won’t be that high for sure, but you can count on its accuracy in short-range target shooting. The power of the pump arm of these air pistols will ensure better capacity.

You can shoot both pellets and BBs using it. However, with pellets, it’s able to show more accurate shooting results using proper air pressure out of the pump.

The gun is made of quality materials. Its plastic receiver, forearm, butt plate, and many other parts look and feel like metal. But, the weight is much more comfortable to carry.

Unlike conventional lever-action guns, it features adjustable iron sights. You can adjust it according to windage and elevation, making it the most accurate BB gun in this price range.


  • Shoots both pellets and BBs
  • Up to 800 FPS
  • Improved firearm safety with the pump pp
  • Golden electroplating on its receiver and butt plate
  • Large reloading chamber with magnetic pin
  • Windage and elevation adjustable iron sight


  • These air rifles shoots accurately within 25 yards of range
  • Fairly easy to pump, 800 FPS with ten pumps
  • Great looking finish, and feel
  • Durable full metal construction helps better longeivity and durable action
  • Made of quality materials that look like metal
  • Lightweight, thus easy to carry for a long time


  • These powered bb guns makes a loud sound when it fires
  • The stock gets loose easily

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2. Umarex USA Legends Cowboy CO2 .177 Caliber Lever Action

If you love the Winchester Model 94, you will like this old western style lever action gun as well. It feels and weighs like a real gun.

With the 600 FPS and

Thanks to Umarex for their excellent craftsmanship in making popular replica models. The gun even throws empty cartridges like a real gun, which is quite pleasing to see.

Powered by two CO2 cartridges, it can shoot both BBs and pellets within 30 yards of range with decent accuracy.

The accuracy using both ammunition is good enough for plinking, target practice, and reenactments. It is one of the best bb guns for adults if you considered the performance.

I was impressed by the cartridges. You can leave them inside the bb gun for a few months, and there won’t be any leak whatsoever.

Unlike the previously reviewed rifle, it doesn’t make any loud sound when you fire. Its lever action is fairly easy. But, you will have to keep the lever mechanism oiled properly. You might not like how its stock feels as it’s made of plastic.


  • Shoots both pellets and BBs
  • 600 FPS shooting velocity
  • Two CO2 cartridges
  • Has blowback action for BBs
  • Easy to do realistic lever action
  • Includes ten ejectable cartridges


  • Shoot pretty accurately within 25 yards of range
  • Full metal frame, solid and durable build
  • It feels and looks like a real western old-style gun
  • Co2 cartridges don’t leak after months of idle state


  • Plastic made stock
  • You will have to pick the cartridges off the ground

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3. Umarex Limited Edition – Legends Saddle Lever Action 6mm BB Gun

This replica model from Umarex mimics the iconic 1894 model lever-action rifle. It even spits the cartridge shells when you use the lever. If you are looking for an all-in-one lever-action gun kit, this can be the deal worth considering.

Equipped with two CO2 cartridges, these are pretty easy to load and unload. Using 6mm airsoft BBs, you can shoot up to 400 FPS to hit targets within 30 yards of range with great accuracy. For target practice and plinking, it’s the most accurate BB gun for most shooters out there.

The bb gun also features rear and front sights, which you can adjust as per your shooting requirements to help with your accuracy. The adjustable stock, the security features and the durable action makes this one of the best bb guns in the market.

In the package, you will get 20 pieces of the cartridge, 5 12g CO2 tanks, and 1000 pieces of 6mm BBs.


  • 12g CO2 cartridge
  • Up to 400 FPS maximum velocity shooting speed
  • Realistic lever action spits cartridge shells
  • Adjustable rear and front sight


  • Accurate enough for target practice and short distance shooting
  • Adjustable sights further enhance the short-range shooting experience
  • Basic functionalities are really easy to understand
  • Easy to operate side lever spits shells like a real gun
  • It comes with lots of BBs, CO2 cartridges, and BB shells


  • It is not the most durable gun on the list

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4. Daisy Lever Action BB Gun

The next BB gun on the list is from Daisy. If you are looking for an air gun for your kid for initial training sessions, you can consider buying this one.

Compatible with .177 BBs, the gun can shoot at 350 FPS while maintaining a good accuracy within 20-25 yards. You can shoot up to 650 BBs for fun backyard plinking and target practicing. What makes it ideal for most shooters is the basic functionalities, which are absolutely simple to learn, and the shot power, which is not bad considering the purchase price.

As you can expect from a BB gun at this price point, there are adjustable rear and front adjustable sights. Like the daisy red ryder bb gun, this air rifle comes with a speed loader with better power for recreational shooting.

The stock and foregrip got a solid molded build for a comfortable shooting experience. It’s not like cheaply made hollow plastic.

However, the manufacturer used durable, heavy-duty plastic on the trigger and loop lever for this excellent gun.


  • .177 Air rifle BB gun
  • Shoots at 350 FPS with the lever action rifles
  • Adjustable rear sight and front sights
  • 650 shooting capacity


  • Shoots accurately within 20 yards of range
  • Comfortable to touch molded stock and foregrip
  • Trigger and lever got durable plastic material
  • Ideal for kids for plinking in the backyard


  • Trigger sticks and becomes hard to pull sometimes with this daisy bb gun

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5. Crosman CC350 Cowboy 350 Wood Stock Lever Action BB Gun

Last but not least, this amazing BB gun from Crosman can change your mind towards spring-loaded BB guns. It delivers a lot more than conventional BB guns out there.

If the budget isn’t an issue for you, and you want the best powerful lever action BB gun, I highly recommend you to buy this cowboy one. This spring-powered lever-action rifle has a multiple rounds option which the bb function properly in taking the max range with proper speed.

What makes this air gun the best bb guns for professional use is the adjustable iron sights and reservoir of the pellet guns. Also, the gun safety mechanism is very ahead of our time.

When you fully load the air gun with ammo, it weighs like a real one. The barrel is made of metal, and the stock is of quality wood, which is the main reason it costs more than others on the list.

As far as the accuracy goes, within 30 to 40 ft. the gun shows impressive shooting accuracy. Using traditional steel BBs, you can shoot up to 350 FPS. This should be more than enough for plinking, skill development training, as well as target shooting.

To help you with more accurate shooting, it comes with a rear sight with an adjustable elevation feature.


  • Shooting speed 350 FPS
  • The hardwood stock and forearm and metal barrel
  • Crossbolt safety for safe handling
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • 700 BB reservoir with the shoot pellets


  • Exceptionally well built with wood stock and metal barrel
  • Outstanding accuracy for plinking and target shooting
  • Velocity is pretty consistent with this air gun
  • Large BB reservoir up to 700 BBs
  • The power is absolutely essential for better shot
  • Accurate elevation adjustable rear sight


  • Expensive
  • Plastic trigger and lever

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Buying Guide for Lever Action BB Gun

Buying Guide for Lever Action BB Gun

Don’t just fall for the looks, be sure to check for the following aspects in your desirable lever-action gun to make your investment worthwhile.


You will find lever-action air guns offering different velocity ratings. You will have to determine your shooting needs first and then look for one that comes with the required FPS. The higher the number, the more accurate the gun will be able to shoot.

For target shooting up to 30 yards, the best powerful lever actions BB rifle would be one that shoots at 500+ FPS. The new power of these air rifles is getting improved day by day. These are more accurate and powerful than the old legendary repeating air rifles.

If you are getting the lever-action rifle for backyard fun time and plinking, you will need a gun with 400 FPS at least to shoot accurately.

A 350 FPS gun will be more than enough for kids and teenagers for initial training sessions.

Dual Ammunition

Some popular replicas can shoot both BBs and pellets. Normally, pellets travel faster and are more accurate than BBs. Multi-shot to single shot, both can operate with pellet and bb.

If you want to take this advantage, opt for a gun with a dual ammunition feature. When you run out of any of this ammo, you can still shoot using the other option.

Looks and Feel of Lever Action Rifles

It doesn’t have anything to do with performance, but you should not overlook these two aspects in any air rifle if you are really passionate about older-style lever-action air guns.

Look for an all-metal construction in a powerful bb gun; it will make you feel more realistic holding the semi-auto bb gun. Also, having a wooden stock and forearm whether these are training guns or full auto real action guns, the grip will almost give you the same experience as holding a real firearm.

A lot of air guns come with metal barrels but have plastic-made stock and forearm. If you are okay with plastic, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Crosman CC350 Cowboy 350 is one of those airsoft guns that will give you the most realistic feel while shooting.

CO2 Cartridge of Lever Action Rifle

CO2 Cartridge of Lever Action Rifle

The most accurate lever action BB gun would have the CO2-powered propulsion firing mechanism. Make sure two or more CO2 cartridges power your gun. More cartridges will allow you to shoot more rounds of BBs.

Sight of the Air Gun

You cannot use or mount any scope or sight on full auto or a semi-automatic air rifle whether it is a fun gun or training gun. But, there will be fixed or adjustable sights on the rear and front of the barrel. A more accurate sight would be the one with windage and elevation adjustability.

If you are to get the most powerful repeating air rifle, look for one that comes with adjustable sights of this kind.


Comfort is one of the key things to consider for choosing an air rifle. Check out the grip and weight of the gun. The better quality multi-pump pellet rifle will come with a better grip-able handle with being light in weight.

Comparing with a bb pistol, the air rifle is a little heavier, still, there are some lightweight guns with better handles and other ergonomic to carry them easily. Check them out if comfort is your main concern.

FAQ on Level Action BB Guns

What Is the Most Accurate BB Gun?

The most accurate BB gun would be the one with an FPS rating of 500+ and windage and elevation adjustable front and rear sights.

Whether it is for target practicing, plinking, or backyard fun games, ensuring these two aspects will get you the most accurate gun.

If you are asking for a recommendation, the Umarex USA Legends Cowboy model stands out to be the most accurate one on the list.

The second best will be the Barra 1866 Cowboy model if your budget is a bit low.

What Is the Most Powerful Fully Automatic BB Gun?

For powerful impact on targets, you will have to pick one with the highest FPS rating.

A full-auto BB gun with 800 FPS air power would be the most powerful one for both short and long-range shooting. With pellets, you can hit targets from great distances. Whereas BBs will have a high impact on small games and pests, pellet rifles are ideal for squirrels and birds.

With the modernization of technology and the instruction of modern weapons like air bow arrow guns, lever action also is improvising a lot. And now the power is something you can acquire rather easily.

Full auto BB guns run out of ammo pretty soon. So, keeping this in mind along with accuracy. Look for one with more CO2 cartridges or above 3000 PSI pressure fill tank capacity.

What Is the Most Powerful Big Bore Air Rifle?

What Is the Most Powerful Big Bore Air Rifle?

Big bore air rifles are extremely powerful and ideal for hunting and long-range shooting. If you want the most powerful big bore compressed air gun, look for one with 1200 FPS, 500-600 ft-lbs energy, and more than 3000 PSI to fill the capacity tank to get the most out of your money.

For choosing the power, you should also check the restriction for using lever-action rifles. Big brands like Air Venturi, Wild west, Diana, Seneca, Air Arms, Crosman will provide the details, but is always best for checking it yourself along with checking the cross-bolt safety of the powerful air rifle.

Final Words

These replicas are based on one of the most popular western old-style air guns. Apart from the looks, shooting accuracy is quite good if you use any of these, considering the limits.

Determine your shooting requirements and style, and then pick one that meets those needs to get the most powerful lever action BB gun.

However, for plinking and short-range shooting, no need to spend much. I have listed quite a few air guns with 350 FPS shooting speed, which is more than enough for such purposes.

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